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Hey CQ!^^ I was wondering if/when the issues with galleries will be addressed and fixed? It's been over a year & a lot of users would like to be able to fully work on their galleries. Any information would be greatly appreciated! ~ krasavitsa_
Hi! So, I have some pretty good news for you! One of programmers has been working on this over the past couple weeks aaaaand drumroll please, we have a fix completed! Yay! You haven't seen it yet because they have to do boring things like testing and making sure pushing it live won't break the whole site or whatever, *rolls eyes*, but it should be making its way to you very soon!

Dear CQ: I'm so confused! Today's news (4th February), after announcing the User Lookup of the Week winner, notes that a premade lookup is not allowed in the contest, and that submitting one could get us a warning and our trophy removed. I always thought that premades were just fine in the contest, as long as the content was ours and proper credit was given. Well, I looked it up! In the Editorial on issue 570 of the Neopian Times, published on the 9th day of Storing, Y14, there is an answer that seems to contradict today's news. Could you clarify? I've never sent in an entry to the contest, but I'd like to know what's allowed, for when I do. Thanks, CQ! I'll send you all the cookies!! ~ penelopedastardly
Hi! Alright, to help clear up your confusion, there are essentially 3 different scenarios of using help, I felt fancy and listed them out nicely below (also we get a lot of entries that don't seem to totally understand the difference, so hopefully this will help!):
Scenario 1: You look at some premades or tutorials for coding help, and use that to help you make your own. Your userlookup gives credit to wherever you received help from, but is not essentially that premade lookup with a couple changes.
Outcome: You're good! Submit that thing and hope for the best! This is what that previous editorial was talking about :)
Scenario 2: Your lookup is completely a premade, you made little or no change to it, and submit. It probably says somewhere "Lookup Coded by XXX", someone who is not you.
Outcome: Nice lookup, and you will not get in trouble, but you will also not win a User Lookup spotlight, because we do not accept premades.
Scenario 3: You use a lovely premade you found somewhere for your User Lookup with little or no changes to it, but somehow that little line of credit got left out *shifty eyes*
Outcome: Not cool man! If that happens, we usually can't tell its a premade, and it could be spotlighted. If so, usually lots of helpful users let us know whats up (sorry we can't always tell guys, we just can't learn them all. Plus sometimes we see it happen where they change the main picture so it's not easily recognizable either. Ugh.). Here is where you find yourself in hot water. We'll replace your entry, remove your trophy and give you a warning (the first time, if we catch you doing something like this again in any spotlight, you won't be so lucky).

Hello! Here's a plate of cookies for every single wearable you guys have made lately - yikes, it's a lot! Anyways, I had a question: I was inspired from other people to make a comic in which I illustrate other people's stories about Neopets. I would ask people in the community to give me quick little stories, and then illustrate them. Would this be okay to submit into the NT? I was worried since one of the "authors" would change every submission that it could get dicey! Thanks for all your hard work, we love you guys! ~ umbreon54399
*Peeks up from behind giant pile of cookies* Um, hi there! Just let me find my keyboard and... got it! Alright, now what was your question? Ah yes, collaborations. Of course that's okay! While some users tend to collaborate with the same people, others are often collaborating with new people, so as long as you correctly credit the person you worked with in the comments of your submission, you're good to go here! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Hey, there CQ! I've got another spotlight related question for you, only this one is regarding the Neopian Times! I'm sure you may know, I recently received notice that I have an article being held over for a later issue. But what is the average wait time in such a case? I just realized that I may be waiting until June or some ridiculous amount of time because my article would fit right in during Petpet Appreciation Day. I really don't want that to happen (that's six months away!) so I was wondering what the normal hold time is or am I just going to have to buckle down and wait? Thanks! ~ fire_earth_aqua__77
Hi! So the article you're referring to is actually published in this issue - yay you! But, since I see a lot of comments of users worried about the "Held Over" mail, I thought I'd address it anyway. So, a hold over almost always comes before an acceptance, it's not particularly common to go straight to accepted. So, if you receive a hold over, yay you! Now, it can be anywhere from an hour to a month, but unless you requested a specific issue, it shouldn't be longer than that. I'd say average hold time is a week or two, but it can depend on lots of different factors (special issues going on, type of entry, if you submitted multiple entries, etc.)

Hi, CQ! Thank you for addressing the Beauty Contest Avatar in a recent editorial. You mentioned that the avatar was announced "last November"...I just wanted to bring to your attention that it was actually announced 12th November 2014 (not 2015!) I hope you intend to award the avatar to all winners since Nov 2014. Thanks! ~ malphd
Hi! Yes, I know, it was introduced with Neopets 15th birthday. Don't worry, November 2014 is what I meant by "last November". :)

*Happy Thoughts*

Thank you so much for unveiling the Elderly Hot Dog. Things have been kind of rough around these parts lately, and that hot dog really made me smile. It could only exist in Neopia, and that makes it so perfect and so special. The very spirit of Neopia lives in that hot dog. I dunno, it just made me super happy. Thank you. ~ koshi24

Hey TNT! I just wanted to say that I recently came back to Neopets, and it has been helping a lot. For a little part of my day I don't have to worry about Collage or my Anxiety and have some fun. So I just wanted to say thank you and know that the work you do matters. ~ dreamer8_80
... It's just allergies, okay? I'm not crying...

Dear CQ in my 11 years on neopets I have never made it into an editorial.I love this site ~ jchas64651
Here you go! We love you too!

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