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Hey CQ! *snaps fingers and cookies rain from the ceiling* So I submitted a NT article a week ago, and it wasn't rejected or accepted within the week. I was wondering whether or not it's okay/preferred to send a second article before the first one has had a verdict! Thanks! ~ aephigaming
Hi! Sometimes it can take a little bit, so you are definitely free to submit more than one piece at a time! However, we only hold pieces over for a few issues in advance, so we'll only hold over a few pieces at a time per author.

I have a neofriend who dedicated countless hours and worked incredibly hard during this years Altador Cup to reach All Star level, and she succeeded! *applauds Bestie* What a great disappointment to find that even with All Star rating, her earned prize points did not total enough to get even the Water Paint Brush prize. I can't imagine how that is possible! Would you please explain how that can happen? Please removed my user name. ~ username removed
Hi, congratulations to your friend on reaching All Star, but the prize shop points were determined based on their usual values from year's past. Its always been the case that you'll need to go past All Star to get the highest level of prize shop points, and that was no different this year.

*throws a copy of The Vandagyre Nightmare at you* I have been living my own version of this lately with my gorgeous little Vandagyre only it has nothing to do with food. I have noticed, after getting a LOT of random items (eyeshadows, wigs, hand-helds, ect.) that my Vandagyre can't use MOST of these items. Is this an oversight by chance or is my poor little Vandagyre always going to have problems being a trend-setter? (please remove my username) ~ username removed
Unfortunately, Vandagyres can't wear any items that came out before their release. Any item released since then though, should work with them!

s the 9th Birthday Confetti Cupcake meant to be "no trade"? ~ marcthegr8est1
Yes, sorry! The previous years were meant to be no-trade, as these were meant to be a nice little bonus for a pet, not an easy way to level up your pets :)

I know that having a pet species's name in the name of a wearable item usually means it's only wearable by that species, with some exceptions. Are the Aisha Ear Headphones one of the exceptions? ~ mopsihog
Yes! The Aisha in that name is describing their look, they work for all pets :)

spotlight question I have worked hard on my gallery and would really like to enter it for the gallery spotlight but my gallery currently has two themes which are unrelated to each other. The two themes are clearly organised in two separate categories. Can I still enter my gallery under one theme (for an specific pet day) or do I need to remove all of the items in my second category before I enter it? The background and layout I have made for my gallery feature both themes so I would need to create new graphics if I have to remove the second theme. Thank you for your help. (Please remove my username) ~ username removed
Hi! Unfortunately, the gallery spotlight will not keep your two categories separated, so if you have two unrelated categories you'll need to rework your gallery before it can win.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii CQ! Are we allowed to submit comics/stories anonymously to the NT? Like can I ask for my username to be removed? Sounds odd I know, but ive always wanted to know. Please remove my username from this editorial. ~ username removed
Hi! Unfortunately, your username comes attached to any entries submitted to the Neopian Times

Thanks for offering a great deal on the premium account. My premium expires on the 25th, and the sale ends on the 20th. Will I be able to cancel my premium and sign up at the sale price? Or, as I have paid until the 25th will I have the premium perks until then and be unable to sign up until they disappear? ~ ratty170170
Hi, you can sign up at the new sale price, so when your current membership ends, you'll get another year of premium at the sale rate!

*Happy Thoughts*

Real talk right now, the Woodland Jetsam is amazing! Send my compliments to the artist. ~ likelife96

The Aisha Ear Headphones are so cool looking! I can't wait to get a set for my pets. Thank you guys for turning out so many NP wearables! They all look great. :D Keep up the good work! ~ queen_potema

Heyo! I want to thank you guys a LOT for working on making things HTML5. A Mobile-Friendly site totally tops an already excellent cake! Thank you sooooo much everyone! ;D *gives everyone Yooyu cookies* ~tarab003

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