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Hello, TNT! So, I've been wondering about what you said, that you had your hands full with the change and all and the schedule for this year was still a bit scrambled. So, as June approaches, I need to ask: is the Altador Cup still happening? I'd be very sad if it weren't, and so would a lot of people. :( ~willie12_15
The Altador Cup is something we plan far in advance! :) So, if you were planning on spending part of your spring cheering for your team and playing games, then you won't be disappointed! :D *waves AC flag*

I saw a discussion the other day on the Games boards about the tree in Kass Basher, that you can get the tree as a super rare bat with which to hit Kass. Is this true? Is it a glitch, or is this something that is actually very rare and obtainable? ~peterzezima
This is actually true! It's just extremely rare.

Hi, there! So, I was reading the news and it said that the last day of Negg Gazing is on "Saturday, May 3rd." After a quizzical gaze at my calendar, I discovered that the 3rd is on a Thursday, not Saturday! I panicked; will the Negg Gazing cease on Thursday or Saturday?!? Thanks! ~jrayeb3
First off, you should flip your calendar (or click the arrow on your computer calendar), because we think you're looking at April. HOWEVER, we also stated the wrong date in the news, which has been fixed. Your last day to do some quality Negg gazing is Sunday, May 4th.

I just noticed that the Maraquan Korbat has no mouth when it's sick! Is this intentional, or is it just missing art? ~potstickers
Whoops! It looks like something didn't get uploaded. We've let the artists know. :)

Dear TNT,
*throws Neggs of all different colours everywhere* It's come to my attention that we don't seem to have any idea exactly "where" the Negg Festival takes place in Neopia. So, that's my question: where in Neopia is the Negg Festival held? ~alisawarrior

The Negg Festival is held on a lovely green field outside of Neopia Central. The Negg Faerie wanted to hold it in town, but the Merchants' Council pitched a fit when they saw how many Neggs Kari would be hiding in their shops. Something about disruption of business, interfering with rabid restockers, the cost of shots from the Pharmacy, blah blah blah. Spoilsports.

Okay, so this is a weird situation, but hear me out, TNT! My friend's account got frozen, so she moved to a side as her main. Much later, we collaborated on a Neopian Times comic, so I put her NEW main on the comic, noting that she had helped. The comic was part of a long series, so in the five weeks it took to get to that comic, my friend's original account got unfrozen. Today I got the trophy, but I checked her side account and there was no trophy! Her main account got a trophy, but she had also submitted a story that will be going in the same week as my comic. So, my questions are: did you know she switched over to her main? Did she only get one trophy on her main because you can only get one trophy a week, or did she not get credit for writing the comic at all? Also, if this happens in the future, then what do I do? ~the_shii
We knew! We're psychic like that. Her short story has been moved to next week. You get a trophy for every entry you get in, though we'd rather there was one entry per issue per player. When you have a collaborator, make sure to mention it clearly in the comments for your entry!

Greetings from Down Under, TNT! Firstly, I'd like to extend my appreciation and thanks to the entire Neopets Team for all the hard work, dedication, and awesome content you guys have delivered and will deliver. After over 10 years of playing, there are still goals and aims for me to complete and splendiferous content to explore! Thanks very muchly! So, this may seem a little finicky, but while I was equipping a Smelly Dung Muffin to my battle Xweetok, I noticed in the item description that "reeks" was misspelled as "reaks." I know it's a really minuscule error but misspelled words really annoy me (and text speak drives me crazy!). Can you please make a little tweak to fix it? Whether you do or not, I'll still love you all. Cheers Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi! ~silicon_valley
Thanks for pointing it out! We hate misspellings, too. Goodness, how did we manage to spell "reek" wrong? *whaps the Item Descriptor staff member over the head with Neopian Times Issue #3* Reek, reek, it rhymes with geek!

Hey, y'all. *hugs* I know 'pet-sitting is FORBIDDEN (capitals for emphasis), but say someone would be gone from Neopets for quite a long time and they transferred their 'pets to a friend's side account so they could be cared for. Would that be considered 'pet-sitting? Thank you. :D ~azurazebra
"'Pet-sitting" used to be a common scam quite a few years ago, which is why it is FORBIDDEN. Players would offer to "babysit" your Neopets... just give them your password and they'll make sure your Neopets are fed while you're gone!

Yeah, no. -_-

Sending your Neopet to someone else is a much different kind of sitting. It's not against the rules, but we don't really recommend it. That's why we have the Neolodge. Players often quit or go on hiatus and leave their Neopets in the care of others, but what happens when you come back, or never come back? That player might assume you're not coming back and Pound / trade the Neopet. This has happened plenty of times before. We really recommend using the Neolodge and leaving the Neopet on your own account.

"What do we say to those who ask for our passwords?"
"No way!"

I've asked this, like, eight times now, and I caaaaaan't stoooop, no I woooon't stoooop. Can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back glowing fonts? They were so amazing and sparkly. *w* ~xxrayray
*sings* We'd do aaaanythiiing for yoooou... but we won't do THAT.

Hi! Who is the oldest (age-wise) TNT staff member? ~grevious551
Dom Dread is so old that he stopped working here years ago but still hasn't made it out of the building. (We're just kidding, we love you.) Alternatively, the youngest who ever worked for us were Shoomlah and Bubbles, who both started during their high school years! (Bubbles is still here!)

Dear TNT,
Would the cursor from Sunnyneo in my gallery disqualify it from being a potential spotlight winner? Also, if it does or if it makes it much harder to win, I can remove it and re-submit with no penalty, right? ~jaylahcat

Nah, a cursor would only be a very small percentage of your overall entry and wouldn't be considered a penalty; especially if the rest of the design is yours.

It has come to my attention that people are getting around the daily limit of buying 20 lottery tickets by buying 20 before midnight and 20 after midnight (but before the numbers for the draw are picked). Is this allowed or is that abusing the system? I know most people do this to increase the jackpot. To me, this seems like it is not how the system intended for it to work. Could you please answer this? Also, please leave my username out! ~username removed
Thanks for your honesty in letting us know about this. :) We've been aware of this workaround for quite some time and have chosen to let it be for now. If we decide in the future that we don't want it happening anymore, then we'll likely just alter the programming to put a stop to it.

To both JumpStart and TNT, I read in the last Editorial that staffers are now employed through JumpStart. To TNT: please, please tell me that they made you watch various training videos about their company’s history and all that. It's not official until they do! Most importantly, though, to JumpStart: you realize the staff is amazing, and Neopets is amazing (clearly), so I'm quite certain that you want to be equally amazing and give them all a big raise. Not the inflation compensation, but a real raise, please! Could you at least consider it? I will write a thesis paper if this helps convince you. ~midnight_rising
They actually showed us an amazing video of their office doing a full on multi-cubicle song and dance production of a currently popular song. We knew at once we were the perfect match!

After three years on Neopets, I finally wondered: why does The Wheel of Monotony spin so long? ~username removed
We could write a long, drawn-out explanation but that would be too monotonous.



I love pretty much everything about Neopets, but if I had to pick ONE THING that I love the most it would have to be the unique humor of TNT! You guys crack me up with item descriptions, news content, some of the Editorial answers... I just love you guys so much! You never fail to put a smile on my face, even when I'm feeling down! *hugs* ~mooboo22372

Dear TNT,
Thank you so much for everything. I've been playing for a while, though not as long as others, and I have to say that, overall, I'm very pleased with things the way they are going. Neopets has impacted my life in so many different ways and I feel like I owe you so much. Thanks again, and keep up the amazingly awesome work! ~lizardlover70


Can Neopets and faeries marry each other and have baby faerie / Neopet hybrid children? ~~username removed

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