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Last year, ol' Tippens had a little eating contest in Neovia that went a little... awry. Now, he did say that another one may be in order this year. Now, uh... did that happen? Who won? Did Tippens win? ~ a0r10n
After the disaster with a certain monster at the last Spooky Food Eating Contest, the Spooky Shindig Society lost their funding, and the town of Neovia asked Tippens to restrict his parties to less public gatherings, so there was no contest this year. He is contesting all motions during city council meetings, of course, but we know how fast bureaucracy moves.

G'day, TNT! Me and my Hissi have been waiting for what seems like yonks for the yellow Hissi morphing potion to become active. The image was revealed years ago but the item was never actually released. Are you just doing this to taunt us? Are you? ARE YOU?! Did the Pant Devil steal it? Be honest now.. Please release it so Hissi addicts such as myself can complete our collections and end the madness. I mean... I am mad in general, some might say insane, but apparently we're all mad here :D P.s. If the potion is released I may or may not run through your halls shouting FREEEEDOM. Mr.Coconut may also join in. Just saying. ~hisstante
Well, that is just not right. We have tracked down the problem and Yellow Hissi Morphing Potions should be joining their brethren in the shop shortly.

Yellow Hissi Morphing Potion
Ending the madness in three... two...

Hey TNT! Three questions: *inhales* 1. What happened to Week 529 of the PPL? It looks like it fell around your birthday last year except there wasn't actually a PPL between 528 and 530 o_0 2. Is there a minimum number of days to qualify for PPL money or do you just have to be in the top 150? 3. If the winner is unpainted do all versions of that Petpet win or just unpainted? *exhales* Thanks! ~piratepaintrox5
1. We're pretty sure it was a bug. Either that or there was an alien invasion that week and we all had our memories wiped. 2. Although we only display the top winners, all Neopets who own that particular Petpet colour and species are winners! 3. Just the particular combination of colour and species wins, so if it's unpainted, it'll be just the unpainted version of that Petpet.

Is it ok to draw a pet in a color that doesn't exist for real for the Beauty Contest? For example, would it be ok for me to draw a fire Wocky with purple/blue flames and a white body? ~kat_leya
It's completely fine to enter Neopets in other colours or even colours that don't exist, as long as the species is the same.

Dear TNT, I recently won the Neopian Lottery. I won after the avatar was released but I never received it; how do I claim it? ~surfcb
Currently the Lottery is only awarding the avatar to the first winner of each round. This is a bug and we are working on fixing it.

The Esophagor asked me for Disturbing Gelatin. Is this even supposed to be on Neopets anymore? ~spikelsmax
Yes, it's even still buyable. It was created during one of the Artists' Days Off a few years ago, which is why it looks so... disturbing.

What is the difference between a Usuki and a Usul Plushie? ~belleslettre
Oh, they're completely different! One is a toy that resembles an Usul, and the other is a... oh. We can do better. *goes to consult owner of Usukiland* According to her, Usukis have articulated limbs for posing and can be dressed in different outfits, making them way cooler than mere plushies. She might be a little biased, but there you go.

Usukiland Shopkeeper
Usukis are serious business.

Have you guys ever thought of having a Guild Spotlight? Where you can enter your guild and like.. if it's nice looking, active, organized, creative, whatever, it could win the spotlight o: I run a Hissi guild and would love a chance to enter it around Hissi day! :D Just a random thought lol it would be a nice way to advertise and bring in new members! ~reconnection
We did have a Guild Spotlight back in the day, and while your guild sounds pretty awesome (yay Hissis!) there are also many excellent guilds on Neopets that have non-Neopets themes, which we would not be able to spotlight. For the sake of fairness, we closed it down.

Excuse me, this has been plaguing my mind for about a week now, and if I don't find the answer I might go insane. Please, tell me how many Vandagyres it would take to screw in a light bulb? ~msnyankajinx
Six. One to fly off and get a light bulb, two to argue about what kind of tea to serve at the lighting party, one to wonder whether it's too early to appear in public with a light bulb, one to paint a picture of the scene in watercolour, and one to actually screw in the light bulb.


I just wanted to thank TNT and everyone on this site. This site was my childhood, heck, it might even practically be a parent to me. It helped me grow into the independent adult I am today, and I forever am indebted. Also, I just want to say to the users reading this now who may just be starting out- you get out what you put in. There is so many great friends to make, stories to create, art to draw, pets to train and fuss over; but you can only get that if you really put your time and love into it as I and many others have. Thanks again, goodbye, good luck, and GOOD NIGHT ~_101dragon101

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