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Hmm, I've noticed that there are an awful lot of villain-themed submissions in this issue of The Neopian Times. What's that about? It's like the writers of Neopia decided to make a new special issue or something. Weird. ~june_scarlet
Something makes us think you're in on it as well! ;) Congrats on the teamwork, writers of Neopia!

In Editorial #608 you pointed out that, if a new species of Neopet were introduced, existing clothing items would not be retrofitted for it to wear. This policy appears to extend to the newer Maraquan and mutant Neopets (e.g. Maraquan Wocky and mutant Poogle). They can't wear existing Maraquan and mutant clothing. Will the same be true of all Maraquan and mutant 'pets released from now on? ~recklesse
For now that same policy does extend to colours released after the clothing item, as we try to focus our time on upcoming content.

Hey there, TNT! You guys rock more than actual rocks. I hope you're having a great day. I own a gallery dedicated to all things chai, be it lattes or cakes or what have you. However, when I tried to use the Shop Wizard to search for other chai items, entering "chai" brings up... chairs. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I would like to be able to search for chai-based items via the Shop Wizard, and am quite confused as to what is happening. ~river_of_optimism
As you're searching for anything "containing my phrase" with the word "chai," any word that contains those letters in that order will show up, which includes the word "chair."

*adds TNT to block list* A user that had blocked me from contacting them recently messaged me, asking me to sell them an item (go figure :P). They also specifically asked me to message them back to haggle over the price. Would it be okay for me to Neomail them from my side account, or would this be considered harassment? Thanks! ~thedarigandude
In this specific type of case where they expressly asked you to contact them, we think it's fine. In any other situation, using your side account in an attempt to contact someone unsolicited after they've blocked you would be considered harassment.

I'm new to having a side account, so I'm a little confused. Can you tell me what I'm allowed to do on one? ~rabbit_girl_2013
Take care of your Neopets, create a gallery, store items, chat, and basically anything that doesn't involve earning Neopoints / items, which includes games, dailies, or your shop and similar ventures.

Hi, TNT! Remember back when the Almost Abandoned Attic was released, but no one knew where it was (or what it was)? You mentioned on your Twitter that the first person to discover its location would find a special prize at the bottom of the page. I always wondered... what was that "prize"? Could you please tell us? Anyway, keep being awesome! :D ~leo_flores
Oh man, that was a while ago! However, we distinctly remember it was a Pirate Draik Egg that we placed in the shop for the first lucky Neopian to discover and buy.

Hey, TNT! What ever happened to that male faerie you guys were going to make? I recall you having us vote on three different designs for him and that was the end of it. ~bubblicious18
This one? That was an April Fool's joke. ;D

"Why do theys not wants us?"

Hi, TNT! So, something really scary happened to me. I made a typo in the title of my board and, after some people posting, I realized it actually had an inappropriate meaning. I didn't know what to do, but I read an old Editorial and reported my board, explaining what had happened in the comments. Thankfully the board was deleted. So, is that the thing to do in those situations? Will I still be warned even though it was a mistake? Thank you, TNT, if you answer this! I'm honestly pretty paranoid right now. D: ~creaturelove5
If you weren't warned when your board was deleted, then it's highly unlikely that you have anything to worry about. You handled the situation perfectly. :) It's not a guaranteed method, though, as you may still get a warning if a monitor spots the board before your report, or if it's suspected that the "accident" was intentional, so do keep that in mind and double-check before you post. :)

I was just admiring the player submissions in today's (Feb. 26th) Art Gallery in New Features. I am very impressed by the quality of the art in the Art Gallery, today and always. There sure are a lot of talented people who play Neopets and create Neopets art just for fun! Kudos! ~leesadee
Aww, what a lovely shout-out to the artists of Neopia! :) We always appreciate and love to see all the wonderful art and creativity that players put into the site!

TRANSPARENT KRAWK TRANSPARENT KRAWK transparent Krawk transPARENT Krawk transparent KRAWK!!! Please. ~raezyr

I'm getting a Super Attack Pea tattoo on Friday and want to post pics on one of my Neopets' pages; is it okay to post pics of the tattoo actually being done or just the end result? No faces will be shown in the pics, just the tattoo. ~morgennaraene
As long as there are no faces or anything to identify you or your location, then it's fine. :) Let us know once you've got it so we can see! :D

Hey, TNT! Thanks for all the awesome years of enjoyment and procrastination you have given me! I was reading past Editorials and saw the talk about a new album. Why not stickers? Everyone loves scratch and sniff stickers, fluffy Noil stickers, and glittery stickers! ~chesterfaerie20
We have forwarded your suggestion to our Content Department. :)

Hi, TNT. I recently bought a Daring Seafarer Tunic and put it on my Acara. When the lab turned him Maraquan, I was surprised that the tunic vanished. I checked my closet, inventory, and my Safety Deposit Box, but it was nowhere to be found. Can you guys fix this? Please remove my username. ~username removed
That's a known glitch. If this happens, please send us a report and a staff member can remove the clothing for you. Your MiniMME15-S1: Daring Seafarer Tunic should be safely back in your closet now. :)

Settle the debate, please! Is the Punchbag Sid avatar officially retired with the release of the new Battledome, or is that a work in progress? ~dragonstarrygrl
It's not retired, just not currently working due to a bug related to the new Battledome. Once we have that fixed, then Sid will return. :)

I have tried looking through your Terms and Conditions and safety tips but couldn't find the answer! Are we allowed to post pictures of ourselves or pets on our User Lookups and stuff? If children aren't allowed, then can users who are 18+? Thanks. ~frichikinisha
As it's not quite possible for us to validate a person's age when they sign up (and also to not confuse players with different rules for different age groups), no pictures of yourselves or photos that contain identifying information may be posted on the Neopets site. This is for everyone's safety. :) Pictures of real life pets are fine as long as you're not in the picture!

I do believe that this Editorial should end with an Aisha wearing a Top Hat and a monocle. :) ~toxicheart16
Who are we to disagree?

"Now, where'd I put that lucky dime?"


*showers with returned stolen socks and glitter*

Dear TNT,
THE KANRIK MYSTERY CAPSULE. WOW. SO AMAZE. VERY THIEF. MUCH AWESOME. SUCH STYLE. WOW. Seriously though, as a die-hard Guild Bandit, thank you so much for the awesome Thieves' Guild attire (that background!) and a dreamy mystery capsule with Kanrik's face on it (Okay, okay, I do support Hanrik, but you know, Kanrik, so stylish!). ~nightshadeswiftswing

So, I was fighting the Midnight Smuggler during this last skirmish, and I happened to look at the combat log a little longer than normal when I read, "Midnight Smuggler stabbity stabbities you with their Thieves Dirk!" Let me tell you, I got a kick out of that! ~sky_pelt

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