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We've heard that the final round of the Altador Cup this year will feature brackets of the top six, middle six, and bottom six teams, simulating a more traditional "final round." Further, you've stated that first place in the top bracket will be worth more than first place in the middle bracket. Still, I'm concerned that the team that wins the middle bracket will overtake the team that loses the first bracket for sixth place. How is that fair? Are you guys aware of this or doing anything to prevent it? Why punish better teams? It's totally unfair for a team with an easier bracket to take over teams facing harder opponents. ~ neon3002
We considered it, but look at it this way - the difference between 6th and 7th place is one point. ONE point. That's pretty close. Now, the 6th place team earned their spot in that bracket, but if they fail to win any of their games, and the 7th place team wins all of theirs, that doesn't seem particularly unfair. The 6th place team could win their bracket and move up a few spots,the top ranked team could lose their bracket, but still stay ahead of the 7th ranked team, it all depends on what happens in this final bracket. You could always end up in a hard bracket, that's just part of a system like this, but just because they're in 6th doesn't mean they can't come out on top.

If I want to start a story for the storytelling contest, when and where do I submit it? ~ jdb1984
For the Stoytelling Contest, you can visit the contest page here: http://www.neopets.com/art/storytell.phtml. If a story is still going on, read through it and submit the next part! If the story has ended (generally done on Friday afternoons, the last part will end with The End. signifying this particular story is over), you may submit a new beginning for the next story starting on Monday!

To Uni, proprietor of Uni's Clothes: The Grooming Parlour is a Neopian business and has continually sold a product named "Red Lipstick" since 1999, working hard for its well earned name recognition and consumer goodwill in a quality product. Recently, the Grooming Parlour Usul has become aware of Uni's Clothes' unauthorized use of the name "Red Lipstick" to describe a wearable product, causing a likelihood of consumer confusion. The Grooming Parlour hereby demands that Uni's Clothes cease and desist all use of the unique "Red Lipstick" name, and call their wearable mouth coloring something else. We look forward to your prompt resolution to this problem. Have a super wonderful day! ~ o_p_h_3_l_i_a
To the Grooming Parlour propretor: Uni Clothes is a business that prides itself on respectable and upstanding business practices. We deeply apologize for the mix-up, and have promptly changed the name of our product to "Bright Red Lipstick." A super wonderful day to you as well!

Hey, CQ! *gives you a plate of white chocolate cookies with chocolate stripes* It's been well over 24 hours and I haven't seen any sign of my Trudy's Surprise game. What happened? Did you decide to stop running the game, or does my latest flash player update prevent me from playing? Please help. I really like that game. ~ ensignbush
Ooooh yum, one of my favourites! So we made some updates to Trudy's Surprise! You can read the FAQ to learn more, but instead of popping up, you'll receive an event notification when your Trudy's time has reset, which will lead you to the new Trudy's Surprise page!

Hi TNT, I'm planning to turn one of my pets into a Jetsam soon (not sure which one yet), but as half of my pets have aquatic Petpets attached, I'm worried that the Jetsam might eat his/her attached Petpet. So my question is, will the Jetsam only eat an aquatic Petpet if you specifically feed it to him, or will he be able to eat an aquatic Petpet that is attached to him (or just idling in the inventory)? Thanks! ~ feuerfish
No worries! Jetsams will only eat petpets that are fed to them, they would never eat their own petpet! That petpet is friend, not food.

*Happy Thoughts*

I just wanted to say that the Tooth Pick Holder is adorable. Thank the creator for me please! :) ~ manglekit

Hi, just wanted to say, times like the Altador Cup sometimes make me feel I have a stronger connection to complete strangers than to real-life acquaintances or 'friends'. And that's not a bad feeling to have, really. Recent years' cups have been bad, and this year's cup isn't perfect either, but still, thanks for your efforts in the Altador Cup this year, Neo-staff :D ~ mercury01

Hello! I'd just like to say thanks for the recent updates to Trudy's Surprise! I consider it to be a brilliant upgrade and I hope others do as well! Thank you! ~ forever_future

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