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Would it be against the rule, to per say, donate 2000 mangoes to the money tree at once? ~ not_totals
It would not, you are free to donate whatever you like to the Money Tree, and if you happen to have 2000 extra mangoes lying around, here's hoping someone will find a use for them.

Hi TNT *throw some cookies* I was wondering if there would be more new species of neopets?. The vandagyres are awesome but it would be really neat if we could see more variety for this year. -please erase my username- ~ username removed
Possibly one day, but there are no plans of it right now. Because we don't retro-actively fit clothes, it can be hard to customize a bran new species! We're still working on making sure all you Vandagyre lovers have plenty of colours and clothes for your pets, before we even think about tackling any new ones!

Hi CQ! Last week I finally got some money to buy NC for and wanted to do so before the New Years Mystery Capsule retired. I tried to buy NC through the site using PayPal but there was just an error message to try again later. I did. I tried, and tried to no avail. The cap retired. I still want to buy NC for the new dyeworks, and it still isn't working. Now you have a sale in the Mall this weekend. I just tried buying NC again; and still I get an error. What's up? PayPal has said it's not on their end, but on Neopets end - so could you please address this? Thanks! ~ summerofjoy
So, this is a known issue that we're actively working with Paypal to resolve! We needed to update some things with them, which we've done now, and we should have everything up and running again soon!

Please leave out my username. First off thank you for the speedy response to my ticket! You guys are the best! :D now to business. There is quite a bit of buzz about an upcoming war or battle event, and some editorials have also hinted at something being in the works. Whatever that "something"was, is it still in the works? I know you can't actually confirm that we are getting a war or battle event. But is the something hinted at before still in the works? Thanks so much! Sincerely a hopeful retired plotter :) ~ username removed
It is indeed, we had to focus for a little bit on all of the holiday events, but it is fully in the works... if there is such a thing, that is ;)

Hello! I saw in a recent editorial that you mentioned something about the rules being worked on? Are you guys planning on updating us with rule changes anytime soon? I was so happy and excited when I read about a possible update on the rules! :) Please remove my name! ~ vernaze
Yes we are! It's being worked on, but taking all of the written and unwritten rules and compiling them into one relevant list is quite the daunting task. We'll let y'all know as soon as it's ready for ya!

Hi! Hope you are all enjoying your start to the year! I was just wondering whether you would allow Streaming neopets? and if so, would there be any recommendations? eg. Don't stream *this area*... etc. Thanks! (please leave out username! Ta! ) ~ royalsrowey
We would! As long as you don't talk about it on-site (the whole leading people off-site rule), you are welcome to stream Neopets all you want! We definitely don't recommend streaming anything where you include info such as passwords or pins, but otherwise you're good to go! Happy streaming y'all!

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“SLOTH! SLOTH! SLOTH!” the deformed Grundos chanted. “As you can see.. The Space Faerie can no longer protect Neopia as she is a little under the weather. So from now on I am the ruler of the Neopian universe,” Sloth said. Without any further word he dropped the mic and walked out.

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How To Be Creative (And Make Neopoints Off It)
If you’ve got a talent for bringing Neopets (and Petpets too!) to life using your words or your drawings, then you’ve got quite an opportunity to show off these gifts and get rewarded for it at the same time.

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Usuki Singing Stars #37: Like, Totally Goth
\Scary turned to stare at Gerald. The Aisha was wearing a black t-shirt with black jeans, blacks and white sneakers, and a red beanie. He looked depressed and (totally) boring, too. “You honestly think I can relate to that freak?” Scary gasped. “How in Neopia can I befriend something who wears black eye shadow??”

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Celebrating Sloth Day In Style
14th day of Sleeping, Y19. Arguably, one of the best days of the year. Sloth Appreciation Day. The one day of the year where Dr. Frank Sloth, infamous evil scientist and leader of Virtupets Corp. gets the attention and admiration he deserves. So sit back, grab a notebook, and prepare to take notes on the best ways to celebrate Sloth Day in style!

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A Priceless Gem
She sighed. But l can't live my life in fear of talking to people! Mother wants me to take the throne someday, but how can I rule over a town if I'm forbidden from getting to know anyone? She looked back, where Crystalluxe was watching Lillille in confusion from her bedroom door. Maybe it's time…

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