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I found a teeny little issue today: I won an Islandberry Tonu Cupcake from Kiko Pop, but while the item is listed as "baked" and is clearly meant to be food, there is no "feed to _____" option. One of my Xweetoks keeps trying to lick it... please fix this item and put her out of her misery! ~katie_kitkabug
We waved a magic wand and Islandberry Tonu Cupcakes across Neopia should now be edible!

I noticed today while playing Kass Basher that the game NP ratios have changed so that it makes it a lot harder to earn Neopoints. Is that something that you plan on keeping, or is it just for December because of the Advent Calendar? ~thestarswillfly
Game NP ratios are determined by the scores that players send in, so if a lot of players have been doing really well in a particular game one month, then it will be a little harder to earn the maximum NP from it the next month. Try some other games, or come back to that game later, and the ratio should be completely different.

Hi, TNT! A quick question for you. I was just wondering: since the Neolodge feeds your 'pets, is it okay to use it for the Neopets on your side accounts? Thanks! (please remove my username, thank you! :)) ~username removed
Yes, the Neolodge doesn't give you any items or Neopoints, so it is okay to use on a side account.

Cheap hotel room
Better pick a good place to stay!

*throws Peanut Brittles* Has anyone ever bought the Down With NC Flag? I mean... if you bought it, wouldn't it be the opposite of what you'd want, assuming you'd be a person against NC? It'd be very ironic if someone did buy it. ~gilthorpe
Yup, it has been bought before, and Neopets have worn it with great irony.

Hi. My Petpet brought back a Flask of Liquid Light from Grave Danger. The description says, "Temporarily stun your opponent with this blinding light contained within a flask!" and lets me equip it as a Battledome item, but it also gives me options to use it on my 'pets. Is this a glitch or something? Oh, and before I go, PLEASE DO NOT LET BRUNO SEE THE FLASK. You know how he is around potions. ~msnyankajinx
The Flask of Liquid Light has been carefully analysed by a team of scientists and modified ever-so-slightly. It should now be working correctly.

Hey there, TNT! I think you made a mistake with an item name. However, this made my day because it was so funny! 2104 Stocking Stufftacular 25-pack is the item, but the last time I checked 2104 is 90 years away. :P Anyway, I laughed so hard and it made me happy. I just thought I would report this and tell you that you all rock. Thanks for reading. ~arnie10 (And Puffleneopet_, Reloss, Tokatti, and Nina_Anubis3)
Oh, dear. We seem to have mixed up shipments. Zylphia has already dropped off this year's packs and is currently zipping off to the future to return that year's... or else she will be several decades from now. Time travel is complicated.

Hey, TNT! I just got a lovely Snowy Brook Foreground from the Advent Calendar and noticed its item type is "none." Just keeping an eye out for ya. Wear warm socks; stay toasty. ~molebucks
Its type is none because it belongs to Ugga Shinies, and the Tyrannians who run it haven't translated the proper name from Tyrannian for us yet. Don't worry, it's still usable.

Hey, TNT! So, I was just looking back at all of the Defenders of Neopia stuff and I came across an issue. Sergeant Brexis, the green Buzz who is seemingly second-in-command to Judge Hog, oddly doesn't seem to have his powers listed anywhere. Care to shed some light on him? Thanks a bunch! ~opossumman
Judging by how quickly he removed Meuka's snot during a Defenders of Neopia mission, we're pretty sure at least one of his powers is supersonic snot removal. Watch out for those wings!

Hi, TNT! Thanks for the Advent Calendar once more. I won't lie that a little part of me thought that we might not be getting new animations this year, so thanks so much for some new content! However, I noticed that (for the first time) the item descriptions do not mention that they were given out by the Advent Calendar, when in all previous years they have. Can you fix this, please? It makes it easier to know where the item came from. Thank you. ~mumsthename
We're glad to hear you're enjoying the animations! All the prizes have been adjusted to reflect where they came from. We're all for being organised, too.

Soooo, uh... has anyone else noticed that a Tigersquash looks a bit like a headless Kougra plushie? ~_sunstreaker_
Hmm. >_> Nope, no resemblance at all.

Blue stuffing? They must be using Gnorbu wool.


Hey, TNT. I just wanted to thank you for bringing us the Games Master Challenge this year, even with your busy schedule following the transition. The games were fun, the prizes were awesome, and the trophies look spectacular! It meant a lot to me. ~macteazle

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