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I have unwanted NC items that I'm never going to use. Are you going to make it so people can sell or trade NC items(like the Dye vials)? I don't want to just discard these items because there may be others who could use them. ~ sillaruthie
You can't sell them, but you can trade them! Just pick up some gift boxes and trade your unwanted NC items away as your heart desirs!

Hi TNT! Hope you're having an excellent holiday season so far! Apologies if this has been asked before (I've been on hiatus), but I was just wondering, do you have any plans for making Basic Gift Boxes easier to obtain? I know Trudy gives them out sporadically, and that you can get them when you redeem NeoCash cards, but for users who want to transfer many NC items, the boxes' rarity makes that difficult to do! Unless that was the point the whole time... *strokes beard* Anyway, happy holidays TNT! ~ catz1
You can also get them by buying Gift Box Mystery Capsules from the NC Mall! That's the easiest way to get them - they're guaranteed!

Please fix the NC item “Festive Red Skirt” on Draik, Cybunny, Kougra, and many other species. The artists made a mistake so the pets’ legs are behind the skirt rather than inside wearing the skirt. Thanks. ~ bluelilacia
Done! Sorry about that, but it has been exported correctly for your use now!

Hi TNT! *tosses Day of Giving presents* I was gifted a Woodland petpet paint brush by a neofriend for the holiday. When I went to paint my Juma, it said "you have no brushes for this petpet." Apparently several other colors for this petpet, including royal and elderly have also disappeared. I'm pretty bummed I can't use my gift! Any idea what happened, or if these beautiful colors will ever come back? Please remove my username. Happy holidays! ~ username removed
Yay presents! So sometimes, when adding new petpets, older ones get updated and then aren't live anymore - it's hard to explain without going into how our whole back end system works but essentially it updates more than it should and messes with dates and yadda yadda yadda - I have to go switch them back. *sigh* I'll take a look and see if I can get your present ready to use soon!

Hello TNT! Do you know if there are plans to post any of the Advent Calendar animations on some sort of video-sharing website? ~ codeleo
We have no plans of it right now, but you can visit the archive any time to see any old animation you want!

If someone were, to say.. Make and Self-freeze many accounts just for the boosts and send them to their main.. would this be allowed? Thx TNT! ~ salleelion
No, it certainly would not, it would be considered multiple account abuse and could get your main account frozen.

Dress to impress is not working. Maybe it will by the time you get this. Is this because you guys are working on your own version. Part of customization is creating your dream pet, although you have to work for it. You may never get the items but you can still see how it will look. I enjoy helping others with their customs too! ~ smudgeoffudge
No, our customization system does not work the same way Dress to Impress's does, and even if we were changing that, we wouldn't block DTI to do it. Sometimes when we update things, the connection gets a little messed up, but if it's something on our end we always do our best to work with the lovely folks over at DTI to get it resolved!

Hi CQ, I have a question about the allowed length for NT submission titles. The submission form restricts you to 52 characters, which seems pretty short to me. If we include a note of explanation, are you able to squeeze in longer titles, or do we have to work with what the form allows? ~ breakingchains
Hi there! If you include a note in the comments section, I've been known to squeeze in an extra word or two.

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