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May we have a Random Contest in which we have to come up with an idea for a Random Contest? Thanks! ~neosis1990
We have had that thought before! More recently we were discussing having a Caption Contest Random Contest where the winners would get to have their submission used as a real Caption Contest image, but then there would be no surprise to the images. Right now we're discussing a separate Caption Contest contest with the same idea, but unrelated to the Random Contest.

There are soooo many Petpets in Neopia! Do you think it would ever be possible to attach two Petpets at a time on one Neopet? Is that the sort of option you'd ever think of having? ~forever_future
Oh, goodness. That'd be like a never-ending game of Petpetsitter. Many Neohomes already house four or five Neopets, and most each with their own Petpet. We think doubling that would just end up a zoo. Not to mention that the PPL might have some concerns about it.

Hey, TNT! I've noticed lately that, when I spin the wheels while doing my dailies (particularly the Wheel of Misfortune and the Wheel of Excitement), when I land on the Pant Devil and sludge wedges, instead of having my things taken or turned to sludge, I get a message saying that I don't have any items in my inventory, even though I do. Is this a glitch I've unintentionally been exploiting (If so, SORRY!), or is it supposed to happen? Maybe it's a loyal user perk I wasn't aware of or something? ~cany230
Hmm. That sounds like a bug to us. Please send a bug report to our Support Department with any details you can provide (such as what browser you're using).

Hello, TNT. I was wondering: if I have an unconverted Royalgirl Neopet and I were to change her gender (via a Strange Potion or fighting the lab scientist), would (s)he be automatically converted? I know that a converted Neopet would stay Royalgirl, but back in the pre-conversion days this would have changed the 'pet to Royalboy (if I remember correctly) and I just want to be sure. ~username removed
Anything that would alter the art of a Neopet will cause it to be converted. However, we tested it out and the Strange Potion will only change the gender of the Neopet and not the art. So, you can change it for personal reasons, of course, but you cannot turn an unconverted royal Neopet into the unconverted art of the opposite gender.

Hi, TNT. I was looking through my game scores to see what games I've played, and I stumbled across a game that I used to play when I was young, a game called Meriball. I was hoping that I would be able to play it in the Game Graveyard, but unfortunately it wasn't there. I realize that this game has probably been lost over time, but I was wondering why some games end up in the graveyard while others do not. ~raccoon353
Games that are still functional but have been removed from the site for reasons such as being outdated or replaced generally go into the Game Graveyard. Games that break are removed from the site indefinitely to avoid abuse.

I'm obsessed with the image used on the Community Hub for Guilds. What is that figure cloaked in black doing with his/her hand? Pointing? Hiding the face? Is it a secret gang sign? It's a Blumaroo, right? It looks like a thief, and I get that thieves need to protect their identities, but you already outed this individual by putting the picture up, so... ~cardiff7
Only Bori and Lutari have that type of claws. Though, admittedly, timeline-wise it doesn't make sense for either species to be there, as it must be prior to the discovery of the Bori due to the presence of both Kanrik and Masila. It's likely that the artist just incorporated the new species into the art before the plotline was completely fleshed out.

Set: Hannah and the Ice Caves (TCG expansion)
Card name: Thieves Guild
Text: Who needs a secret password when
the members just sneak in anyway?

So, I've been wondering: during the Altador Cup, whenever Moltara gets the Snow Yooyu, why doesn't it melt? After all, the majority of the team is on fire! ~lightning2575
Fire and magma Neopets have the ability to make their heat inert at will. This helps them avoid embarrassing situations such as setting chairs on fire during fancy dinner parties. However, one should always use caution before giving such a Neopet a pat on the back (or handing them a snow Petpet), as sometimes they do forget to turn down the heat.

Hey, TNT! I was just reading the Site Spotlight and it was awesome. However, I noticed that it mentioned a certain copyrighted movie called Frozen. I then remembered that someone had asked a question about making a Frozen gallery and entering the Gallery Spotlight, and you had said they'd be disqualified. If that's the case, then how come this Site Spotlight winner didn't get disqualified for mentioning the same exact movie?!? Don't get me wrong -- I absatutlerutly loved that article, but we might need some clarification for the future. P.S.: please remove my username. ~username removed
Good question! The Pet Page in question did briefly reference the movie, but in an acceptable way for us:
1.) It did not contain copyrighted images or material.
2.) It was a small portion of a large guide, and not the focus.
3.) The guide was not written in the voice of a character existing in Neopia.

Howdy, Neopets Team. It's been over six months now since the Battledome has been mentioned by Neopets / JumpStart Staff (and almost two years since the initial launch). Are there any updates to report? Can we expect any changes? Thank you. ~_mariokart_
We don't have much to report on the Battledome at the moment. :( We did organise a priority list for fixes so we could quickly take advantage of any programmers being freed up from other projects, but we've yet to get a window of opportunity. We know it's not what you want to hear (We don't like broken content, either!), but that's all we have to report at the moment. In response to the survey we sent out, we've reworked our current priority list to focus on the most requested content, which included games and dailies, mobile, and small new events.

Hi, TNT! So, I had a question about gifting rare item codes, Space Faerie codes, site theme codes (like Puzzle Adventure), etc. I know it is against the rules to ask for anything like "tips" or compensation in return for gifting a code, as well as selling codes. However, is it against the rules to ask someone to return the item that they got from the code itself? Say someone receives a plushie from redeeming a code. Is it okay to ask that they return the plushie, or would it be better to say something like, "I would greatly appreciate if you return the item, but it's not required" since non-requested thank you gifts are allowed? I just wanted to be sure. Thank you for your time! Also, a side note: I LOVE YOU, TNT. I HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR 9+ YEARS NOW AND NEOPETS IS AWESOME. *spreads love* Please remove my username. ~username removed
If the receiver is kind enough to return the item from the code, we wouldn't consider it any sort of "tip" due to the nature of Rate Item Codes. That said, once you give away the code, it is up to the codebearer to decide what to do with the item. You can ask them as you phrased the example above, but code gifting is an unsupported transaction and we will likely be unable to assist if the person chooses to keep the item.

Can side accounts submit entries such as comics to The Neopian Times? I love the NT avatars so much that I want to use them on all of my accounts! (By the way, this one is a side.) ~meedup
We would prefer not, as we don't necessarily announce when we are giving out prizes for special issues.

I can no longer overlook the lack of grammar delivered to me every time I win an auction. "Congratulations! You have been successful the Neopets Auction..." IS A HORRENDOUS SENTENCE. WHAT IS THAT?!? While it's always nice to win an auction, I cannot abide terrible grammar / syntax / whatever. ~whatamidoingwhy
Oh wow, that really is cringeworthy. It's a super simple fix, and we're sent new text for our programmers to swap in.

Hello, lovely Neopian Times. I have a question! It's about side accounts: we all know that only the main can earn Neopoints and items, and you should transfer things to the adds. My question is: can I login on my main and side accounts at the same time to make those 'pet / item / NP transfers faster? Let's just say that, on my computer, I'm in my main account, and then I log onto a side account on another browser, and then maybe log into a third side on my tablet. That means I'll be logging into all of them on the same Internet connection at the same time while making trades and transfers among them. Could this cause me any trouble? Should I log out of one account every time I need to log into another? Thank you. ~_fontain_faerie_
Logging into your accounts simultaneously on different browsers is fine, provided you are not doing so in order to perform shenanigans. So, if you're not cheating, scamming, being your own false witness, or harassing yourself on the Neoboards for attention (yes, this has happens -_-), or any other type of shenaniganry, then it's fine.

If both of the announcers from the Altador Cup hold degrees in journalism, then where did they receive said degrees? ~travis630977
Brightvale University! It has Seekers on the teaching staff, you know.

"Now, how do I get to my History of Weewoos class again?"


I just wanted to stop by and tell you how heartwarming the new Neopedia article dedicated to Tobias Sigmir and Hovri Sweet was! It made my insides get all mushy inside -- in a good way, to be sure. Great work to whoever wrote that! ~__royal_meepit__

Hey, TNT! Can I just say how much I love the music for Pakiko? *whew* Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! ~silverdreams75

Dear TNT,
The other day I was feeling bothered and embarrassed by stuff, and I was thinking about it while I competed in the Altador Cup. I decided to vent with every shot I made in Shootout Showdown (i.e. "I hate this!" *shoot!* "I hate that!" *shoot!*) and it made me feel a lot better, so I just wanted to say: thanks for the outlet, as well as for all of the other reasons for which I appreciate Neopets! Also, I hope a Neopian year doesn't go by without the Altador Cup! :) I enjoy it every year, no matter what else I have going on. GO, TEAM, GO! The Neopets Team, that is! ;) ~neonightwolf

Glad to hear it! We're just relieved you weren't playing TNT Staff Smasher!

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