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May I ANSWER a question for you? I'm guessing you probably get this question every year, so I thought I'd answer it FOR you, if you'd allow me to. The reason Neopia just turned 15 yet is entering Year 17 is because years and age are counted differently. When Neopets was started way back in November of 1999, Neopets entered Year 1. When January 2000 arrived, Neopets entered Year 2, but Neopets wasn't a year old yet. Neopets didn't turn one year old until November of Neopets Year 2. Shortly after, Neopets entered Year 3, even though it was still one year old. Carry that out to today and you get 15 years old, yet entering Year 17. That's why there is an apparent two year discrepancy in the age and the year. ~fhn_ladybug
*cheers* Well done! That pretty well sums it up.

Has the Potion of Good Dreams been activated yet? ~xlaq
Yup, and we've fixed a bug, so it should be working as intended now.

How long does it take to draw a wearable? ~morganjoisle
Simple items take half a day, though most items take one to two days, with the most complicated items taking about a week. Yes, an entire week! There are a lot of little details to get right.

Cybunny painting a Negg
Quality over quantity!

So, now that Mutant Powtrys were released as a prize from the Charity Corner, does that mean we will be able to paint Powtrys mutant at the Petpet Puddle? Broccoli and Hot Peppers go well together, y'know. ~badicatte
No, like an Advent Calendar prize, Mutant Powtrys are a special case and cannot be painted like a normal Powtry, nor is the colour combination achievable with a Mutant Petpet Paint Brush.

Dear TNT,
Would feeding a Floud a tofu carrot have the same effect as feeding a real carrot to one? You'd better hope not, as I've already taken the liberty of feeding a Floud a tofu carrot. So, we'll see what happens, yeah? ~orisasda

Egad! You're going to doom us all! *dives under desk*


*peeks* Is the world still there? Guess it was all right, then. Whew!

I've noticed that, when The Times is released, it tends to be filled with stuff reflecting on what day it is. So, if I'm working on a story featuring an Acara, should I wait till it's closer to Acara Day? ~jeancgirl
You certainly don't have to, but if you send us something that is, for example, Acara related near Acara Day, then we'll try to put it in the most appropriate issue.

I am positive this has been asked before, however I am unable to find if it has. Therefore, I have to ask... will you guys ever come out with a special potion that could change the gender of our 'pets without the lab ray's help? ~kelly1035871
There is actually already an item on the site for this purpose, known as the Strange Potion. It's quite rare, however.

Strange Potion
How very strange.

Welcome back, TNT! We were really well-behaved while you were gone (welllll, mostly) and we hope you love how we decorated the office for your return! We left the little scraps all over the floor (from when we made those cut out paper towel snowflakes) on purpose because we thought it looked like snow on the ground to go with the snowflakes we taped on the walls. Hope you like it! Oh, be careful in the breakroom; someone knocked over a gallon of mulled cider (maybe two) and we didn't have any paper towels left to clean it up, so it's a little sticky. P.S.: you're out of tape. ~roshchodesh
Thank you... we think.


I just HAD to tell you that you're all doing a great job with the site (especially with the difficulties you've been facing lately) and are creating tons of fun new items. I LOVE the Dyeworks concept. I also am completely in love with the Window with Twinkling Lights Background Item -- the way this is zoned is absolutely breathtaking. I have tried it with every NC background in existence and it works great with most of them, giving each background a whole new appearance. This is easily my new favorite item (and I have HUNDREDS of wearables). It would be wonderful to continue to zone more items like this for even more layering options. Keep it up, TNT! (Also, thanks for posting this in the Editorial. *wink wink* I've always tried to get published here!) ~kitn2002

I just wanted to say that, just when I think you guys couldn't top yourselves when designing wearable items (like from the Skeletal Wonderclaw Machine), you go and do it anyway by making the Stormy Ombre Wonderclaw Machine items. I'm just amazed. ^_^ You guys are just so awesome and I'm very impressed with how well you guys do each time with something new that comes out. I just wanted you to know that. Great job! ~xcrimsondemonbloodx

My 'pets all waited for Gnorbu Day with bated breath... ^,^ *tosses wool* Yeahhhhh! Ah... umm... eww. X.x Swamp gas? Cupcaking gloms onto the biscuit Gnorbu quickly. SQUEEEEEEE!!! THANK YOU, TNT!!! I've been waiting YEARS for the biscuit colour for Gnorbu!!! Gnaawwh, they're soooo cute! Many thanks for fulfilling my Gnorbu dreams. c: ~hollynoak

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