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I have something I want to submit to the Art Gallery. The only problem is, it's a pretty big painting. Since I can't scan it, the only way to upload it is by taking a photo. Is that allowed? ~sheepgirl210
Yep! Just please make sure that it's a clear photo that displays your work well.

TNT, HOLD IT! This Desert Diplomacy event bears a striking resemblance to a game I've played recently that involves collecting evidence, pressing witnesses, and using logic. If this is based of the series of video games I believe it to be, then do we at least get to shout "OBJECTION!" at the end? Please remove my username and thanks for answering. ~username removed
It's almost like it's some kind of a puzzle that uses logic. A logic puzzle, if you will.

Sorry, we couldn't resist! The game you speak of is an awesome game, but Desert Diplomacy is based off a far older type of puzzle. :) If you enjoy this type of brain exercise, then we recommend checking out some magazine racks for logic puzzle magazines. :D

Hey, TNT! I think that the art team has been doing an amazing job with updating some of the Neopian worlds. They look absolutely lovely! With that being said, there is something I have noticed about the Neolodge pictures describing the rooms: the pictures are beyond dated. Could you please have your artists make some more modern-looking rooms? ~xandresse
A Neolodge revamp is something we'd love to do! We already have it planned out; it's just something that would need to be worked into our content schedule.

Did you people use Comic Sans on the Wheel of Mediocrity on purpose?!? ~donkarasu2
We wanted to keep to the true spirit of mediocrity, so yes. ;)


Okay, TNT. After that Premium ad last week, you now need to make the Amazing Premium Hair wearable. I don't even have Premium and I want to see it. Also, did you take that picture you ended the Editorial with specifically for that question, or has it just been floating around whatever database holds your pictures? ~lupe_lover1094th
Hahaha, we've passed on your request to those in charge of Premium. :D As for the picture, yes, we took it specifically for the Editorial.

It's not fair! Can you guys please change the policy about being 13 and older to Neomail and Neofriend and a lot of other stuff? I am 12 and I have a sister I want as a Neofriend. Also, there are so many other users that want this. ~golddot
The under 13 policy is United States law, not just a Neopets rule. If you're curious, you can read up on the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Where do all the "rejected" Editorial questions go, TNT? I wouldn't want my questions to get stuck in some trashcan, floating who knows where. ~adinos
While we would like to say that we painstakingly print out every Editorial question and then dump the unanswered ones in the trash, they actually just drift happily in our database hoping one day to be answered.

So, we know why Nabile is there instead of Jazan, but why did Lunara go to Sakhmet instead of the Emperor? ~herdygerdy
After quite a bit of pestering from her sister, Princess Terrana, Lunara's aging father has finally relented some and allowed his daughter to travel abroad (with many guards) to practice her diplomacy skills. Though he wishes to protect her, he knows that one day she will need to take his place and become empress of Shenkuu.

Hi, TNT! I see you might soon honour a request for new activity in the Hidden Tower and / or Smuggler's Cove, but how about the Neggery? Surely there have to be some as-yet-undiscovered Negg varieties growing in the forests of Neopia that have fascinating effects when eaten! ~sauerkrautkid
Ooh, good thinking! We've sent the Content Team to scout about the forests of Neopia searching for new and exciting Neggs.

Hi, TNT! Can you finish this week's Editorial with a picture of any Neopet dressed in hideous clothing and add a dumb pun at the end? I just want to see what you guys come up with! ~sporty_915
We'll see what we can do...

Goodness, now you've dung it.
We're sure to get sacked for this one.


I have praises to sing to TNT. :) Firstly, a big thank you for the Desert Diplomacy event -- logic puzzles are lots of fun! Secondly, releasing those old scrolls from the Lost Desert Plot was a great idea; seeing them again made a lot of people smile. Lastly, the Ancient Geb Pyramids Background is totally awesome -- your artists did a fantastic job on that! :) You guys rule! ~burning_shadows_79

In October, I will have been playing this site for 11 years. I've seen so much happen, all that I've embraced happily. This site has been a major part of my life; I'm an active Premium member and full supporter of anything that you guys do. I recently got a wonderful surprise when my eight year old stepson expressed interest in Neopets. I set up his minor account, for which he has no contact. I applaud Neo for offering this so parents don't have to worry about their kids. He adores his 'pets, who are his new little friends. Plus, he loves the games. I am proud to have him on this site that I've enjoyed for years! Keep it up, Neo! ~hikari_amaya

Hi, TNT! I just realized the other day that I celebrated my 10th year in Neopia last month; 10 years of slowly building up my avatar and Neopoint collection, playing games, making friends, and seeing all the changes you've made. As I go off to my freshman year at college in a few weeks a decidedly nerdy individual, I just wanted to say thank you for having a wonderful web site that basically served as my crash course in the Internet. Here's to (hopefully!) another ten years. ~newneo7172

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