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Hi, TNT. I just bought a Wraith Ink Frame (cool item, by the way) and put it in my closet. However, when I go to customize my 'pet, it doesn't show up in the list of items. Help! ~bittersweet52
It appears that the Wraith Ink Frame was wandering in an alternate dimension, but you'll be pleased to know it's here now to haunt Neopets who customise with it.

Hello, I was wondering if you are ever going to add Gnorbu to the pronunciation section. I still do not know if the G is pronounced or not. Thank you. ~moozhie
The G is not pronounced, so it's norr-boo, with the emphasis on the first syllable.

I'm curious: does the Pant Devil Attractor actually "work," or does it have no effect and is just a regular item? ~jawsch
It does have an effect. It's even a nice effect... and that's all we're saying.

Pant Devil Attractor
Why in the name of the Twelve Heroes would you want to attract the Pant Devil? :O

The "Daring Korbat" outfit is missing the little hanger icons that indicate the clothes can be worn. Could you please fix this? Thanks! ~indulgences
So it was! The stickers must have fallen off in transport, but we've stuck on proper labels this time.

So, I had a dream the other night that featured a Red Hegelob. Upon waking, I knew that I needed to get this awesome Petpet for my Gnorbu. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that not only does it not exist, but no Hegelob colours have been released for years. Please, dear TNT, can we get more Hegelob colours? (especially red) ~rayjquinn
Hegelobs are rare creatures and quite shy in the wild, but we will see if we can't locate a few new varieties.

With the introduction of the new Polka Dot Paint Brush, I decided to see how many 'pets other paint brush colors cover. Looking back, it has been about a couple of years since the last paint brush color came out. In the past five years (2010-2015) there have been 13 new paint brush colors, with an average of about 22 Neopets per color. The most popular of those colors appears to be eventide, which came out in 2012 and currently has 40 colors. Yet colors like relic (2010), swamp gas (2011), and elderly (2012) only have 15, 14, and 11 'pets, respectively. Looking at the older paint brush colors I noticed that most were either complete (minus the new Vandagyre) or were missing very few 'pets. A couple of shockers from the older paint brush colors are Maraquan (2003), which only covers 42 of the 55 Neopets despite how popular the color is, and invisible (2000), which only has 27 'pets despite being 15 years old and the easiest for the artist to create. Invisible Day, anyone? ~liktra
Interesting! Maraquan is a more complex colour, so we can't release it every Pet Day. Invisible... is not a super popular colour with a lot of our players. :)

TNT! My Maraquan 'pets are running out of clothing options and *gasp* are being forced to dress alike! Please create more clothing for them to avoid this faux pas in the future! ~josefine378
The horrors! We will see about scheduling some Maraquan items in the coming months.

Maraquan Trident
Tridents are all the rage in Maraqua, you know.

*alarmed looks around the office*

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