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Hey Scrappy! *BROWNIES RAIN FROM THE SKY* First off, I'd like to thank you so much for doing the Altador Cup Q&A! It was really really nice to have a staff member personally answer our questions, so thank you thank you thank you! I'm also super excited that there will be a PLOT. I know you can't give much information on it, but could you just tell me this... will there be any familiar characters in it? You don't even have to say which one, but will there be any characters we already know? Thanks so much Scrappy!!! *Takes a brownie to go* ~giveitupalready
Hellooo!! You are very welcome, I love talking to you guys :) Okay, so, about the plot! All I can say is there will be some old and new characters...that's all I can say!

Hey Scrappy! One of my favorite parts of Neocash are the dyeworks items! We used to see new items seasonly but we haven't had any since winter! Are there any summer dyeworks on the horizon? Thanks! ~littlemissmaizy_
Oh there are definitely some awesome Dyeworks items on the horizon! I love them too so we will definitely be having them seasonally from now on!

Hey Scrappy! You're doing an awesome job with the NT. It has always been one of my favorite things about Neopia. My other favorite thing about Neo was the Random Contest. You can understand why I was upset when I came back from a hiatus to see it was no longer running. Can I ask why it stopped? Was it lack of submissions? Did TNT run out of Random prompts and ideas? Also what would it take to being this contest back? Could we, as Neopians, help in any way? ~littlelanterngirl
Hm, well it was a little bit of everything. However, I've been looking at those spotlights and seeing which ones we could possibly bring back and Random Contest was definitely one of the top choices! Stay tuned, hopefully we can make that happen soon!!

Hello there! I was wondering about the restrictions for the birthday cupcakes pets can receive. I've recently noticed users adopting and abandoning birthday pets in order to collect cupcakes. Is this something one could get in trouble for doing?
Yes. This is something we are definitely working on fixing and using pets to break the rules like that is not allowed in anyway. So people, please be fair and only claim your rightful cupcake. The extras goes to those in need!

Um, I am concerned for my safety. You have been hiding vital information from Neopians and we must know!! The time has come for you to tell us how Kikos are able to fly ~okkapi
*suspicious whispers roam throughout the office* Uh, yeah, so, well, you see, I'm just going to be honest...I can't tell you. It is highly dangerous and privileged information. However, I assure you, as long as this information does not reach the public, you should be safe.

Hey there! *Tosses cheopple* I entered the pet site spotlight a week (or so) back, but haven't heard back. Should I enter again, or keep waiting patiently for a response? Thanks! ~welikedots
Patience is a virtue, my friend! The Pet Spotlights can move kinda slow because there was lots of old ones that we still try to go through but don't fret! You will get an answer soon :)

I would like to thank everyone for the kind words you have all sent this past week! It's been a crazy one but you guys are truly wonderful!! Quick announcement, I will be posting some sort of board for suggestions and such tonight/tomorrow morning! Keep a look out, Neopians!
P.S. It's a positive vibes only board!!

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