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Hello CQ! I wanted to write a short story for the Neopian Times together with a friend. But we weren't sure, is it possible to collab for a short story? ~ golvenzee
Of course it is! Just make sure whoever submits the piece mentions their collaborator in the comments so I know who to give credit to!

Hello there! I was trying to find the answer for this question, but I don't think its ever been answered! Would it be possible to know how many unique items Neopets has in total? Thanks! ~ fantasia_faerie
50,399. Okay I'm kidding, that's not exactly it, but it is in the ballpark! That is the number of active Neopets items in our system, but some are duplicates, un-released, etc. Short of going through and counting though, it's the best estimate I can give you!

Hey there. *rolls wheel towards you* Is something up with the Daily Question in the community hub? It's been showing the same question for a week or two now. At first some people thought it might've been a joke based on the word monotony, but it's been a long time now. ~ Katie_kitkabug
We found it too monotonous to keep updating for a while, but its back in full glory now!

Hi there! Now that the gallery spotlight is back up I was wondering, do we need to resubmit each week or does our submission get stored forever? ~ mandypandy667
No need to re-submit each week, your entries are saved! The only reason you should re-submit is if you receive a rejection Neomail from us! Until then, rest assured, we have them!

Hi, CQ! *throws Book of Origami Paper at your feet* I'll explain that in a moment. First: You recently answered a question saying that staff is working on bringing back all of the spotlights soon- yay! For a little while before the competitions went down, winners of the Site Spotlight (and maybe others) weren't receiving trophies like they were meant to. You can only win Site Spotlight once, so could you please please please bribe someone with a fancy origami airplane on my behalf to award the missing trophies? I don't want my UL to be forever without :( Thank you!!! ~ tizzlestix
Of course! We’ll get right on that. I just need to… How do you… Why do I keep ruining the beautiful origami planes?! *sobs* I need some time to work these out, then that plane will be on its way!

Hello! Thank you for all of the work you've been doing at fixing different glitches on pets! I've noticed that many makeups and face paints cover over Transparent Mynci eyes... any chance you might be able to fix that? :) ~ _rodeo_
Hi! So we can specify wearables to belong to a certain species (so they fit nicely and your Mynci isn't wearing an Usuls dress!) and certain body types (like Maraquan, Baby, Basic), but we can't alter them based on different colours or genders beyond that. So unfortunately,

The Plushie Peophins eyes are shown at the Rainbow Pool as regular Peophin eyes, not button eyes like the UC version has. My own Plushie Peophin has button eyes sometimes, and sometimes not. On DTI, it`s possible to customise a Plushie Peophin with button eyes. Is the Plushie Peo suffering from a glitch, or are they supposed to have "normal" Peophin eyes? ~ aleu1986
Viola! The Plushie Peophin has returned to a permanently button-eyed state! And as always, even more behind the scenes! So, keep sending them in, because if there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it!

Could you please end this editorial with a happy grey poogle? ^^, ~ elene_00
Well... That's about as happy as those little guys look.

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