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Welcome back, NT!! My question is: Will NP pet specific clothing come back? ~silly_mistake
It certainly will! We had to devote resources elsewhere for a bit, but we have plans to bring back Pet Day clothing as soon as we can.

Is there going to be a Staff Tournament during the Altador Cup this year? ~pinksrainbow
Yup, and we're excited to introduce you to some new faces. The brainwashing portrait drawing is almost complete.

Xweetok covered in stamps
Amulets, coins, stamps... Same difference!

What happened to Dice-a-Roo? When I click on the link to play, I get a screen that says the game is unavailable. It's one of my favourite games... please make it available *throws cookies* ~cuddleybunny
We have brought Dice-a-Roo back, hurray! We're currently monitoring for any problems and keeping an eye out for any purple Unidentified Petpetpets that might be mucking up the works, though. Safety first!

Hey TNT! Will Jumpstart have the same policy as before concerning UCs? Like no plans to convert the rest of them in one massive sweep? Just wondering about the fate of some of my pets. Thanks, and please remove my username. ~username removed
Nope, we have no plans to convert UCs.

Hi TNT! I have a question about Ice Cream Machine. I was just wondering what is so bad about being hit in the face with ice cream? Like honestly, why am I avoiding these things? ~1v1ystical
Ever been hit by a snowball? No matter how tasty it is, it's still not very pleasant.

Dripping Checkered Ice Cream
There's no use crying over spilled ice cream.

I was trying to help new users by offering them free items on the newbies board, asking for nothing in return, of course. I wanted to make sure all the items would actually go to new users who needed them. With the Money Tree, I can't ensure that. However, someone pointed out that this might be illegal according to site rules. I read the chat rules, and I didn't see anything that said it was, so long as I didn't ask for anything in return. The offer I made has been postponed until I get a ruling from TNT. Is it illegal? ~cadetbush
It's okay to watch the boards and give items to newbies, but please don't make a specific giveaway board. We admire your generosity!

I remember hearing a while ago that if you leave your Neopets alone without food for a very long time they can eventually die. However, I have returned to the site recently after quite a long break and all of the pets are fine... Is it possible for them to die or did someone just make it up? D: ~potatoes_and_jelly
It is not possible for Neopets to die. (Whew!) They do like to eat food now and then, though, or they get a little cranky. Don't we all...

My favorite Neopet is the Buzz. What part of Neopia do Buzz come from? Have there been any famous Buzz in Neopian history? ~schorch846
Buzz come from all over, but historically, they tended to live in the countryside, near farmland. This is because they are very fond of the fruits and berries that farmers grow. Some Buzz even had a reputation for being excellent thieves. Nowadays, the most famous Buzz is probably Sergeant Brexis of the Defenders of Neopia, followed closely by Altador greats Kep Bonnefie and Osielle Lidel.

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