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The pop-up window that showed up when I logged into my accounts (regarding the lag) claims to have given my account 300 NC... but when I go into the NC Mall, my Neocash balance on all five accounts is still 0. I'm unsure if I wasn't supposed to redeem it or if this has happened to other users or not. I was just hoping for some clarification -- I am somewhat confused about it. ~flamenkk
The script that awards the NC is still running, so if you haven't gotten your NC yet, don't worry. You haven't been forgotten! It's separate from the other prizes, which is why you may not have both yet.

Does it bother anyone on staff that the Quiguki Knitting Set has two crochet hooks in it? ~faith502
We always knew there was something odd about Quigukis. On the plus side, you can do stealth crochet with the set, because the uninitiated will assume you're knitting.

I had an account long ago and a few games set as favorites. I started this new account a few weeks ago and there doesn't seem to be any way to mark a game as a favorite. I think it used to be a link on the page where you started the game. Is there still a way to do that? ~dustydogcat
Yup! To set a game as a favourite, navigate to its page and then find the heart symbol on the upper left corner and click it. Then, when you go to Games at the top of the screen and click on Favourites, your chosen game will appear.

Dear TNT,
Um, I'm sorry for scaring you last time I sent a question to the Editorial. At least nothing happened. Anyway, there are times when I like to throw ideas around the boards, like ideas about new paint brush colours, and I have noticed that you didn't release any new colours at all last year! So, could you please release a new colour sometime soon? I will use feeding a Floud a REAL carrot as a threat if necessary! ~orisasda

Us, release a new paint brush colour? It would take a very brave Neopet species to model a new colour next week ever again.

Hi, TNT! So, I noticed we had a Noil Day and I was wondering: can we also expect a Babaa Day sometime in the future? :D This is the Year of the Sheep, after all. ;) Anyway, thanks for everything! x) ~kentuckyfrychickenrl
Look for fluffy Babaas to frolic across Neopia this coming spring.

Stackable Babaas
The more, the merrier!

Dear TNT people persons,
I've asked the Art Chat and everyone agrees that it's lame when someone re-enters the same drawing week after week for months, even years. :( Is there ever going to be a rule against excessive re-entering? ~diabolicaltulip

It's not against the rules, but we recommend not voting for them if it bothers you. They can't win if they don't get enough votes.

Dear TNT,
*throws flowers* When one enters the Site Spotlight but doesn't get nominated in the week after that, do you have to submit your entry again or do you guys keep the entries and maybe nominate the Pet Page another time? ~43456

We keep it for later, so you don't need to worry about reentering unless you have changes you'd like to make.

Sorry if I'm bothering you guys, but something has always been a pet peeve of mine: why do some items have "toy" in their names but we can't give them to our 'pets to play? For example, Toy Sailboat and Super Toy Sailboat. I know they're island merch, but they have "toy" in their names, so... ever since when I saw them for the first time, I thought that they were for playing, but then they never were and still aren't. Is this something that needs to be fixed or is it just how it works? ~correctoraline
This is just how it works. Island Merchandise items are considered souvenirs, even if some of them are labelled individually as toys. Due to export restrictions from the Mystery Island Council, tourists are not actually allowed to play with these items, for their "safety."

Hey, TNT! Okay, so it has been almost nine years since Shenkuu was discovered and as of now we haven't found any recipes that work in Bonju's cooking pot! I am really curious about it, so could you at least say if there are any working recipes active right now? Also, could you maybe give us Neopians a hint? x) Please remove my username. :) ~username removed
Someday Bonju may actually share some of his culinary brilliance with the rest of Neopia. Until then, we suggest visiting Jhuidah if you want to do any cooking.

A wily Blumaroo
You'll never guess what the cooking pot is really used for!

Why were some of the new Jhudora Day items released at the Magical Bookshop and Neopian Fresh Foods, as opposed to Faerie Foods and the Faerie Book Shop? It seems like they would fit in better in Faerieland shops. ~drobit
We suspect it was an intentional snub on the part of the faerie shopkeepers. Jhudora can be a rude customer when she visits those shops. We humbly asked the shopkeepers to reconsider, though.


Hi, TNT! With all the issues that have been going around, I just wanted to thank you guys for the work you've put into fixing everything! 'Specially the folks at the Online Support section. They've been really helpful; they deserve a big hug and many cookies! (You all do! *sends big hugs to everyone*) I hope you all have a nice day! ~thaisgm

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