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Hello. Lately, people have been receiving a Neomail from TNT with an offsite link. Is this actually from TNT? Also, doesn't this completely go against your rules about no offsite links? ~devils_flame666
Yes, that is from us! We posted on our official message board verifying it. We're glad you were suspicious! We have taught you well, then. As for it leading offsite, in the past we have had third parties handle such things as surveys. However, they will never ask for your password, date of birth, or other sensitive information.

I've been going to the Advent Calendar regularly, and enjoy watching the animations that come with each day. They are all very cute and well-made. On the 6th day of Celebrating, the Calendar's animation was even more stellar than usual. I instantly recognized the relationship between the Krawk and the Djuti as being similar to the relationship between the Egyptian Plover, a small bird, and the alligator. Props to whoever thought of that! ~verysunshine
We'll be sure to forward your accolades to our Content Department. :) We are likely the only office ever where the question, "What Petpet do you most think looks like a plover?" has been uttered. (Well, maybe yours now, too, if you're reading this aloud at work for some reason.)

Hi! I was wondering: is it okay to paint Neopets on side accounts as long as you've purchased the paint brush on a main account? Thanks! ~username removed
Yep! That's exactly how you do it!

Say it isn't so, TNT! Your careful choice of words in last week's Editorial made it sound as if you're getting rid of the Games Master Challenge next year. Is it true, and if so, does this mean Daily Dare is also in danger? I love both of these events and look forward to them every year! ~macteazle
We're just leaving that door open in case we do discontinue it. Every recurring event has a chance of being skipped or retired as we make way for new content.

So, TNT, I have something to ask you. I've been trying to figure this out for a while. Does Neopets distract us from real life, or does real life distract us from Neopets? ~sarah_lost_the_game
What's this "real life" you're speaking of?

If your content team is still brainstorming a new stamp / coin album collection, might I suggest butterflies? I think a butterfly collection could be quite beautiful. (: ~mistyqee
We like this idea much better than spiders. We do appreciate the passion of all the spider fans that wrote in, though (in addition to the Neopians who wrote in with some very... imaginative collection ideas)!

Hi there, TNT. I just wanted to know if you could help solve a worry of mine. I recently dropped a class (for personal reasons) and now have a whole hour to do nothing about three times a week. I recently discovered that my school does allow access to Neopets and have been allowing me to play. The problem is, certain computers are open at certain times, so I'm constantly playing on a different computer (and I also play from home). Is this bad? Also, please remove my name. I'm super shy. Thank you. :) ~username removed
Don't worry about it! You're certainly not the first one. Just please remember to always log out when using public computers. *whispers* Dragona wanted you to know that she used to play Neopets between classes at college, too. ;)

Five minutes until my next class!
I have time to spin the Wheel of Excitement!

Hi! I'm sorry to bother you guys with this again, but the problem remains: the Daily Dare '13 trophy. There's still something wrong with it, because when we edit the size of trophies, this one stays the same. It looks gigantic next to his "brothers." Is there any chance of fixing that, please? :) ~pekinpa
Argh. We'll look into it again.

Hullo! Hi there! Hiii! Anyway... I wanted to ask about the Foal in Box. Is there any way you guys could lower its price, or is it meant to be that much? I ask because it seems kind of pricey to pay 1,000 NP for something that you need to send to someone immediately... or am I just thrifty? ~caelum_apple
Nah, it makes sense. We've greatly lowered the price. :)

With regard to the user who suggested the Neopian lottery avatar, would it be possible to make it retroactive? A long time ago I was lucky enough to win the Neolottery, so it would be cool if the avatar (should it be implemented) could be added for past winners, since it's difficult to win. Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
If we do it, it would be moving forward from the day of release and not retroactive.

Thank you for not giving away in the animation that today was the day of the "Pant Devil stealing the Rod of Supernova" joke that happens every year. Even though I believe it's the second year that you didn't give it away, I am glad that trend has been abandoned. It's funnier if you don't know it's coming, so thank you again. :D ~lauranakor2
We're glad you're amused! Every year we get a few complaints about it, but it's a Neopian tradition -- one that puts a silly grin on many faces each year.

Hey, TNT! *waves* I'm sorry that I couldn't submit this list for the last Editorial. My Internet connection went *poof* and I couldn't log in for several days. Anyway, after you published my question, tons of people informed me afterward that Petpets' base colors could be deduced by going to the All Petpet Colours page and comparing the unpainted Petpets with colored Petpets. Thanks, fellow users! Anyway, the list of Petpets whose unpainted / base colors we Neopians most wish to know are as follows: Noil, Scado, Scarabug, Clompkin, Whinny, Candychan, Batterfly, Skree, Tasu, Urchull, Noak, Mimbi, Quetzal, Wibreth, Naalala, Seece, Tomamu, Sandan, Quilin, and Xepru. Thank you for your time, and have a terrific day! ~indulgences
Oh, phew! There you are! We were worried that we somehow missed your response. As promised, here's a list:

Noil: Yellow
Scado: Brown
Scarabug: Blue
Clompkin: Green
Whinny: White
Candychan: Red
Batterfly: Purple
Skree: Green
Tasu: Green
Urchull: Brown
Noak: Blue
Mimbi: Red
Quetzal: Island
Wibreth: White
Naalala: Blue
Seece: Blue
Tomamu: White
Sandan: Blue
Quilin: Blue
Xepru: Red

If you're looking for a perfect, logical explanation of why each one was decided to be that colour, you're unlikely to find one. Different people have decided the base colours over the years, and many are very open to interpretation.

Hey, TNT! *throws pixels* Soo... as a Neopian artist, I like to enter the Art Gallery from time to time, and I've been trying to place an entry for Wocky Day! The image is less than 600x600 pixels, and it's 76KB; however, when I try to enter it, it just says: "ERROR! The image you are trying to enter exceeds the 80KB size limit!" I've tried again and again, and I've double-checked the size, but it still won't let me! Is there a glitch or something? Could you please explain? Thank you! ~kittenstealth
The max size is 500x500.

Phew. That was an easy question!

Could you end the Editorial with the most ADORABLE picture from Neopets you can find? Thanks! :) ~wockeyneyclar
We've used it somewhat recently in the Editorial, but if you want adorable then this is what you're going to get, because it will forever be the cutest:



Kudos on the Maraquan Wocky! I can see that it's based off of a catfish, but as an icthyology student I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't have a clear adipose fin, which is a characteristic of these fish! Also, its eyes are too large (how is it supposed to feed nocturnally?!?), but I'll give you a pass on that one. I'm glad that more realistic-colored 'pets are being made available for us wildlife enthusiasts. :D ~apoloniusz

So, I was talking with a friend recently about how the web site has changed over the years, and I came to a realization about the NC Mall. You guys have done such an impeccable job with adding new content to the site! Every other site that I've been on that has introduced a pay component usually neglects the other features and degrades into a pool of goo... but TNT, you've done a magnificent job of keeping the pH balance perfect. :D Thank you for not turning our ultimate-super-favorite web site ever into a puddle of liquid spam. :) ~kinokiro

I didn't know where to submit this feedback, and I don't want it in the Times. (I do know, however, that I love reading it very much!) Please forward it to where they'd like to hear it. I wanted to just tell those involved that this year's challenge was my favorite -- excellent choices of games and definitely for the trophies. I have never wanted to give input (aside from the 'pet conversions right when I was getting ready to get one) but I hope you keep this up. You guys are really creative and the gold and silver based on rankings was just really good. Many kudos!!! ~ninkish

I began playing Neopets with my children years ago. They have mostly moved on, but I have found a community of friends in my guild. I decided to give the Premium Service a try and now won't go back. Once you begin, it's a slippery slope and Neopets is my only vice (well, okay, coffee). The NC Mall events, sales, and games add to the enjoyment for me. Thank you, Neopets, for all the fun! ~The Sunshine in My Day ~barbarbinks369

I never really liked Maraquan 'pets, but the Maraquan Wocky is incredible! The artists have done such a great job, and I'm sorry that my level of English doesn't allow me to properly express my admiration. ~elenet



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