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Hi TNT! ^_^ So, we all know Defenders of Neopia has been down for a long time now. Is this something that is going to be retired and not come back, or is there a *chance* it will come back in the future? Thank you!! ~ pookfer
Hi! This is definitely not retired and never coming back, but I also don't have a timeline for you for when it will. We have started poking around to see roughly what needs to be done to bring it back, and how we could update or improve it in the process. We're still in the planning stage, but it has started to be looked into, so rest easy Battledome community, you have not been forgotten!

Hey guys, it looks like you forgot to release anything for xweetoks and usuls, but you still mentioned their pet days in the news when you came back. Are you planning on making up for them sometime? ~ 4cutie
Hello! We may have a little something in the works for Usuls and Xweetoks! Our artists have been a little busy getting everything ready for this month and the holiday took us out of the office for a couple days, but we have some things planned!

Is there a way to permanently disable Trudy's Surprise on side accounts? Please leave out my username. ~ username removed
There is indeed! Just head to your account preferences and check the "Disable Trudy's Surprise" box!

Hi, I submitted my gallery to the spotlight about a year ago during the initial transition and then a few months later. I have never heard back either way about if I was accepted or rejected. Does everybody hear back or only winners? Thanks. ~ tkprtyrhd
Everybody hears back, although it can take quite a while! If you haven't entered the spotlight since it was restarted though, I suggest you try again!

You are doing such excellent work, you are being given the honorary title of Princess of the Neopets Office for the rest of the day! Congratulations! On another note: for those of us hoping to submit our works to the art gallery or NT, how soon before a certain holiday should we send things in? For instance, there's a certain day celebrating giving that is approaching, and if we'd like to turn in a themed piece, when should we get that to you lovely people? ~umbreon54399
Yay me! I'm going to walk around and show off my crown to the WHOLE offi- wait, there's no crown? Fine. What was your question? Oh right entries, okay so, you have a bit of a window. You don't want to be too early (I mean, hello, our inboxes get pretty full!), but you should submit at least a week before so we have plenty of time to check out your awesome entry! I'd say about 2 weeks is a safe bet.

For the User Lookup Spotlight Competition, do we have to use a Neopets theme only, or can we use a School of Dragons theme? Please remove my username.
Hello! That's a clever idea, but it does have to be a Neopets only theme. Sorry and good luck!

Hi! I'm an artist and I draw and create lookups and characters for my pets. I've made quite a few portrait pictures for my pets, meant to be overlaid their flash sprite, and have it coded so that the flash sprite will show up when a cursor is placed on or near it (even hovering over the petpet causes the flash sprite to show up, so it's actually hard to miss). I also have it plainly stated "hover for flash sprite" on the portrait overlay itself. Is this breaking the rules or not? I'm not advertising my pet as an UC or as another color or species, but as a unique pet itself, while still allowing for the adorable flash sprite to be seen, too - so if I am breaking any rules I promise I'm not doing it maliciously. I just want to know the official stance here. (If you respond, remove my username, please!) On that note, could we please, please, please get a concise, well-worded, and thorough rules page?
Hi, you cannot obscure the images of your pets with a different image or artwork. Sorry! We understand you don’t have malicious intentions, but unfortunately we can't guarantee others won't, which is why we have rules like these. You can proudly display your artwork on your lookup, but it can't cover the original image.
As for the rules update, it's much needed, we agree! It's a big undertaking though that will take time, but one day...

Hi TNT! *throws Fancy Gift Wrap* Although I really enjoyed the Games Master Challenge, it made me reminisce about the good ol' days where we had BOTH GMC and Daily Dare. While GMC is fun to participate in, Daily Dare provided two different difficulty options, offering a more challenging aspect that made it super exciting for me. Is there any chance at all that you'll consider bringing that back? Pretty please? *begs profusely* ~ caylaboezi
Hi, of course! We actually considered bringing it back this year, but we just didn't have enough time to feel confident about doing AAA proud with a great Daily Dare, especially considering the lag that was just being resolved back in March. It's definitely an option on the table for this year though!

On December 2nd, the daily puzzle asked what the Snowager was, and when you chose the right answer (snake) it said that "worm" should be correct! Poor Snowy is a bit insulted! Even in the Neopedia article, "Simon and the Snowager" he's referred to as a -snake-! D': Please have the trivia person check facts; it's not the first time there's been a wrong correct answer. (please remove my username)
Actually, according to the Snowager's own page, he is a massive worm. Silly Meepits must have been running amuck again, but we'll see if we can get these two sources on the same page.

*Happy Thoughts*

I can't believe you gave away such mesmerizing items as gifts for just entering the Games Master Challenge this year. I could stare at these for hours...well, maybe taking some breaks once in a while. Anyway, thanks for the sweet loot. ~ strilmus

Thanks so much for all the mini-eventy-things these past few months! Charity Corner, followed by GMC? Perfect! And now with Advent Calendar looking so fab, there's so much going on it's been wonderful fun! I don't remember the last time there was so many things to do! ~ serebii251

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YEEEEESS ADVENT CALENDAR!!! The best part of the year is here! Thank yoooou, i love the mini toons, and i loved this year's mini toons foreground. I tought you wasn't going to do the animations because of the new team... Well, thank you *-* Charity Corner, GMC, Birthday, Advent Calendar... Neopia is shaking againg! Haha ~ neo_emerson123

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