White Weewoos don't exist. *shifty eyes* Circulation: 191,625,758 Issue: 613 | 20th day of Gathering, Y15
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Hi, TNT! No real question, but I just wanted to let you know that the response to the question in last week's Editorial about Petpets based off of real life pets, like Sparky, inspired me to enter my Art Contest entry. Could you make sure that the right people see it? It's dedicated to them. It features Sparky and Schnelly. Thanks! ~asterick
Oh trust us, it went to the right people. :) DJ Skellington was really touched by the Schnelly artwork that was sent in. :) He got teary-eyed and printed them all out. Here's a picture of his desk!

Is Weewoo an onomatopoetic word or an amalgamation of onomatopoetic words? ~vancouverite2010
It's an amalgamation of onomatopoetic words that was created by the bifurcation of the distinct modulating call of the Weewoo.

I accidently submitted my Art Gallery entry without finishing the title! Should I resubmit it? Also, please remove my username. ~username removed
Yes, that's just fine. Our Art Gallery judge will just delete the older entry.

Hi, TNT! :) I know that it is against the rules to direct anyone offsite for absolutely anything. I was just wondering exactly why this is against the rules. I mean, just telling someone to look something up could be considered wrong, and I don't personally understand why. Could you please explain? (please remove my username) ~username removed
To keep it simple, basically. Yes, we know there's not much harm in telling someone to go "Poogle" something, but if players were allowed to link out or direct people offsite, then icky things could happen. Basically, we have a lot of young players on the site, and we want to keep them safe. While older Neopians may feel a little restricted, it's all for a greater cause. We're a community, and watching out for each other is a responsibility that we all share in some ways. Just setting a good example is enough, and we appreciate it when you do. :)

HIYA, TNT! So, I was wondering something. Who's been a staff member with you guys the longest? Thanks! ~_taratoxic_
That would be Sweets. :)

Hello there, TNT! So, while looking through the news the other day for the Faerie Festival celebration, I noticed the poems link said that the poems featured faerie-themed titles; however, it seems that Gormball poems are located there instead! Will there be any faerie-themed poems this year? ~silver_azalea
Our poetry judge had a bit of a brain-fart (it happens to the best of us) and got the celebration days crossed. The faerie poems are now available for your enjoyment. :)

Did you notice that, when Skeiths wear the new Vyssa's Shrine Background, it kind of looks like they're holding the palm tree? ~kooky_user
By Fyora, you're right. Hahaha! Here's a picture so everyone else can have a good laugh.

He came all the way from Tyrannia because
he heard the palm trees were delicious here.

Hi, TNT! So, I was wondering: would it be possible to have players notified when something doesn't sell on the Trading Post after two weeks, just like you do with auctions? I accidentally discarded a Negg worth two million Neopoints because I wasn't paying attention to what was in my inventory and had no idea that the Negg was no longer on the TP. ~angelgirl122193
That would be nice. We've put in a request to our programmers, however they have a very long list of awesome things to do, so we don't know when they'll be able to squeeze it in.

Hi! Well, I was wondering about User Lookup requirements. I know stats and trophies and stuff are required on lookups, but also showing our 'pets is required as well. I was told by another user that my lookup was against the rules, even though I was showing all of my pets.... just with pictures and links. I was looking for clarification on how exactly we must have our 'pets shown on our lookups. Like, do we need to have their level / gender / name shown, or can we just link to all of the 'pets with one of the "preview" icons? ~dusseldorf_
The text about the Neopet doesn't need to be there on your User Lookup, but it cannot be hidden or misrepresented on the Pet Lookup. Also, all links must work, so the Neopet images must link to their respective Pet Lookups. Also, Neopets may not be misrepresented with art or customisation that is not their own. If you want to put up an image of your "dream customisation" for them, you can put it in their description, but you may not cover their image with it either on your UL or Pet Lookup. To put it simply, players must be able to verify all your public account and Neopets' information without anything being misrepresented or hidden.

TNT, you're in big trouble. :k Seriously, how am I supposed to save up for anything else now that you've released those incredible faerie eye shadows? You're KILLING me here! I need them for my Lutari, my Krawk, my JubJub... GAH! (But seriously, awesome job on those. ;) I need them all!) ~loba_negra
We did not mean to slay you in any way. We're glad you like the eye shadows, though! :D

When doing my dailies, I always visit the Forgotten Shore. Now, being the proud finder of a Krawk morphing potion and a Draik egg or three, I value my finds very much, but it's very difficult for me to see that pile of sand that they are buried under. I've made it a habit to scroll down to read what it says underneath, but sometimes I forget in my early morning just-woke-up sleepy state. I was curious: if you do happen to find a Draik egg or Krawk morphing potion (or background or avatar there) and, er... miss seeing it and don't click on it, do you still get the item, or does it just disappear? Please remove my username if this makes it in! ~username removed
You do need to click to get your prize at the Forgotten Shore. Hunting for treasure isn't fun if it just flies out of the sand and smacks you in the face! (Especially if you haven't had your morning coffee yet.) The good news, though, is that the treasure will remain there for the rest of the day. So, if you're worried about it, stop by again later after you've woken up a bit. :)

Since Daily Dare just ended, is AAA not returning in November for the Games Master Challenge? It doesn't seem like he has had much time to plan it! ~macteazle
He had a notebook with him during his time at camp, so he has had plenty of time to plan. He will be making a return in the upcoming months, along with two new teams!

Dear TNT,
Please end the Editorial with a picture of a Seece. Such cuties do not get the attention they deserve. ~dragonquestvi

You're quite right.

The adorable eyes compel you...
to read the happy thoughts below,
because it's nice to be happy. :)


Hi, TNT! I just wanted to compliment you on what a wonderful game you've made. I've been going through therapy lately for various problems and Neopets is a really nice way to de-stress. I absolutely adore this site and the friendly environment it provides, and it helps me to make it through every day when I turn on the computer and I have lovely little 'pets smiling at me. I love you guys! Keep up the awesome work. ♥ ~just_smile_its_easy

I was just reading the news! Oh my gosh. The thought that the Circulation Number is how many people get your mail... 191,605,213. All of us wandering around Neopia, and we each get a paper to read. Thanks so much, and it made me so excited and happy to know that I get one all to myself. You are so special to me. Thanks bunches! ~toadlyus

Yarr, TNT! *hoists pirate flag* Thanks for bringing so much fun to the Neoboards for Talk Like a Pirate Day! I have played here for years, and I always love these special details on Neopets that give the site a personality. You guys are awesome. ~lyenna625

After taking a 10 year break from Neopets, which I was obsessed with when I was a kid, I made a fresh account and returned. I missed the games and many other features of the site. I must say, I am VERY IMPRESSED with some of the changes. I had been worried that it wouldn't have that nostalgic feel, but I'm loving the new stuff. The 'pets and items look nicer, the lands are just AMAZING, and I even enjoy how the games seem to reward more Neopoints than they did in the past (more points to enjoy more things). I am so happy to be back. ~lizzsauce
Welcome back! :'D

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