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Hey TNT, I know that adverts are required to keep Neopets running, and it's fine. But I feel like some of the video adverts are slowing down the games, especially with my terrible internet. Is there a way you could just change the advert styles on the game pages so that I can actually play games and do well on them and have fun??? Pretty please? Thanks :D ~ _flickerfoot__
Hi there, and sorry you're having trouble! If a specific ad is preventing you from playing games, please report it to us so we can have it removed! Thanks!

Hi CQ! Recently I sent an NT article and it was saved by the editor, considered to be published for a future entry. My question is... I recently switch main accounts and the account from which I sent the story is no longer my main. Can the story be credited to this account? Thank you and please remove my username. ~ username removed
So, if this is the case, please resubmit your article under your new account, with a comment explaining the situation!

Are baby Vandagyres going to be able to wear baby clothes at some point? I just morphed/painted one because they're super cute, but wasn't aware that I would barely be able to customise him :( ~ icanhaskaila
They'll be able to wear all baby clothes created moving forward, but unfortunately we do not retroactively fit clothing to new species.

Hey! so i recently discovered through a neo fansite that a new gift box mystery capsule was released but when i go to see if it's in the NC mall its not there. this isn't the first time new items (especially gift boxes) haven't shown up for me in the mall and i'm wondering if this is a glitch? thanks for the help + please remove my username ~ username removed
Hello there! So there is this shop called Future Fashions, where if you spend over a certain amount of NC each month, you get access to items 3 days before they are released to the regular mall. So, if you see there is a new item out, and you can't find it, it's probably there. Wait a few days and try again!

Hello, CQ! I'm writing this as an idea/suggestion to pass along, not really to be published (though if you do publish, please remove my UN), because I feel like you're a more effective route than the Ideas/Feedback tickets (and I'd like to keep ticket traffic down for -real- issues that need dealing with :)). Anyway, yay, new color! I've seen a lot of talk on the boards about ideas for candy, and I'd love to pass them along to you, in case you hadn't thought of this or hadn't planned on them (though I bet you guys have to some degree). User ideas: Gummy Worm Hissi, Candy Corn Chia, Cotton Candy Jubjub/Gnorbu/Wocky/Xwee/Usul/anything with a puff or ruff, Pteri Peeps, braided red & black licorice pets, Rock Candy, Ribbon Candy stripes, Bubblegum Kiko... I think that's everything I saw. Thanks so much for the new color(s?), and we're excited to see what you guys come up with!! ~ lil_mooni
Thanks for the ideas! We're loving how the new paintbrushes are getting the creative juices flowing :) I have passed this along to those creative folks who do such things so they have 'em!

Hi CQ! Just wondering if the faerie quest event is going to happen again this year and if it's anytime soon? Thanks!! ~ nightwing_10
*shakes magic 8 ball* Odds are looking good.

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