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Hey there tnt! *hand you coffee* I know you already have a lot on your plate, but with gallery spotlight returning, do you think you can also bring back neopet and petpet spotlight as well? I've been wanting to get my pets in there for a long while now! Thank you in advance! :D ~ annnoel
Mmmm coffee coffee coffee! I feel so energized, I'll look into those right now! Okay I'm kidding, but we are actively working on bringing back all the various spotlights/contests that are currently on hiatus. Hang tight, your pet and petpets still have a chance for glory!

Hi, Country Queen! I was hoping you could help me with a bit of a grey area in terms of mentioning other sites. Let's say person A knows a totally appropriate website for person B's off-site issues. Would person A be able to, without posting a direct link, say "You should check out this website, they can help you out." They wouldn't be mentioning any offsite search engines or inappropriate sites. Would that break the rules? Thanks! ~ magic_dark_pheonix
Hi! The only sites you can mention directly by name are the Neopets Recommended or Certified fansites. So, if it's not a Neopets issue, you cannot offer any specific places. While you may just be trying to help a friend out, we can't know every single site someone mentions, so it's safer for all involved to leave the names out.

Hi there! I submitted a few articles for the #700 issue. One submission was about 2 months ago, and the other a few weeks ago. I still haven't heard if it's getting held over or rejected. I'm a little nervous since the issue is only 3 weeks away. Is having no response a rejection? ~ xxrayray
[Insert weekly reminder about issue #700 entries not being accepted or rejected yet here]

Don't worry, if I received your entry, you will always hear a definitive yes or no! Since so many users are interested in being in one issue, I'm not accepting any just yet so I can make sure everyone has a chance to submit their entries. You'll hear back soon, I promise. TWO MORE ISSUES TO GO!

Hey there CQ! *Offers breath mint* Um.. Please, take no offense. I just love mints. So, I was wondering if the Mint Jelly Sandwich had been activated in Neopia. I understand that it's an r99, but since its release in June, not one has been seen in Neopia. My minty senses are tingling. I NEED IT for my gallery! Thank you! ~ anniedarko
Well of course; such an item would NEVER exist in Neopia. But, if such an item were to exist, it would probably be the type of item that was accidentally left as an r101, so it didn't restock, but would now probably be fixed. Ya know, if it existed, which it doesn't.

Hi there! I know you're probably sick of being Neopia's resident optician, however my Cloud Poogle is now too having eye problems. ^^;; She's supposed to have lilac eyes to go with her paintbrush colour but as of late her eyes are intermittently turning the same sort of blue that is usually suited to her Blue cousins. Please could you fix this and please could you remove my username, thank you! ~ username removed
Neopia needed one, and I'm happy to help Neopets in need. Your poor Poogle's eyes have returned to normal! Plus, some Draiks, Buzzes and others are looking a little better too, and more on the way. Your pet still having issues? Be sure to keep sending them in, the doctor will see them now.

Dear Neopets, I made a side account a made a gallery on it. I bought the items on my main and sent them to my side by trade, then put it in my gallery. Is this allowed? *please removed my username* ~ username removed
Hi there! Yes it is! As long as all the Neopoints for funding your gallery come from your main account, you are welcome to have a gallery on your side! How could we limit the crazy collection dreams so many have?

Hi CQ! -hands you an invite to Shenanigifts- Back on Meerca Day it was announced that the Shenanigifts Autumn Harvest party was retiring "soon". It's now two weeks later and that party is still there and a new one hasn't been put in its place. Is there any reason why this is taking so much longer than it normally does? The NCC is really curious (and frustrated) as to what's going on! ~ auraichadora
Hi! So first of all, we're sorry for the confusion around this! There were a couple different things that happened here… First, we announced it a little earlier than usual so users would know to take advantage of that handy sale that just ended, with the plan to launch the game the next week (because how mean would it be to run a sale, THEN tell you a new one was coming?). Unfortunately, then one of our artists had to take a few days off unexpectedly, so everything got pushed back a bit and here we are. But, I do have good news, all is well now and you will have a new game very soon. And because you waited so long, here's a little hint: September may be upon us, but that’s no reason not to be outside enjoying the nice weather among friends!

Dear TNT, are there plans to make last years Charity Corner a yearly event? The event was very successful in removing many "non-expandable" items while adding useful r99s like stamps in the market. I'm sure Neopians would like a repeat, maybe with different requested item categories to mix things up a little. ~ fokanna
*looks around with shifty eyes* Are you in our office or something? WHERE ARE YOU HIDING? I don't like giving away secrets (okay who am I kidding yes I do), but we may have a little something in the works…

I thought it was against the rules to sell neopoints or virtual neopoint items for real cash. What do we do when we come across websites doing this? Withhold my username please! ~ username removed
These types of websites are DEFINITELY against the rules and any users found to be using one of them will be frozen. If you happen to come across one, you can send in the link to us through a ticket. Thanks!

*Happy Thoughts*

I just got the "Terribly Bad-Luck" consolation prize, and I just wanted to say thanks. That made me laugh xD Usually I don't have such poor luck but never get such great prizes. It made me feel good, so thank you. ~ cute_and_pie

Please end this Editorial with the old old ancient map of Faerieland ~ g_dragon411
As you wish!

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