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Hi, TNT! How's life? Enjoying the world? Excellent! I'm a little curious about something. When I try to log out recently, I keep getting directed to the help / ticket page. If I go back and click again I log out just fine, so it's not a huge issue, but I was just wondering if that was a glitch or on purpose? ~ranma_fan
We're in the process of working with the partner that provides the help site software to update it so you don't need to be logged in to submit tickets, and improve its overall functionality. The logout glitch is a bit of a side effect as we work on it.

First, let me tell you guys how much I am LOVING Daily Dare this year. It's usually my favourite site event, but this year you really outdid yourself with the obscure games. One thing that has always bugged me with site events is that we don't have a direct link to the current site event. If I want to get to my DD page I have to click news and go through the portal there. Do you think you could add a link to the current event on one of the navigation bar drop-down lists? It would make navigation soooo much easier. Also, do you guys edit our questions for spelling / grammar? I have always wondered this. ~beagums
We do think that's a good idea, and will talk and consider implementing it in the future. For now, we suggest following the billboards on the front page of the site. They can lead to lots of interesting things. :)

Hi, TNT. I was wondering if the Art Gallery doesn't get enough art submitted. I noticed that a drawing was shown in week 1919 and again this week, for 1927. It's difficult enough to get in, so why is the same picture winning twice? :( It feels unfair! *throws a Meepit at the Art Gallery judges* (Also, please remove my username, thanks.) ~username removed
Whoops! That shouldn't happen! We get plenty of art. Our Art Gallery judge says she probably just got dropped on her head one too many times as a child. We do try to double check to make sure that an image hasn't won before, but sometimes one slips through the cracks.

In the Daily Dare, when I challenge Lulu to a game, the screen beneath her picture flashes the Morse code letters "S M B" (... _ _ _...) Can you please tell me what those initials stand for? ~mvsopen
Save Me Bro!

I'm a rather bad artist. :P Writing is my strong suit. So, I'm looking to win a few spotlight trophies. Would my excellent writing make up for the picture that would most likely be a stick figure with details? ~catglove
Yep! Just do your best art-wise and let your writing shine, especially for spotlights like the Petpet Spotlight. An interesting (but Neo-appropriate) Pet Page story is also a great place to start. :)

I don't know why no one mentioned it, but congratulations on celebrating 5,000 days of Neopets recently! :D ~shad0wofad0ubt
We don't need to blow out 5,000 candles or anything, right? Though, we could use the fire extinguisher to do it...

Sweets would probably yell at us, though. :'(

And you do not want to
inspire the wrath of the Neopian den mother.

Hey, TNT! My friend and I are writing a story together, and we were wondering: where do we have to put the "also by"? We know we need to put it in the comment boxes, but which one(s)? All of them, the first one, or the last one? ~rosiecotten
Just the bottom box for comments. There's no need to put it in the title or article boxes. We'll see it. :)

I don't know how many people have noticed, but as of this week secret avatars have been around for ten years. Wow! I've been collecting for nearly as long, and I just want to thank you guys for adding such a fun site feature all those years ago. ~maivry
O.O Wow, we're really feeling old today.

I've been playing a lot of NeoQuest II lately, and I've been wondering something: I know that it was programmed by Mr. Insane, but just how long did it take him? ~hap254
Mr. Insane worked on NeoQuest II (alongside other projects) over the course of 18 months. The afternoon it was released, many of us stayed late huddled around his computer as we watched from the back-end the progress of the players racing to be the first to beat it.

Will there ever be another Neopocalypse? I really want the avatar. :( ~indulgences
We really hope not. D:

Is it true that there used to be a unicorn paint brush? ~blue__moon32
Yes, back in the veeery early days. Also, no, it was not as pretty as you're likely currently imagining it to be.

If someone were to find a browser plugin that [autoprices] would it be against the rules, correct? I figure it would, since it's automating part of the game for you and could provide someone with a significant advantage. If you choose to answer my question, please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
Correct. Using browser plugins or programs that automate or give you an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed. Players discovered to be using such cheats will have their accounts frozen. Even if you're "just curious," never download a cheat program. Many of these are actually scams that will steal your account information.

Hashtags are spreading like the plague! RUN! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *flees* ~archangelkittycat

Hey TNT, what's the story behind Neoschool, and why did it never happen? I'm very curious. ~ivoryrosefrost
It ended up being such a boring site feature that we decided to never make it live and torment you all with it.


Can we have some scrolls or rolled up treasure map Neoboard smilies? ~silly_mistake
Sounds fun! Just don't whap each other with them, okay?

Is the reason you're reluctant to add another Neopet because you'd have to redraw all of the clothing items? ~pennycents_
Yep. We're pretty sure the artists would rightfully walk out the door and never come back if we told them they had to update well over 5,000 wearables to put on a new species. Otherwise we would love to, because it drives us nuts that we only need a Neopet species that starts with the letter "V" to complete our Neopet alphabet.

You guys wouldn't mind if we changed "Bori" to "Vori," right?



If we ever did attempt to introduce a new Neopet, it would not be backwards compatible with older wearables.

Which could be a good thing
in a handful of instances.


I would just like you all to know that, with regard to my questions never being answered in the Editorial, I have printed out the latest Editorial and copied my question over all of them. Ha! Take that! ~username removed

Have you ever thought about having a collectable spider album? ~username removed

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