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Hi, TNT. If you give a Neopet to someone to hold for you, and they put in the description that they are holding it for you, are you still allowed to advertise it as up for trade even though it's not on your own account? Thanks. ~jakynar
Please only advertise your own Neopets on your own accounts. Making exceptions causes loopholes that can be abused and results in the rules being unclear and confusing.

Dear TNT,
Have you ever considered having an option to add Petpets and maybe Petpetpets to our Neopets' customizations? I think it could really open up new possibilities and even more customization options and help creating character for the 'pets (e.g. a messenger, sidekick, etc.). ~eyrieze

Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of Petpets (as well as many original art files being missing), this is not something that is feasible for us. Trust us, we'd love to do it if we could!

Please consider this an official petition for a "The Night is Dark and Full of Meepits" Neotitle for the Neoboards. This would make me very, very happy. Please and thank you, ME. ~leslierulesbaby2
It would make us very, very happy as well. We'll add it to our request list for the next batch of Neotitles!

People often like to say this and... it's not what Jellyneo says. So, I want TNT to straighten it out for everyone. What are the exact rules on the raising of prices? Do we have to go directly based on Jellyneo? Is that the valid price, or is it whatever is on the Shop Wizard and Trading Post? I'm just wondering; I want to stop all of the confusion and rudeness on Neopets. :( ~sucrane100
Jellyneo is an optional help site for Neopets players and, therefore, use of the site is not required to stay within the rules. They do have many prices listed, which may or may not be accurate at any point as the Neopets economy and items are in constant fluctuation. Prices for items that are in demand can quickly rise and fall. What is against the rules is attempting to abuse your knowledge of an item's worth to take advantage of someone who does not. For example, if you buy something for 100,000 NP and then start offering it on items worth millions using your own lot as a price comparison to convince them it's a fair trade, then that is scamming. You also may not collude with other players to falsely raise the price of an item.

Stop the Happy Thoughts, TNT. Seriously, it's an absolute joke to read them when the entire site needs to be upgraded and glitches addressed. They do nothing to convince your users of the great work you are all doing. Use those three Happy Thoughts that you always include and INSTEAD actually address players' REAL questions about REAL ISSUES on the site. How's that sound? ~glnmte
As stated in previous Editorials, the Happy Thoughts and WUT sections are added to the end of the Editorial. They are not replacing any Editorial questions, nor do they consume more than seconds of our time.

Hi, there! So, my Neopet's Petpet, Rowdy the Mutant Slorg, has a question for you guys. He wants to know if Petpets can win the PPL award more than once. Mutant Slorgs have already won at some point, but that was before poor Rowdy was painted mutant. Does he have a chance of ever being able to win? Thanks! ~pixiegirl800
Unless it's a fluke error, a particular species / colour combo will not be selected for PPL again. Sorry, Rowdy! :(

Hey, TNT. Is there any chance you could pick some random, doesn't-make-sense Caption Contest captions and put them in here like you did oh-so-long ago with mr.coconut? Pretty please with Chokatos on top?
worst roommate ever! the Zombie Stand-up Comic

"Cowbells, I knew putting in that shriveled turnip was a bad idea. This is the 10th time this week this has happened." "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNAAAAAAAGGGGGHH"

But, I wanted to take a selfie.

omg that cow is about to be aten by a zombie omg i spilled my milk all over myshelf

Can we report people who are being rude or deliberately unhelpful? Please remove my username. ~username removed
While unpleasant, players being rude or unhelpful is not reportable unless it has crossed over the line to harassing or scamming. It's rude to say that a player's idea / customisation, etc. is dumb. Calling the player dumb or maliciously following them around to be rude to them is harassment.

In honor of Kau Day, could you end this Editorial with a picture of Kauvara? Thank you! ~saraid0
With pleasure! :D

It looks like Kauvara's going to have to sell
this batch of morphing potions
on Half Price Day.

Ed. note: the Editorial will return in full length next week. Congratulations to everyone who made the 650th issue, and thank you for all your wonderful submissions! Have a great week! :)


It's my Aisha's birthday today! Also my account's... Neopets has changed me so much. My Neopets all have special characters I made up and I wouldn't have if it wasn't for this wonderful site. It's gotten to the point where my 'pets have characters that are so complex that it takes me, like, two days to explain them. Whenever someone asks if I make characters, I reply by saying they're Neopets. Nobody knows what it means but me, but I'm never afraid to say I play this site. Thank you all for the amazing web site! I love you, TNT! ~horsiepony

TNT, I just wanted to let you know that many of us absolutely LOVE the Altador Cup. You probably don't hear from us often since we are happy and, thus, not complaining. Let's face it, every system has room for improvement, but we'd much rather play an imperfect tournament than have no tournament at all. Thank you for all your hard work each year and for always striving to make it better. ~starlitdown

Hi, TNT. I just wanted to say that I totally LOVE the stealthy Nimmo! :) The outfit looks just like Ryshu's. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! ~burning_shadows_79

There are a lot of things I can thank you guys for, but there is one notable thing for which I really want to express my gratitude. I owe my computer grades to you! You see, I have health problems, so I often have to call absent in school. On the rare occasion when we have computer class, I'm usually absent. By the time of a recent test day, I knew little to nothing of our lessons, but it just so happened that our test was on HTML. Neopets is the very reason I know anything about HTML. I was the first one to submit my test and I passed with flying colours! You guys really saved me. Neopets is living proof that computer and video games are not a waste of time. :) ~beckyesther

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