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Hey, TNT! Do Blumaroos have fur, or are they just covered in skin? All this time I thought Blumaroos had short fur and smooth skin on their noses and ears, but I've seen information elsewhere that states their entire body is covered in skin. I can't find evidence to support either claim. This is REALLY important, please help me! ~macteazle
Blumaroos do have fur, but it's extremely short, sort of like peach fuzz!

Hi, TNT. I have a question regarding the usage of pre-existing Neopian characters (The Pant Devil, for example) in user-made stories, comics, and the like. I am assuming this is allowed, but is it something you guys would prefer we didn't do? I've heard that creators of ongoing shows / stories cannot read fan fictions because they might be accused of plagiarizing a fan-made work if they happened to use a similar idea later on. ~ayce
Oh, we love to hear your spin on our characters! As long as they're still more or less in character, you're welcome to use any Neopian figure from our site.

Hi, TNT! Could you possibly put in a "Withdraw All" button for when you're taking NP out of your Shop Till? Thanks if you do! ~the_shii
That certainly seems like a nice quality of life improvement. We'll add it to our list of suggestions. :)

Many users have been trading the 7th Birthday Cake Slice #1 from all of their accounts (main + sides). Are we allowed to trade the 7th Birthday Cake Slice #1 that way? The primary reason for the trade is for the +5 HP increase, so it seems a bit like trading an NC item for a stat increase, so I wasn't sure, especially since no one has stopped the trades from going on so far. Please remove my username. ~username removed
We're gonna step up and admit this was a boo-boo on our part. The items were supposed to be flagged as no-trade, but obviously that didn't happen. We didn't want to suddenly make them untradable, which could cause a nightmare for those caught mid-trade, so we let them be.

Hey there, I thought you might want to know that the image for the Kacheek Mail Carrier Package item is kinda broken. It's 70x80, so the other half of the wearable icon isn't showing (and the image gets deformed). That is all. ~alice_sadness
o_O So it is. We'll let the Art Department know.

Hi, TNT. From the last couple of Editorial posts, we understand that the Battledome is low on your list of priorities right now. Can we at least get a Battle Duck smiley to pass the time? ~ruuff
Our resident smile-maker can't assist with repairs to the Battledome (she can barely make an HTML table), but she's happy to do what she can for you battle enthusiasts and work on some smilies. Look for them next week!

What was the strangest thing to happen in the office so far this month? ~ferretboy85
El Picklesaur became, quite possibly, the first person to ever hurt themselves with a bag of Doritos.

Please tell snarkie to feed her 'pets. :( ~anaxithea
We alerted snarkie to your concern and she had this to say:
"Fear not, anaxithea! They have volunteered to help me with a few experiments that we hope will benefit Neopets everywhere. Being a staff member's Neopet is tough sometimes, but they're happy to help! (Except for Krawdley. He wants you to know that "the volunteering is done begrudgingly for reasons that are [his] own. *hrmph*" Rude.) Also, there's plenty of food in our Neohome that they can eat if they get too hungry!"

We're sure there must be
something edible in there...

Hi, TNT! I know most mediums are accepted into the Art Gallery, but what about the Beauty Contest? Do you have to draw for the Beauty Contest? ~fuzzybeartrainer
The Beauty Contest accepts all traditional or digitally-drawn art, and will also accept virtual 3D models. Crafts such as knitting, traditional sculptures, paper mache and the like aren't accepted in the BC, but are welcome in the Art Gallery. :)

Hey, TNT. :) I've been wanting to enter The Neopian Times for a long time now, but I was wondering if there are any genres we're not allowed to submit, like angst, horror, crime, etc. Please remove my username. ~username removed
It depends on how you handle the content, which we consider individually for each story. Keep in mind that younger players can also read the NT, but otherwise, give it a shot!

Dear TNT,
I have noticed in Editorials past that requests for custom Neoboard smilies have been granted. I may be a bit biased (okay, more than a bit), but I think that Neopia is in DIRE need of a bottle of sand smiley (or a variety of them!). There are few Neopian items that are as iconic as the brightly-hued bottles of sand from the Tiki Tack shop, and I think they deserve to be a colorful addition to the board smilies selection. Cheers! :P ~furiousbandersnatch

We'll let Dragona know that there's a few more requests after those battle ducks are finished. ;)

So, you know how there's Fyora Day and Grey Day and whatnot? You know what theme day we REALLY need? Thieves Day! Thieves such as Kanrik, Hanso, Nabile, and Tomos really have shaped Neopian history as we know it, and yet, there's no day in their honor. No special news day, Art Gallery, items in their honor, and so on. I'm sure such a day would STEAL everyone's hearts. ~june_scarlet
*gasp* And condone thievery? They'd have to take New Features by force! We'll let the Content Team know to be prepared for such an occurrence...

Hi, TNT! So, today I was cleaning out my closet and was surprised to find a little Neopets plushie from the old McDonald's promo. I don't remember having it or redeeming its code, so I gave it a try. Sadly, it didn't work. Are they not redeemable anymore, or had I already used it without realizing? Either way, it's really adorable and I'm glad I found it! :) ~pixie_dust77
McDonalds codes have not been redeemable for some time. Sorry about that, but hopefully your little plushie can still put a smile on your face. :)

Hello, TNT! I was recently reading up on the Art Contest rules and I noticed that you provide us with a physical address to mail submissions to. My question is this: what is the strangest submission you have received, and what do you do with the submissions after they have been judged? Is that what you have been feeding snarkie all this time? ~factory
Oh, dear. That's a very old page, and we haven't used that address for snail mail for many years. With the digital age upon us, there just hasn't been much interest in physically mailing art to us rather than taking a picture of it. We're extremely sorry to the current holder of that mailbox, which may get the occasional drawing of what they can only image are strange-looking animals with wacky colours. Back in the day when we did accept physical submissions for the Art Gallery, we either pinned the pictures up, let staff members take their favourites, or placed them into storage.

As far as the strangest submission ever... well, that would be the Neopian hero pin-up calendar someone drew and sent us around the time of the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. We're not even sure we could describe any of the pictures burned into our poor minds without toeing the line of indecency.

I understand that having a silenced account means that one can't communicate with other players on the message boards, but why can't we read the boards? ~angelfire1a
Silencing is a punishment used for players who behave poorly on the boards, and not being able to see other posts is a part of that. If you can't behave, you miss out.

Hey, all. Good job with the stuff you do, stellar work. Would it be possible to increase the size of the font in the Editorial? It really is tiny for my tired eyes. Thanks! ~username removed
Due to the length of the Editorial, the font size is a bit smaller by default, so we understand the strain to the eyes. We recommend using your browser's zoom function to increase it to a size that's more comfortable for you. :)

In last week's Editorial, someone Googled something, yet in Editorial 379, you guys said no. So, my question is: is it okay to mention Google? I checked, and it wasn't the first week that Google has appeared in the Editorial. ~msjanny
In a question to the Editorial, you may mention whatever you need to in order to clearly state your question. We'll decide on our end if we need to remove that portion of the question. Google / "Poogle" is not allowed to be used on the Neoboards as it is considered leading players offsite.

G'day, Editorial crew! So, today I was pondering a very important question: how come some game names are blocked and some aren't? Like, for example, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Skyrim, and (of course, from the Editorial before this one) Garry's Mod all aren't blocked, but Runescape is? I have two, yes TWO grandfathered 'pets with the name Runescape in it, but it keeps popping up with "Disallowed word!" Is this a glitch, or is this intended? Can my poor 'pets have some freedom, too? Thanks! ~peterzezima
We had to block Runescape many years ago because it became an issue for us due to players breaking site rules in relation to that particular game. While leading players offsite is not allowed, we haven't outright blocked the names of multiplayer games since they haven't historically been used to abuse site rules.

Hello, dear TNT! Since you stated in a past Editorial that you wanted to receive our suggestions about events early so that you can make the changes necessary, here I am, talking about a winter event in the middle of July! Could you please allow the Snowager to give out his elusive avatar even during his hibernation in December (and please, three times a day, not only once a day!)? I am pretty sure all of us avatar collectors would rather keep 1/12th of our yearly chances to get it than getting one item every day... thanks! ~petitehirondelline
Getting an avatar for being attacked by the Snowager while he is hibernating doesn't make much sense! We'll have to decline this suggestion, but please do enjoy his daily prizes and bask in his icy magnificence without fear.

We all need our beauty rest, after all...


Here's a "Happy Thoughts" for ya, TNT (and boo to the people who don't like them). This August, my fourth novel will be published! That's right, my fourth. I joined Neopets at age 12, although I no longer have my original account, and I got my start as a writer by roleplaying here on your boards. I'm 23 now, and the skills I developed as a kid on your web site helped me achieve my dream career as a novelist. You rock! ~rogue_roxness

Hi, TNT. Did you know that the 17th of this month marks the day I started playing 12 years ago? That's literally half of my life! My mom will STILL groan and jokingly say that she wishes she'd never seen the blurb in Family Circle magazine about this place, because I'm THAT obsessed. Whether good or bad things happen, I never seem to be able to go even a day without logging in to see my 'pets, unless I'm deathly sick or something... and even then! ;) Neopets has given me more than enough good to eventually outweigh any bad. I've become better at art, at character design, and at writing. I've even learned a fair amount of coding! It's wonderful here, and I've dreamed of being an artist (or anything else!) for you guys since 2002. One day when I get better and learn Flash and stuff, you'll receive a job app from me. Please look forward to it! ;D Thanks so much, and here's to many more years to come! ~goldennightfox

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