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I, and many others, have noticed that the gold trophies awarded at the end of the Daily Dare are exactly the same dull color as many of the bronze trophies on the site, while the bronze trophies are the same bright, shiny color as nearly all of the gold trophies on the site. When they appear side-by-side with other trophies on User Lookups, the difference is extremely noticeable! Can you please switch the images? ~felix_gaeta
We got a lot of feedback on this, and decided you guys were correct and that they didn't match the colours of last year. We're having an artist update the trophy colours to better match previous years.

"[I]t drives us nuts that we only need a Neopet species that starts with the letter 'V' to complete our Neopet alphabet." *cough* Varwolf *cough* *cough* ;D ~the_kouji
Hahaha. That was never a real Neopet, though! We cannot survive on a technicality. We will forever be tormented! Thanks for the effort to make us feel better, anyhow. :)

Oh... thank you, TNT! *cries tears of joy* Thank you for the lovely Success Pending Hopping Hasee Toy! Here, here, take this basket of cookies! Did you get this as a suggestion from a player, because I remember seeing a board about it, though it was during the Altador Cup and not the Daily Dare, but it still works out. Please remove my username. ~username removed
Alas, we had already completed all of the AC prizes by then, so enjoy your belated (but still relevant) hopping Hasee!

Lulu and AAA recently learned the User Interface Song. PLEASE tell me that this is a real song you folks sing around the office. ~plasto
There once was a yellow sidebar!
It was a questionable shade!
But now we have it better!
Dropdowns, oh, hooray!

Some said that it was best
when things were on the left!
We said, "Are you daft?
The 90's look is past!"

So, now we have nifty things
like more site themes,
this song doesn't actually rhyme,
but we're all refrigerator!

I heard a rumor that Neopets is closing early next year. This isn't true, right? I love this site, and I don't want the fun to stop. :( If this gets in, please remove my username. ~username removed
This rumour seems to surface every year or so, and we're still here and not planning on going anywhere. So, sorry, you guys are stuck with us like a Grundo with foot fungus!

Hmm... maybe we should
have used a better example.

*hands you a baguette* Don't ask where I got that. There seems to be a lot of items, etc. on Neopets referencing various things like Firefly, The Princess Bride, Doctor Who, and Game of Thrones. However, I have noticed a severe lack of items referencing a fantastic book / musical, Les Miserables. Could you send a little note to the Content Department to please make at least one item referencing Les Mis? Even just a baguette with the description "Don't steal this... or you'll get 19 years in the galleys." or something? ~ezel68
Hahah. Snowbunny was our resident Les Mis fan before she left a few years ago. Still, it is quite worthy, and we'll see what we can sneak in. ;)

Hi, TNT! My friend and I were talking about avatars and I just had a thought: is there anyone in Neopia that has every single avatar ever released, or even close? ~racerfishy
Close? Maybe, but no one can ever have all of the avatars, because there are some pairs where you can only get one or the other. You can check out the avatar high score board here to see the current avatar-collecting champions.

Edit: Actually, snarkie says she does have all of them sometimes, "But that's because I cheat and update the database. ADMIN POWERS ACTIVATE!" It's just for testing purposes, though. :) No trophy for her!

Dear TNT,
Is your refrigerator running? ~freezni

Yes, actually. It finally got sick of all the rotting food we've left in it and took a running jump, leaping out of the second story window and crashing into the courtyard below before taking off down the street. It's causing quite the traffic hazard, actually. :(

Longtime reader, first time Editorial questioner. Let's say someone really likes an Art Gallery submission. Can they use it on their Pet Pages and User Lookup, or should they ask the contributor? Please remove username. ~username removed
You absolutely must get permission from the original artist if you want to use their work. Otherwise, they can rightly report you for art theft.

I saw something in the Editorial last week about a Unicorn Paint Brush. You wouldn't happen to have a picture of it and the result, would you? (please remove my username) ~username removed
We warned you that it wasn't pretty, but here you go. We are not responsible for any emotional trauma or unrestrained laughter from viewing these.

You can see more on this Pet Page.

When choosing a winner for the Pet Spotlight, do the judges discard the entries that didn't win, or can an entry that was put in one week be saved and win a Pet Spotlight later on? I hope that makes sense... ~_koolness_
Yes, it does! For Pet Spotlight, we don't discard any entries that we might spotlight someday. Our judge also offered these tips:

-Submitting your Neopet and then transferring that Neopet to your side account disqualifies it. (You can just resubmit your entry on your side account, though.)
-If you had the sudden terror that your old, outdated artwork might get selected, you could always send us an updated version... :)

TNT, I've seen a lot of people getting warnings over posting the Jellyneo link to their wishlist. Just wondering where you guys actually stand on posting the link? ~jotty346
There's a bit of confusion with a few different links out to fan sites, so here's the skinny. As we already know, it's against the rules to give out information with the intent of meeting up or contacting each other on another site. (It's part of the "Personally Identifiable Information" set of rules that state you can't give out any information that people could use to contact you outside of Neopets, like your email address, AIM username, off-site forum username, or blog, etc.) That doesn't change just because the link happens to lead to a Recommended fan site. If you link to your profile on a fan site telling someone to look you up there, then you're attempting to facilitate off-site contact and that's bad. Now, if you're linking out to a Recommended fan site because you're using a nifty feature of theirs to enhance your Neopets experience (such as a game guide or wishlist or avatar checklist), then that's totally fine. The difference is that one has the intent of meeting up off-site and the other has the intent of providing information to another player for gameplay purposes (to get a better score in Daily Dare, to trade items with you, etc.).

For anyone wondering, the monitors can tell if you're hiding attempts to communicate with people off-site in a seemingly innocent "check out my wishlist" post and will act accordingly. ;)

I realised today that I've been on Neopets so long that I can correctly spell the word "transmogrification." This is either a cool thing or a really lame one. What do you say, TNT? ~wolfspirit200179
It makes you awesome.

Some related useless trivia: We made the smiley *indubitably* instead of *sir* because we thought it would be awesome for everyone to be able to spell "indubitably," and therefore use the word more frequently... because it makes the world just a little more awesome.

Does anybody on the staff have a Neopets tattoo? If so, what is it? ~polykarbon_
Yes, one of our monitors has a tattoo of a Quiggle on her ankle! Other past staff members have also had them.

Why is the Battledome Chat so hostile? ~username removed

We have no idea what you're talking about.


How fast the Daily Dare went this year. It seemed extra fast, and I had so much fun, too. Thanks for all the fun and great prizes. You always rock, no matter what we are doing. ~toadlyus

Hi, TNT! Daily Dare has come and gone for the year and I just wanted to say THANKS! I think this year was really well done, and the games you chose were challenging and surprising. I like when you mix it up with what games you choose and I like to WORK for my trophies, so thanks. Once the prizes came out I was surprised with all of the complaining, but hey, I guess you can't please everyone, right? I just wanted to say that a huge majority of us enjoyed the event, and I think the prizes were nice. Keep it up. :) ~facetiousmind

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