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Hey, TNT! :D *sets down plate of cookies* A lot of users have debated this and I just wanted to know what your stance is on the issue. The Desert Diplomacy event has certainly been a topic of conversation, especially since we discovered there were six items involved and not just five... how devious of you. It bears a lot of resemblance to Lenny Conundrum (Speaking of which: will that ever return?) and you mentioned before that discussing answers for that activity was strictly against the rules. So, what about all the answers that have been shared for the event? People like myself who have put a lot of time and effort into solving all six crimes don't feel that it's fair how people can get this information so easily through the Neoboards without actually putting any effort into it themselves. Why should they be rewarded for something that they've never actually done? Please remove my username. ~username removed
We've attempted to limit the amount of answers posted on the boards, as we would very much prefer everyone do their own work (though, if you need some guidance from other players we understand). However, we know that not every player enjoys brainteasers and will seek out an easy answer. As we can't tell who figured it out on their own and who copied, we aren't able to police it. So, to those who figured it out, we want to give you super-high fives, because you are awesome, and we appreciate your dedication and willingness to take on a challenge. You rock!

So... what exactly is a menuscript? Is that a typo, or is it something else entirely? ~misskitten713
It's not a typo! King Skarl isn't really into reading like this brother is, but he's a big fan of menus!

Dear TNT,
Is there going to be a bonus prize for deciphering all of the parchments? Please respond, as I would really like to know and I doubt that I am the only one. ~surfcb

Yes, there will be.

Hi, omniscient TNT! *offers Brain Kebabs, as they are healthy* So, today I spun the Wheel of Extravagance for the 100th time (yes, I kept a record) and I'm still avatar-less. According to some stats that can be found around, this makes me rather unlucky. So, for the sake of my own mental sanity and with respect to the 10 million Neopoints wasted on that bloodthirsty sink, could you please tell me if I'm really just unlucky or if the odds for that wheel are somewhat dependent on other factors (like the active 'pet, the Neopoints on hand, the hour of the day, and so on)? ~sergente__hartmann
You're just really unlucky. The Neopian economy thanks you, though!

"As do I! Thanks to you,
my new chariot is made of solid gold!"

So, what do TNT staff members actually do on their accounts on Neopets? ~luvcandy08
On our work accounts, we test things. On our play accounts, we do dailies, try to get avatars, participate in events and, this week, wrack our brains attempting to figure out the Desert Diplomacy solution. We basically just play the site as you guys do. :)

*hands cookies* So, I was wondering if it would be possible for you all to create more 50% species healers for BDers to use in the Battledome. Ideally I would love a Draik 50% healer and I think others would also. Please, with some milk to go with those cookies? ~loco_753
We'll pass your request along to the Content Department! :)

I've recently wondered: how do you pronounce Qasala? I looked in the pronunciation guide and couldn't find anything. ~meowser_kat2
We've talked about it and agreed that KUH-SAWL-UH is the most accurate pronunciation.

Hey guys! So, as some of you know (because some of you did it to me) my age has been reset. I appreciate that you did it in order to protect the site from U.S. rules but, why did you take it seriously? Are all jokes taken seriously? Also, please hide my username. Thanks! ~username removed
COPPA isn't just rules, it's U.S. law, and we can't take the chance. If someone states that they are under 13, even if we suspect they could be joking, we need to take appropriate action. Please contact our Support Department to sort things out, and to everyone, please don't lie about your age! :/

So, in the last Editorial, it seems like it was hinted that Editorial questions can be saved for a later date. Is that true? If so, how does it work? ~brynchilla
Sometimes, if we really want to answer a question but can't get a response from the correct person or department in time, then we'll save it for answering the following week. All of the questions are stored in a big database and we just copy and paste... nothing fancy!

TNT, why did the Scorchio Qasalan Mummy appear as Eyrieki's Neomail avatar and picture in Desert Diplomacy? ~_dragon_legacy
There was a misunderstanding between our writing and graphics departments, and it wasn't caught in time. Oopsie.

Despite our efforts, sometimes things
just don't go as we planned.


I just wanted to say that the wearable backgrounds are fantastic! Like, all of them. Sometimes I just stare at them for a bit and marvel at their beauty. The Garden Alcove Background is my current go-to amazing BG; please give my compliments to the artist(s) who drew it. Look at the trees! Look at the flowers! The lighting! The details in the rock! Howwww aghhhhsdgsfg.... ~kirmon64

Hey, TNT! The moment the Desert Diplomacy clues started coming out I knew exactly where it was going and it felt like Christmas had come early. :D I had an absolute ball working through the clues tonight. :) If you're curious, I included a photo of my workings... [Awesome job! --Ed] *super satisfied accomplished feels* ~mixy_fuzzy

Note: Did you also draw an awesome grid? We'd love to see them! Feel free to send them along to the Editorial!

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