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hey CQ! I am wondering what is the stance on users asking for votes for their entries in off site places. For example, I see people ask on FB in various neopets group forums to vote for their pets. Is this allowed or not? Please remove my username. Thank you ~ username removed
Hey there! We ask users not to do this, simply because we can't regulate off-site interactions to prevent cheating or rule-breaking. So, to keep it fair for all, please only advertise for your Beauty Contest entries on the appropriate places on-site. Thanks y'all!

Hey TNT! I just got off hiatus and was pleasantly surprised that my predictions about a new (highly likely, final) neopet had been released. However, my new Vandagyre is not able to be clothed by most of the items in the NC mall, it seems, and I'd assume it's the same way with NP items. Could we give the owl babies some clothing, or at least let more old clothing fit them? They need more love! Thanks a ton ^-^ ~ lionkirbys
Hi! Glad to hear you like your new Vandagyre! So we don't retroactively fit clothing (it's just a lot of additional work for the artists), but anything released since their introduction will fit! The "Try On" feature in the NC Mall can help you see your options, as well as some of our recommended fan sites! Dress to Impress might just be your best friend for this. Good luck and happy customizing!

Hiiii!!! How long should I wait after submitting to the gallery spotlight before I consider myself rejected? And can you submit again without having changed anything, or once you're rejected that means you're rejected? (Remove username please?) Thanks! ~ username removed
When you get a rejection letter. Until that time comes, we have your entry and it can still be chosen. We get a lot, and with only one user winning a week, it can take a while to go through all of the entries. You're welcome to resubmit without changing anything, but just know that might not get you a different result. Be sure to read over the neomail we send and make any changes that are specified, we try to give feedback with each rejection so you can be accepted next time! Good luck!

Hello, TNT. I have noticed (but never thought to ask until now) that since the adoption of the Trudy's Surprise daily, I have hardly ever received anything from the Forgotten Shore. Is this intentional (to remove the possibility of too much NP from dailies) or is it merely Terrifyingly Bad Luck? ~jara_hamee
Hi, this is truly Terrifyingly Bad Luck, sorry! The introduction of one daily won't affect the outcomes of another (unless we tell you it will. Then, ya know, it will.).

Hey CQ, I submitted a comic over 5 months ago and have yet to hear if it got either rejected or accepted, so i was wondering if I should resubmit it or has it just not been reviewed? *please remove my username*
Hi! It will never take you that long to hear back from the NT, I promise (I'd know, I'm the one who does it). Generally you'll always hear back within the month. Now, articles, stories and series never really get lost in submission, but comics can be a little trickier. Make sure your comic meets all of the requirements in terms of file type, size, etc. Any one of these being off can result in it not coming through, so I never see it. Check those out, make any changes if necessary, and try submitting again. If you're ever concerned about a piece, you can always neomail me at NT_Editor as well! Good luck!

Hello there Country Queen! I have a semi-hypothetical situation for you and I'm wondering if it's allowed. Let's say a talented programmer decided to create a replica of old (pre-2005) Neopets, complete with graphics and features found in the Neopia of yesterday. Now let's say they decide to put it online, clearly labelled as a "Neopets fansite", for their friends to sign up and relive some memories. If they weren't making any money off of it, would this be allowed? Or is this overstepping the copyright bounds a bit? Also, please remove my username. Thanks!
Hi, I'm no lawyerbot, but it definitely sounds like the kind of thing that is overstepping copyright to me. Fan sites generally are a way to enhance your experience on Neopets.com, not replicate it with a previous version. Sorry!

*Happy Thoughts*

Hey CQ. I wanted to let you and the rest of Jumpstaff know that I appreciate all your hard work. I know things started out rocky, but I really do think things are getting better. I cant wait to see the new events that you come up with once you really get going on your feet. (please remove my username)

I would just like to give a good word to the artists! I love all the recent pet colors that have come out!! I'm looking forward to all the other designs in the future! ~ diabolicaltulip

Hey CQ! Lovin' the editorial since you took over! A school friend introduced me to Neopets in approximately 2002 and I just hit my thirtieth birthday in January! Life has gotten busier since age fifteen, but I still stop by for the big events. Stay cool and listen to a Reba song for me! ~ maryyanling
That's a wrap folks, Consider Me Gone until next week. If you need me before then, you can hear me on the radio (See what I did there? ;) )

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