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Hey, everyone! We've been continuing to work hard to iron out all of the crinkles caused by the transition. Our biggest concern, which was the item bug, should now be fixed. If you see any evidence to the contrary, then please report it to us immediately.

We don't have a lot of updates for you this week, as we've now been focusing on fixing the back-end of things. We know there's still plenty to fix in Neopia, but please remember that you guys only see half the site! The back half that you don't see also suffered from quite a few bugs and we're focusing on those now, as it will allow us to do all of our jobs better.

Once again most of the submissions to the Editorial were questions and comments about site issues, so please forgive the brevity. Here are some questions we were able to answer for you guys, though:

Hey, guys! I know you're super busy with the transition, but I just thought I'd let you know that the Jetsam Day news is wrong. It says that Jetsams can now be painted swamp gas and eventide, but shows a swamp gas and dimensional Jetsam. I think there was a typo. :) Thanks for all of your hard work! ~battlekid94810
Whoops! Thanks to everyone that pointed this out to us. The news is now correctly identifying the new colour.

Hello! I have a question for you. As a writer, I like to use lots of idioms and hyperbole. Since I love writing for The Neopian Times, I was wondering if I could Neo-fy some well-known sayings. Like, if it was raining really hard, then instead of saying "cats and dogs," I could say "Kads and Warfs." Is that allowed (while, of course, being appropriate and following the rules)? ~chasing_stars44
Yep, and very much encouraged! We'd love to see what you guys come up with.

Hi, TNT! I was wondering: we all know you guys moved servers. Does that mean you moved offices as well? If so, you guys move super quick! O_O Thanks for all you do, and good luck squashing all those bugs! ~_defenestrate_
Yes, both us and the servers have physically moved to our new homes.


Hi, TNT! I'm usually the kind of person who groans when I see Happy Thoughts, but I just wanted you to know that I'm on your side. With this transition, your team must be going through things we can't even imagine. Thank you for all of your efforts to fix the site! It's easy to tell that you are all laboring hard by the progress that has been made. Sometimes it's painful to read all of the negativity on the board, so I just wanted you to know that some people still appreciate what you are doing for the community. Please remove my username if you use this. ~username removed

Hi, TNT! There's been so much frustration and negativity lately that I figured you could use a hug! *hugs TNT* Keep up the humongous job and your spirits! :) ~summerofjoy

Thanks again everyone for your patience and any good thoughts
sent our way as we continue to bug stomp!

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