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Hi TNT! I'm hoping that you can clear this up a little, at what point is a pet trade agreed on? Let's say 'A' offers on 'B' s pet. 'B' accepts 'A' s pet, 'A' then mails 'B' a few hours later telling them that they where looking for offers for 'C' and can no longer trade as 'C' went with a different offer, but 'A' didn't tell 'B' about 'C' before the trade was agreed on. Is this against the rules? Please leave out my username!! ~ username removed
Hi! So while it's not cool to agree to multiple trades, you can back out up until the exchange has actually occurred. But once you have the agreed upon pet on your account, you either need to send it back asap or send the pet you agreed to trade, or else it's considered scamming.

Would the JS Team PLEEEASE consider selling gift boxes in the NC Mall?? I want SO badly to customize my pets on my side account & never seem to win any boxes from Trudy's Surprise :( I would gladly throw all my money at you for them! ~ rebelpebble
We do! Not on their own, but purchasing a Gift Box Mystery Capsule will give you at least 2 gift boxes and could give as many as 5. They usually hit the mall around mid-late month, and you're in luck! They may be a little later this month, but they will be worth the wait ;)

Greetings! *throws carrots from Topsi* I'm thinking about writing a story for the NT about The Ghost Lupe, and my take on his life/un-life. In the Neopedia, it says he was married. I was wondering if I could include the fact that he is married in the story, nothing more than just saying he has a wife and telling his friends he got married. Thanks, and bye! ~ jrayeb3
So, your story is in the Neopian Times (which you obviously know), but just for anyone else who was wondering, yes, this is okay! Especially when its in regards to official site characters who were married, as long as there is no romance involved then that is fine.

*approaches with caution* I know that there is a rule about not talking about politics, for very understandable reasons. However, I recently saw a board get deleted, and I think it was because it hinted at political themes. The topic in question didn't exactly talk politics, but the user was pretty much making statements that a certain politician would say, if they were in fact talking about Neopia. It was an obvious parody of unnamed politician, without actually talking politics. Anyway, after the explanation, here is my actual question. Was it just a fine line that made the mods delete the topic? Please answer, and remove my username please. *scurries away* ! ~ username removed
Hi! Well without seeing the board/posts in question, I can't really say what the case was with this particular thread, but in general, it is always up to the monitors discretion when something crosses a line or not. While it may have seemed like just a simple parody, it could have been considered rude or mocking to those who support that candidate, which isn't okay and part of why we have the no politics rule in the first place. Neopets is meant to be a fun environment for all, there are plenty of places to parody politicians, but here is not one of them :)

Hi! Someone recently told me that galleries with categories can't be accepted in the gallery spotlight. Does this include categories that relate to the main theme of the gallery? (ie, I have a Zafara gallery and it's separated into Potions, Plushies, Wearables, etc - but everything connects to the Zafara theme). Thanks! ~ videldevil
Hi! It's not strictly that they can't have categories, it's that the categories won't show up on the spotlight most of the time. So if the categories are essential to your gallery, it will hurt your chances. However in a case like this where they all relate, it probably wouldn't be an issue!

Is the Altador Cup running this year? ~ joeythesmurfy
It will indeed, so be on the lookout for more info next month! We're already hard at work planning some rule changes to make it a better experience for all, so stay tuned!

* Happy Thoughts *

Thanks so much for bringing back Daily Dare! I got so super excited when I saw it announced on New Features! I absolutely love site events, so I'm ecstatic that we got not just the Festival of Neggs, but Daily Dare, too! I really appreciate all of TNT's hard work! ~ cosmicfire918

Hey TNT! Just wanted to tell you all how much I'm enjoying the dialogue between Abigail and AAA teasing Daily Dare's return! I love that you did this, as it's certainly building up our excitement for this event! Daily Dare is definitely one of my favorites, so thanks a bunch for bringing it back! xD ~ kentuckyfrychickenrl

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