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I know it's obviously against the rules to play two of the same game at the same time in different tabs, but is there a rule against playing different games at the same time? For example scoring a couple of games in Yooyuball while I wait for my customers to build up in Slushie Slinger, or playing a game of Shootout Showdown when there's a darigan yooyu that just refuses to go in the net in my game of Yooyuball? Any clarification on this would be fantastic! ~usukii
Good question! There have been a lot of similar questions about playing two separate games in different tabs, windows, computers, etc. However, the answer will remain the same for all. You are only allowed to play one game at a time. Playing two games at once could lead to you being frozen and I would hate to see that happen. So, although it might take longer to finish a game before starting the next, it's a definite rule.

Hi, there! I noticed there is a lot of blank ocean on the Map of Neopia. Any chance of any new worlds being discovered? ;-) ;-) *Nudge* *Nudge* ~sparks_and_roses
You know, I was sailing throughout the oceans the other day and when I looked out on the horizon I could've sworn I saw a glimmer of some sort...who knows where that will lead!

*throws birthday cupcake* Great to see Altador Cup being back. I noticed bracelet system has been changed. Is there any other changes and/or new rules in AC? ~neopieceluffy
Mmmm that was delicious! Yes we are SO excited to have Altador Cup back! And of courseeee with every new year there are new rules and changes. The best way to go look at all of these is to go check out the FAQ page or just go look around the Altador Cup homepage. There are definitely LOTS of exciting changes!

I am very interested in submitting to the "In the Sky" issue! I already have an idea and everything. My question is: How far in advance is TOO far to submit to it? And should we write a note in the body of the article letting you know if that is the issue you are going for, or should we leave the note elsewhere? Thank you! *cookies of gratitude rain down* ~irlmagicalgirl
Great question!! Let me start by saying, I am literally so beyond excited to see what everyone submits for this issue! Now, getting back to the point, honestly there really isn't a too far in advance time to submit. It would probably be easier to submit a few weeks before the issue but anytime from now to August 18th is fine by me! Also, yes it is extremely important to put in the 'Comments' section of your submission that it is specifically for the Collab Issue. I will repeat that: Make sure you add that your submission is for the Collab Issue in the Comments section! Other than that, I can't wait to see what you've come up with :)

I signed up for the Altador Cup and received a Mysterious Vibrant Collectable Scarab, which I happily put in my stamp album. A couple days later, I saw a note in the news indicating that some data was lost and that I should sign up again. I did that and received another Mysterious Vibrant Collectable Scarab. I have seen differing opinions on whether I am allowed to sell this item or whether I can be frozen for doing so. Can you please clarify? Thanks!
Ah that have been a few questions about this, as well. So, to everyone that is unsure of what to do with your extra prize, the best course of action here is to just discard the extra prize that was handed out.

Hey there! So, I was browsing the Neoboards, and I think I came across a user who had an inappropriate username that I feel should be reported. How might I go about doing so?
If you ever feel like there is something inappropriate or against the rules on the site then we encourage you to send in a ticket to our support team who will be more than happy to take a look at it! We all want Neopia to be the best it can be :)


Hi Scrappy. *sends you ALL THE COOKIES* You've been working as the NT editor for some time now. So tell us a bit about yourself. What got you into editing the Neopian Times? What's your favorite part of the Neopian Times? Are you enjoying it? What's your favorite color? Favorite Neopet species? That is all. ^^
Wow, hi, hello there! Gosh, this is so exciting, where do I even begin? I just want to thank everyone that got me to this point, all my teachers, friends, family and Country Queen, of course! Anyways...back to the point, so I love editing! I love reading all your stories and seeing all of your amazing artwork, it's a dream come true! I think my absolute favorite part is reading the emotional stories, like seriously, you guys are pros! I actually get emotional when reading the stories about all of our little Neopets and I just love it! I love the connection you guys have and how well you translate that passion into your work! *starts tearing up*

Okay enough will the emotional stuff, I also love to chat with you guys! I enjoy what I do, seriously, every single day. You guys are so inspiring and amazing that I don't know how anyone could possibly not love being the NT Editor!

Favorite color? Hm...that's difficult butttt I'd have to go with Royal Blue! I don't know if I can officially have a favorite species as I LOVE each and every Neopet out there (but lets be honest, I'm a Kougra fan). Hope you guys enjoyed my Scrappy Spotlight :)

PS: Don't forget the Altador Cup XII Staff Tournament begins today and your fav member (aka Scrappy) will be dominating over in Roo Island!

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