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Hi, TNT. I know this is WAY too late to make it into The Neopian Times (or even the main news page, for that matter), but I was reminded that Daylight Savings Time is this Sunday... and since we have so many international friends, it might be good to let them know ahead of time. Thank you so much! *HUGS* Best to you and everyone working late today. ;)
It's never too late (well, sometimes it is) for a handy reminder such as this! Thanks for making sure our international friends get a heads up, and also for making sure we don't all arrive at headquarters an hour early on Monday!

Hi, Editorial staff! First, let me begin by saying that you guys do a great job breaking down questions that many of us have, and many of us didn't know we should have had before we read the Editorial, but thank you! On to the question... so, I just saw that this week's winner of the PPL was over 1,500 days old, and yet the Zombie Meepit was introduced in 2011... why does the clock not start counting on the instant it becomes available in the Rainbow Fountain? I know that, when I see an upcoming Petpet I love, I buy the paint brush and Petpet ahead, and put them together the day that it releases, assuming I'll be right on top of things... by this logic, though, owners of old Petpets can continually paint new colors and trump everyone, yes? ~ihniwiad
When a Petpet is painted isn't logged by our database, so we don't have a way to tell if a Zombie Meepit was painted before or after the colour combination became available. As far as the idea of this being abused in the way you're concerned about, it's not really possible, due to the fact that the PPL happens once a week and there are over 3,000 distinct Petpets. Also, the price of a paint brush would likely negate any possible profit in the rare chance that species / colour is picked.

Out of all the accounts ever created, how many are frozen? ~jhudorkah
The numbers get a bit wonky because of purged accounts, accounts that were frozen and then later returned, and self-freezes, but overall it looks to be about 3%. The number one reason for frozen accounts? Inappropriate username. Multiple account abuse is in second place. Another interesting note: less than 1% of that (so about .03% of all accounts ever created) were frozen for bad posts (inappropriate content on the boards/UL/etc.).

Can you make it so that people who already have the Avatar Collector avatar can't end up on the High-Score Table? It's insanely difficult to get on the High-Score Table because the top avatar collectors just have to disable, then re-enable, the Emo Usuki shopkeeper to get back on there. Thanks! ~indulgences
Closing that loophole has come under consideration, but we haven't made a decision regarding it yet.

Hi, TNT! I know lots of people were demanding a bit of Stilton with their whine while attempting the Catacombs, but I, for one, absolutely loved it! I'm frustrated AND glad about the Curse of Fatigue, as without it I would have spent all day doing as many floors as I could. Just call me a Catacombs Addict. Speaking of which... new Neotitle? :D ~rayoceanweaver
We support this course of action. We'll brainstorm some titles and add them to the mix.

(If you read that in Lord Marrowgar's voice,
you get extra cool points.)

I recently received a notice that my Neocash would be expiring soon. I only have a little bit left, so I was going to buy more to afford the new MME (which looks AWESOME, by the way). If I did that, would my soon-to-expire NC be used up (and therefore not have the chance to expire)? ~kykygilde
Yes, your soon-to-expire NC is used up first, so it will not go to waste if you make a purchase from the NC Mall. :)

This sounds really odd, but I would like to know under what term I should report myself if I accidentally post something I shouldn't / don't want to post on Neopets? I often have multiple tabs open at once, and almost had an accident a couple of days a go. As it would be very embarrassing to post a message meant for your teacher on the Neoboards, I would like to know how I should deal with this kind of situation should it ever happen? Please remove my username. ~username removed
Hahaha, close one! If you accidentally make a board / post through a terrible Ctrl+V incident or make an inappropriate typo, you can report yourself and explain the incident in the comments. (This does not guarantee that you will avoid a warning, as there are multiple monitors on the site at all times and one may already be warning you while the other is viewing your report. Please watch what you post!)

Dear TNT,
I have a question about the Site Spotlight. I've seen that some of the winning sites were written in languages other than English, but still popular languages spoken by lots of people. Knowing that my mother tongue, Hungarian, is only spoken by a little community on Neopets, I'd like to ask if there would be any point in submitting my Pet Page (which is written in Hungarian) to the spotlight. Thanks, and please leave out my username. :) ~username removed

While we do welcome entries in various languages, for the purpose of checking if the content is appropriate, they must be in a language that is currently supported by our site. This includes: English, Dutch, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese (both simplified and traditional).

Hey, TNT! Since there is pretty much a spotlight for every creative aspect of the site, I was wondering if you guys have ever considered doing a "Font Spotlight," where users could show off their fun Neo-related fonts? ~oo_luckey_duckey_oo
We think it's been brought up in the past, but the issue is that it would be too hard to make sure that the font is the work of the player submitting it. Other spotlights have art, writing, or coding that we have a better chance of determining whether it's a genuine entry, but fonts don't quite have the "footprint" that other spotlights do.

Hello, Neopets. *launches cookies at you* I was curious if comics were supposed to be funny. I had an amazing idea for a comic series that would overall be a big story arc. I'd love to work on it and get it published in The Neopian Times, but I don't think I've ever seen a serious comic / series. Does it have to be funny? Can I do an adventurous / action comic with maybe a joke here or a sarcastic comment there? (: Please say yes! ~setorange
If you knock our socks off, we will totally consider it! In general, we do prefer a little humour in NT comics. They're how we get through the day.

So, the Catacombs content is crazy and amazing -- your content writers must have been eating a lot of Edible Argyle Socks to come up with some of those room descriptions. ~gamer_5_55_555
Hahaha! As always it was a group effort, but you can thank Mr. Insane and snarkie for many of the curses and encounters, and the amazing Droplet for the final text. For her efforts we have affectionately dubbed her "the sanest insane person ever."

Outwardly she appears to be a normal person.
*whispers* But we know the truth.


Hello, TNT! I just wanted to start off by thanking you for the current "plevent." The snappy dialogue has continued to make me laugh, as have the spin-off parodies that have been created from your work. Your staff has been nothing but professional and continues to impress me with their creativity. I'm loving a large majority of the hijinks items (especially the witch hat, face paint, and the Wolveri--I mean, the Wild Mutton Chop Wig). Keep up the fantastic work and happy (almost) birthday! ~parody_ham

You all have outdone yourselves this Halloween. Seriously. I'm beyond amazazed at all the imaginative, clever, and pretty wearables (Neocash and Neopoint, but especially NC!) that have been released this Halloween. *standing ovation* I'm not even going to get started on the back-to-back-to-back events you've released this year. *cries with joy* I love you guys. ~gypsychic420

Hi, TNT! I just wanted to thank you for yet another fun plot / event / plevent. I've been playing Neopets for 11 years and, even though I'm technically a grown-up now, it's still just as fun as when I first started playing. Keep up the great work and keep those plots coming! They're one of my favourite things about the site. :) ~hadleyhemingway

Haii, TNT! I don't usually comment in compliments (because I'm an overall criticizing person D:), but I just wanted to say that whoever drew the art for the relic Korbat is a genius and I love them. This is all. ~mattiekins1992

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