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Hey CQ! Many Neopians have noticed a few issues with the Mystery Pic lately. Could we maybe get a word on its status now that it's been down for a week? Thanks! ~ minnesotan
Hi! It got a little too mysterious, and didn't want to reveal it's latest answers, apparently. We have our team on it, and hope it have it back up and running soon!

Hi TNT!! So be real with me... This Small Treasure Chest from Advent Calendar, does it actually open? Or am I doomed to over-exhausting my pets with all the playing? My Kougra is just scratching to see what's inside! Literally... my treasure chest should now be considered "gently used."
Hello! Unfortunately, it does not, but hey, doesn't it feel good to get so much quality time in with your Kougra? My holiday gift to you!

Hey TNT, last week when you released the Mutant Wocky you seem to have forgotten to launch the Wocky Transmogrification Potion alongside it, please if you can do so cause me and other people would like to get their hands on such a potion. ~ gerardz2893
Hey, sorry about the oversight! We're on it, you'll have the latest and greatest mutant pet on your hands soon!

This was a new account I made over a year ago, and since there has been absolutely no activity on it until just today, I decided that I would like to use it as a side account :P My main worry is what to do with the items and neopoints that are automatically given to all account upon creation. I've stored everything in the safety deposit box and have left my on hand neopoints where they are, I guess if any pirates or ghosts are interested in the almost free lute. Either way, I would like to know what I should do with these things, in a manner that would not get me frozen please! :) What would you recommend, and should I just discard everything immediately? Is soup kitchen allowed too? Happy holidays to everyone at jumpstart! And a special box full of Christmas Meepits for you CQ! Well, ah, scratch that, I'm potentially on a side account so I guess I can't really go look for a box of meepits to give....ah...'til we meet again!! I will have the meepits send themselves over from my main ~ lereshpere
*sigh* darn those rule, I want Christmas meepits, but good for you for following them, I guess, whatever... Anyway! Any neopoints given to your side account should be sent to your main account, or donated to the money tree if you're feeling generous! Items granted can be kept, as long as you're keeping them, they can't be sold on that account. Also, anything that would give you items, such as the Soup Kitchen or other dailies, cannot be done on a side, that is considered multiple account abuse! Edit: Whoops! You can use the Soup Kitchen on your side accounts. Sorry for the confusion guys! My mistake. *gives out cookies so you all forgive me*

I purchased Neocash for my granddaughters and they have yet to receive it?What can I do? ~ crazy_shellz
Hi! Sorry for your troubles! Please send a ticket in to our team, if you haven't already. As a general update on this, our E-wallet provider pushed a new update yesterday, to fix this issue. Now, there should be no lag or non-appearing Neocash, purchased items should appear directly after purchase! As always though, please let our team know if you experience any issues!

Hi Country Queen! I'm sure there are many premium users who hope this question will be answered. Many of us are plagued with glitches causing us to miss out on many of our premium perks. Personally I have not gotten a collectible card since August, any Space Faerie scratch cards since some time in October, did not get the NC collectible for November or December and the premium dreamium boon from the obelisk doesn't work either! Is this being worked on? Is there a problem that is difficult to solve and fix? My ticket is a work in progress since a week after making it in October. It would be nice to know whats going on. ~ blue_eyed_tiger_j
Hi! So first of all, we're really sorry for the ongoing issues! Like I just said above, our E-wallet fixed the issue with neocash not showing up upon purchase. Now, their focus is completely on resolving the outstanding premium issues, so rest assured it's actively being worked on! Basically what's mostly going on here is a communication issue between the E-wallet system, and ours. Since the script that grants those items is separate from the check that allows users to keep perks like the 5th pet slot and Super Shop Wizard, you can get some inconsistent results. One thing to check though, is that your premium membership is current. For several users, their membership has lapsed, but because they have not lost some perks, they're unaware. Check your membership management page and verify that your last premium payment was charged successfully. If so, and you haven't received collectibles or scratch cards, be sure to send in or keep updating your ticket, our team will get to you as soon as they can! As I said, fixing that communication issue is the top priority for our E-wallet provider right now, so it should be resolved soon!

*Happy Thoughts*

*Hands some Christmas sweets* Well, i just wanted to thank you all for all the fantastic work you had been doing in those years and months and to tell you that i love what you had been doing and wish you greetings and to have happy holidays. ~ grandwolfmon

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