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Does the Art Gallery accept nail (fingernail) art, as long as it's Neopets-themed? ~numuh_1
Yep! The Art Gallery accepts a very wide range of art. As long as it's visual art and Neopets-themed, then we'd love to see it!

Hello there, TNT! So, I was wondering: if I submitted something to the Random Contest and it didn't win at all (no trophy, no avatar, not 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place), could I submit it to the Art Gallery if it qualifies as a type of art accepted for the Art Gallery? If not that, then perhaps to another contest (like poetry or storytelling) if it qualified for those types of contests? I know that Beauty Contest and Art Gallery submissions are not to be mixed, but what about the Random Contest? Thanks! ~numuh_1
Hello again, excellent question-asker! For the Random Contest, if an entry doesn't win at all (not even 3rd) then it may be submitted to the Art Gallery. However, winning entries can't be resubmitted to other art spotlights. They can appear in mixed contests, though, like the User Lookup Spotlight, Pet Spotlight, Gallery Spotlight, or Site Spotlight.

Did you know that today is Pi Day? 3.14! I was wondering if you would share how Pi Day is celebrated by your staff members. ~malphd
Being the geeks we are, we've gotten pizza pies, gone out to eat at local pie joints, and even had pie pot lucks where everyone brings a different type of pie. :D

Hey, TNT! I remember reading that glitched Neopets will be removed... eventually. Does this extend to the 9-9-9 Draiks? It's something I've been wondering about for a while, ha ha. Your help would be greatly appreciated. xD Also, could you please remove my username? ~username removed
No, our response was concerning more along the lines of weird glitches like negative stats and whatnot, and that those glitches could be fixed. The Neopets wouldn't be removed and neither will the Draiks from the creation glitch.

So, exactly how many Petpets are there? ~lizardlover70
Including all colour variations, there are currently 3,207 Petpets in our database.

Hello, folks! I was at the Smoothie Store in Neopia Central when I saw just what my Neopets needed to soothe their throats on a dry day like this. I bought a Large Lemon Ginger Smoothie for them, but when I went to my inventory to try and feed it to them, I was shocked to see that there was no option to feed it to any of my Neopets! Luckily, I was able to give them a smaller version of the smoothie, but could you please make the large one edible? Thanks! ~ramheart
Well, that's no good! We've fixed the smoothie so it is properly consumable, and inwardly laughed at the idea of your Neopets in Neopia suddenly not knowing how to drink a large smoothie. Maybe the shopkeeper accidentally gave them the display one?

Hi, TNT! I know Tale of Woe was a long time ago, but I was just curious about something: were the species of Miles and Dr. Valus from the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium ever mentioned? If not, is there any chance you could enlighten us? :D Thanks! ~keshia_songwings
The species are never mentioned in the story. We believe Dr. Valus was a Scorchio and Miles, the late janitor, was a Nimmo.

*moment of silence*

Hey, TNT. I'm writing an article and it's one of those "Top Ten" articles, so I would need to display the top ten items, but I was wondering: do we have to put the URL/whatever to the picture of the item, or do you do that yourself? Thanks. :3 ~yunomi
Putting in the URL is a big help! We'll take care of the coding, but if you can indicate which image you want where, then we appreciate it.

Hey, TNT! I just submitted a short story to The Neopian Times about one of my 'pets. If I morph her now and the entry is accepted, will it still show her in her old form, or do I have to wait until after it's published to change her species / color? Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
The only reason to wait would be if you wanted us to use the image of your Neopet in her old species and colour for your entry. (You can always just include the URL of that instead.) Since a lot of entries are fiction anyway, we don't require that everything in the story matches up with what you actually have.

I recently heard that, for a written entry to be accepted for The Neopian Times, all Neopets must have their species and color specifically mentioned. However, I was wondering what the case would be for "famous" Neopians, such as the Duchess, Hanso, etc. Especially in the case of the Duchess, no color is known. Thanks for the help! ~hawkclaw4
The reason we ask for colour and species -- just for the main characters in stories -- is so that we can choose an image to represent the entry. In the case of famous Neopians, we already have art, so you don't need to worry about defining their colour.

You know how, in last week's Editorial, someone asked what the fur around a Usul's neck was called and you said that you refer to it as a ruff? Would that also apply to Cybunnies, Xweetoks, Yurbles, and such?~musicrocks1801
Cybunnies, Xweetoks, and Ogrins, yes. On Yurbles and Gnorbu it's called a mane.

Hi, TNT! *waves* So, in last week's Editorial, I remember seeing the answer, "FAERIES DO NOT WORK THAT WAY." in response to a question related to male faeries. Is this possibly a reference from Futurama, in which Morbo says, "WINDMILLS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY!"? I'm making this possible leap of connection because I remember seeing somewhere that snarkie was a Futurama fan and another fan can always hope. :) ~pawz_pawz
Hahaha, good eye! And yes, snarkie is a "huge Futurama nerd." In fact, she's having a Planet Express Ship replica being made for her, which looks really cool! We'll see if we can show you some pictures of it once it's completed and delivered to her. :)

Is Neocash a "good" or "service"?!? I have never used PayPal to buy NC before. :) (Please remove my username!) ~username removed
WOAH, woah, STOP. If you're buying Neocash via PayPal and seeing a screen that asks if it's a Good or a Service, then you aren't buying it from us. O_o You only get that screen if you're voluntarily sending money to someone. Purchasing directly from us works like a regular shopping cart where you just enter the payment information and complete the transaction. So, you're either getting scammed, or making a very risky transaction with some merchant that we don't control or endorse, and you should think twice (or three times) about whether or not that's a good idea.

Hi, TNT! I recently submitted my Pet Page (neopets.com/~Terrorless) to the Site Spotlight. I was dismayed to see, a week later, that another user's page on the same topic had won! It seems that TJ and I went about our pages quite differently, though, even though both are about writing for The Neopian Times. I just wanted to ask: does this mean my page won't have a chance at being spotlighted, because there is so much overlap in info? ~swordlilly
Our Site Spotlight judge says she's quite aware of your page and that it's worthy of a spotlight, but that she's going to wait a while until spotlighting another page on NT writing. So, generally speaking, if you have a quality submission that is similar in subject matter to an entry that has won recently, then it doesn't mean yours won't win. It will, however, be a bit of a wait to put time between the entries.

I would like to compliment the artist who designed "Smelly Jelly." It is the most beautiful item in Neopia and truly an inspiration to me. ~j3nnard
Hahaha. That is an item from one of our "Artists on Vacation" days, and was drawn by a staff member who is most certainly not an artist, but made a valiant effort nonetheless!

Such amazing detail!


I just wanted to say thank you, TNT, for this awesome site! :) By the end of this month I will have been playing Neopets for eight years, and through that time the site has helped me develop my artistic skills, writing skills, and social skills. It's been a great learning experience, as well as providing me with enjoyment and capturing my imagination. Keep up the great work! :) ~burning_shadows_79

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