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Hi TNT, throws cookies. Me and my brother both play Neopets and are really active/enjoy the site very much. I was wondering, am I allowed to sell and buy items from him and post on his board/bid on his auctions? Apologies if it's a stupid question, please remove my username. Thank you! ~ username removed
Of course you can! We're happy you and your brother enjoy playing Neopets together!

Hi, hello, happy New Year, and all that ;) have some cake! Anyway, a lot of us got two of the Ice Crystal Necklace as a bonus from SS this year, and a lot of people have been sending in tickets about what to do about them. Can we just discard the extra? A general answer to this would be great so that not too many tickets are sent in, thanks! ~ pinkpuppies
Hello and happy new year to you as well! Yes, you can indeed just discard the extra - that is exactly what Rico will tell you when he gets to answering those tickets. So, feel free to skip the step, and just discard it now!

Happy Gnorbu Day! ...But I have one complaint. Last year on Gnorbu Day you released awesome Gnorbu Cowboy clothing set. Unfortunately, Gnorbu Cowboy Holster, Gnorbu Cowboy Scarf and Gnorbu Cowboy Trousers have NOT been set to restock normally/at all and we gnorbulovers have not been able to buy them the whole year! Could this now be fixed already, since it is Gnorbu Day after all. Thank you and I hope everyone adopts gnorbu today! ~ weirdobluedevil
On Gnorbu day, why anything is possible! I think if you keep an eye out, your luck may just turn around.

hOI! so, me and some friends (lol jk i dont have friends) were doing the tombola and noticed a while ago that it sometimes gives out items listed as retired yet are readily available. also, is it ok to have a lot of accounts without dealing with the side/main stuff if they are in no way related to each other? thanks! ~ tem_shop
No, you can only have one main account - i.e. an account that you do dailies and earn neopoints on. Treating multiple accounts as mains, even if they are in no way related except for the fact that they all belong to you, is still multiple account abuse and is a freezable offense.

You answered a question last week about N Boxes being available by purchasing them with NeoCash. However, many users that don't use NC items through site events, or gifts that they now no longer want. I myself have a buildup of such items that I feel would be a shame to waste by discarding. Maybe there could be a way to buy a limited number of boxes through NPs? So every user gets a low number of boxes (on one account) so NP only users dont have that clutter building up forever? ~ neofreak628
So, I understand your point, but, that blurs the lines between NC and NP, which for obvious reasons we like to keep very clear. You cannot use NP to purchase NC items, and we do not anticipate that policy changing. Sorry!

I know this is too late, but I had a question. Can the Dream Neopet Giveaway change your pets gender if you ask for a certain royal pet? For example, if you have a female pet and ask for a Royalboy Draik, will it stay female and only appear as male? Or will it change the gender with the color? Thanks! :3 ~ lissiekat10
We will not change the gender of your pet through the Dream Neopet Giveaway! If you have a male pet, and request a royalgirl colour, you will have a male royalgirl.

*Happy Thoughts*

I just want to say that I'm super impressed that we had an exclusive xmas concert at the tyrannian concert hall :D The last one before this was all the way back in 2002, so that's digging deep into Neopets history to bring it back! Good job! ~ unfreeze_divicool72

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! MERCI BEAUCOUP! MANY, MANY THANKS! Another successful season of Advent Calendar dailies. I just love the Advent Calendar - it makes December so much better! December is a difficult month sometimes, but the Advent Calendar never disappoints! Happy New Year to everyone who makes it possible! ~ ifatfirst

I demand, politely, for you to end this editorial with a festive coconut! Please, of course. :) ~ tigrismoon


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