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Dear TNT,
Why was Borovan Day on Dec. 19th this year?!? Every year since the dawn of time (NST, that is), Borovan Day has been ON Dec. 20th. I have ALWAYS looked forward to this day, and no matter where I am I always log on JUST to see what's new. My favorite was the year you turned everyone's Neopets into asparagus Chias!!! That was epic! As the years have gone by, whole site changes for the day have moved on to just the Super Special Advent Calendar. So, WHY oh WHY was it moved a day and not even celebrated in Advent?!? By the way, from someone who's been here for nearly 13 years... you guys work so hard and do a GREAT job every time! ~odemus

We're pleased that you have such fond memories! As for Borovan Day, we had to move the celebration up (as well as Ogrin Day) to fit it before our Christmas news, as we'll be out of the office for the next two weeks. (Don't worry, our support and monitoring staff will still be watching over the site while we're gone.) Also, as you may have noticed this morning, the Advent Calendar was Borovan-themed on it's official day. :)

Hey guys! I come out of curiosity; have you ever gotten an Editorial question that was a very good question, but was worded in a not-so-nice way, so you had to change the wording? If so, how often does that happen, and do you discipline those who sent you questions with non-Neofriendly words?!? ~drholly
Quite often! Usually, if it's so... strongly opinionated, then it's something others are upset about as well, so we have multiple questions to choose from. We try to select the question that states the issue most clearly and with at least some degree of diplomacy. Being upset is fine, and even if we don't always agree, we do read and appreciate your feedback, both positive and negative. Players are welcome to voice displeasure at us on the boards, as long as the language and content is Neo-appropriate. If you rage directly at us through things like Editorial submissions, then you will not be punished. The only instance in which we may take action for the content of a direct submission to us is if it is very disturbing or threatening in nature.

Hello, TNT! I witnessed a rather bizarre occurrence while playing Potato Counter: there was a total of 1,910 potatoes! I was wondering if there was an extra-special prize for thoroughly counting all of those potatoes, or if that is just a ploy to keep us Neopet users busy. Thanks! ~monica_jean_13
There's no extra-special prize. Sometimes, there's just a lot of potatoes to count. We tend to like to think of it as a really insidious plot between Alton and the pickpocket thieves of Meridell trying to rob you of every last Neopoint while you're counting thousands of potatoes.

Could Captain Rourke maybe get a Neopedia article in time for Ogrin Day? Please? :c (He's my favourite plot character, hee!) ~ragamuffler
It's too late for Ogrin Day, but we think he is an interesting character, and certainly worthy of a Neopedia entry. One of our writers have volunteered for the job, so look for it sometime after the holidays. :)

Captain Rourke seems very excited about this.
That's his excited face. Really!
Okay, maybe not.

Hi, TNT! So, I don't get it. Why do Petpets that haven't been around very long -- like the Sparky -- get picked for PPL, but older Petpets continue to get passed by? I can name a few older ones to make my point, such as the Grey Warf and the Snow Anubis. Does there have to be a certain amount of those Petpets attached in order for it to win PPL? What criteria is a factor in choosing the Petpet color / species combo that wins PPL? ~neo492492
We'd like to tell you there's some amazingly-brilliant way we select Petpets for the PPL, but the sad reality is that, on Wednesday mornings, the Content Team shouts, "Any requests for the PPL?" and waits for someone to shout the name and colour of a Petpet. If it hasn't been featured yet, then they go with whatever was yelled first. We'll make note of your Grey Warf and Snow Anubis suggestions.

I just got an e-mail about a free welcome back pack. I'm sure it's for my side account that I never really use anymore. I use my main account (this one) on a regular basis. Since items are involved and it's for a side, can I still collect it? Can I collect it on my side and send it to my main, or am I allowed to collect it, but it must stay on my side account? Conventional wisdom would tell me that I shouldn't collect it, since it's items on a side account. Can you shed some light on this for me? Thanks! ~fhn_ladybug
We discussed it, and as they're for one account, feel free to redeem it on that account, but only one. If you got multiples, then don't go on a spree. However, standard rules apply, and you may not transfer the items to your main. Use the items to support your side account, and discard what you can't use.

Hey, TNT! As you may have noticed, everyone loves Wherfies. So, I was wondering if there are plans to make other colors of Wherfies (hopefully in the very near future)? Faerie and Plushie Wherfies would be pretty amazing, just saying. :) ~lostcause715
We're already scheduled out for a couple of months, but we'll send your Wherfy request to the Content Team. :)

TNT, a while back you started the dr_sloth auctions to get more rare stamps into circulation. Well, we haven't had one for a while, but the stamp problem remains. The Bottle of Sand Stamp, for example, is nowhere to be found on the market (only in inactive galleries). Could we have the Sloth auctions back please? ~ava_ked
Ack, yes. We intend to bring those back. Dr_sloth needs your Neopoints for his Grundo Reeducation Center, after all!

Hey TNT, I'm sure you've heard this waaay too many times already this week, but I'm gonna add another one to the pile anyway! Sunnyneo and Jellyneo recently discovered an unreleased Godori avatar, and since then I've discovered the wonderful game, and although I never win I'm a little bit addicted! Is there any chance you guys are considering releasing this avvie at some point? 0:-) ~hogwartsbean3
We saw that pop up on the fan sites and, from what we can remember, it's something from a project that we put on hold. Hopefully we'll get around to completing it, but we're not sure when. Sorry, Lawyerbot. (He loves that game.)

Hey, is anyone in the office bored? I know a great way to cure their boredom! They should take my biology final for me! Yeah! Best idea ever! ~brynchilla
We'd love to! Transparent Neopets have taught us so much. We're practically Neobiology experts!

Wait, you didn't actually want to
PASS your test, did you?

Hi, TNT. Thanks for the new Shenanigifts items, they're awesome! I just wanted to give you a heads up that there's a possible bug with the new Feathered Space Wings (which are also epic)... instead of replacing the wings on a faerie Wocky like other NC wings, they just sit on top of the already pre-existing wings. It looks a bit odd. Is it supposed to be that way, or is it a bug? Thanks for your help! ~pastypigeon
We've alerted the appropriate staff members to this, and they are fixing it. :)

Hey. So, I've been confused about the Almost Abandoned Attic. It hasn't been restocking according to the pattern we're used to lately. I've been polling other users about this, and they're just as confused as I am. Is this time shift intentional? Thanks. ~dryadwrangler
Cronjobbia, the air faerie who commands the mysterious forces that control such things, tends to waver a bit sometimes. Think of it as a way to keep you on your toes!

I would just like to take a moment to appreciate the National Neopian for its lack of monthly fees and for not withholding portions of my deposits for three business days like a certain other bank. *cough* Thank you! ~sweetj912
This one made us laugh out loud. You're welcome!

Ho ho ho, merry Chiamas! Since I have been a lot more on my side lately, it would make sense to make this my new main account. This, however, would be my first switch in nine years, and I've still got a lot of stocks on my old main. If I do decide to switch mains, do I need to sell all of my stocks first, or can I just leave them there as long as I don't buy new ones on that account? (Please remove my username.) ~username removed
Please sell and move the stocks to your new main account. You may not do things like skip a daily on your main account for a day and "use it up" on a side account. The rule is that you may only earn NP on your main account, not on one account.

Beware the wrath of the wraith Peophin, whose intense glowing eyes will stare into your s--oh dear. Wraith Peophin eyes are, uh, a little white and shiny. Not wraithlike at all. Can you please let the artists know? ~amaranthium
Consider them alerted!

Hm. I recently saw a very old User Lookup in which the owner lists personally-identifying info, including their name, hometown, and the place where they work. Isn't this against the rules? I thought about sending them a Neomail to give them a heads up that they might want to take that info down, but I don't know if that's the proper thing to do. I don't want to see them get frozen. (Please remove my username, thanks.) ~username removed
That's not a safe thing for them to be doing. We ask that you report their lookup so a monitor can clear it. Don't worry, they won't be frozen. They'll most likely just get a message from us asking them not to post personal information.

Hi, TNT. I got an alarming shock when I went on an item database and saw that the rarity for the King Skarl's Snowbunny is 180 (retired). My gallery is VERY sad! It doesn't even appear as though there is a single one of these in existence. What happened? ~stickgirl_
As Snowbunnies were given out through the Advent Calendar, they are considered a retired Petpet species, and therefore any other colour of Snowbunny also has the rarity of 180, even if they act like rarity 101 items. Skarl's Snowbunny should be coming from telling jokes to King Skarl, but we think he ate them all. We're still working on getting more out to you.

Hey, TNT! Will it ever be possible to remove beads from your talisman or stamps from your stamp album? Thanks, and please remove my username. ~username removed
We don't want to say "never," as who knows if we'll change our mind one day, but at this point, it's extremely unlikely.

Hello, TNT! I often see "tips" for games that include opening numerous tabs to other games to intentionally increase the lag. This slows down the game you want to play so that it becomes easier to rake in the points. Can you please clarify whether this is against the rules? It seems like it should be... please leave out my username! ~username removed
If a "tip" sounds like it should be against the rules, then it probably is. If you're using an exploit in an attempt to change the way the game is played so it's easier to get Neopoints or a higher score, then it is considered cheating.

Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake... cake! As I write this, four out of fourteen Advent Calendar days have had some kind of cake as a prize. I'm certainly not complaining, but I have to know, especially since one day was directly themed after it: does this have something to do with working on the calendar and the obelisk at the same time, and the ensuing hunger from all of those cake references? Anyway, thanks for cake! Mmm, cake. ~bubbles_101
We were just really hungry when we were coming up with Advent Calendar prizes. :(

Okay TNT, you have some explaining to do! I just bought a Christmas Chia Morphing Potion in the auctions and the description says, "Turn your Neopet into a lovable snowman with this great Christmas Chia potion." However, the snow Chia is a snowman and the Christmas Chia is an elf... so, is this a mislabeled Snow Chia Morphing Potion, or a misdrawn and wrongly-described Christmas Chia Morphing Potion? What will a Neopet turn into if it drinks this? I'm so confused. D: ~silver_reptile
We needed to test it, so we used one on Dragona's pirate Eyrie. Sorry, Dragona! (Well, not really. We thought it was hysterical.) Anyway, it turned into a Christmas Chia, so the art and description is inaccurate, not the name or the function. It will all be sorted out come Chia Day. :)

Hey TNT, since you ended the Editorial last week with a cute picture, can you end this one with something hideous? ~reynbanker
You've got it. We present to you, the early design of the mutant Chia!

At least he's polite.


hello! I recently remade my Neopets account after losing access to my old one (which I'm sad about, since I was very attached to those Neopets), and I absolutely love all of the items and updates that the site has seen recently. You guys have done an AMAZING job, and I love that, while the NC Mall is for sort of "perks," it's not required or necessary to pay in order to play. I've seen a bunch of good web sites fall prey to that, and I'm really glad that you guys haven't! As ever, Neopets remains one of my favourite web sites ever. Thank you very much for continuing to be so fantastic, and I sincerely hope you continue to do so! ~thecynic_theidealist>

Back when I was just a little Neopian of only a few years, I used to dream of getting into The Neopian Times just once; the idea of getting in ten times seemed like a totally impossible dream. The fact that this Christmas you gave me my 100th trophy is still a hard thing to believe. That dream encouraged me to write and draw more and more, which of course, is the best way to grow, and I know I have. I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic new year! ~kristykimmy

Thank you for that baby wearable scarf! Ruahaka has been so cold recently and the adorable little scarf is just what he needed! =D ~drahcoh

TNT. There is NO EXCUSE for that baby scarf and mutant wig from the Advent Calendar. There is absolutely no excuse for the awesomeness you have unleashed upon Neopia. (Seriously though, great job with them!) ~loba_negra
Thank you! :)

Aaaaand... we're off!
See you next year, everyone!
Stay safe, and enjoy the holidays!

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