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Is the Lenny Conundrum discontinued? It hasn't been updated in a while. ~istealyourmspp
As mentioned in the July 25th news, the prize award script is malfunctioning and we've decided to postpone the competition until further notice.

Will you ever incorporate hashtags into the Neoboards? All the cool kids are doing it. ;) ~dafinsrock
#neopets #rebels #we-don't-need-no-stinkin-hashtags #what-would-you-tag-anyway-o_O

Hey there, TNT! I was just wondering: for Daily Dare's Team Challenge last weekend I challenged Chadley, beating his and AAA's score. The same was true for my partner. We then teamed up and both beat them again, but we never received our team prize. Why is that? It makes me sad, because I really liked that bonus. :( ~free_dreamer
If you already defeated the challenger before you even teamed up, then you already completed the challenge alone. You have to challenge, send the invite, team up, then defeat the challenger. Otherwise, there's no risk involved and it's not much of a Team Challenge.

8-Bit Koi are cogs on the Neoboards. Can you please fix this? :) ~ silly_mistake
Yes. Yes we can.

Hello TNT, I'd like to ask something related to unconverted Neopets. You probably have noticed, but lately many people claim they're being "unfairly" frozen because, apparently, some super secret ninja is reporting everyone with UCs. Personally I think this is silly, and everyone needs to understand that they shouldn't throw the blame at other people for something that they clearly did wrong. Could you please make it clear to everyone how 'pets aren't being targeted just for fun? This would clear up so much on the boards. (Also, please remove my username. Thank you.) ~username removed
Eeyeeeah. Either it's a coincidence that they happen to have UC Neopets, or they're getting frozen because they have acquired the UCs through illicit means. As we said a few Editorials ago, we freeze accounts for rule breaking, not giggles. We're a company. We like having players. As difficult as it seems to be for some people to imagine, we're actually not rolling our faces across our keyboards freezing players at random / because they have UCs / their username starts with the letter "T."

Hello! :) I'm curious: which Neopet do you think is the hardest to draw? ~elene_00
We asked V-Man, one of our head artists, and this is what he had to say:

"It's different for everybody. Everyone has their own species that they gravitate toward and tend to do really well. Likewise, we all have our individual Achilles heels. For me, personally, the Peophin gives me the most trouble."

We then continued our quest, asking a few other artists what their personal banes were...

Cupcake: "Draik."
Birdie: "The Draik may be one of the hardest to draw, since it's one of the more detailed 'pets... but it's fun to draw as well. :)"
Divin': "Draik."

We're sensing a theme here...

Just settle down;
I'm sure they didn't mean any offence!

During the month of Hiding, we have Blumaroo Day, Meerca Day, Grundo Independence Day (Grundo Day), and Kyrii Day. Is it a coincidence that each of the above species only have four toes? ~bori_bomber
Clearly it must be some sort of conspiracy!

Hey, I was just wondering, since I know it's changed over the years: which kind of bracketing does one use when they want to put italics or bold into their submission to The Neopian Times? ~eevee0011 Please use square brackets [ ] instead of angle brackets to indicate HTML.

Hey, TNT! So... two weeks ago in the Editorial, at the bottom of the page, you had that Boris like to dress up as Count Von Roo... that was a Blumaroo. ~username removed
We removed your username because we didn't want to embarrass you, because really, if you weren't around for the Meridell plots, we can completely understand your confusion. That said, this question confused us for a moment, but then we found it absolutely hilarious. Boris (Bor-ris) is a Blumaroo character from the Meridell plots, not to be (but apparently it was) confused with a possible plural of the Neopet species Boris (Bo-rees), which were introduced years later in the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot.

Also, the correct plural of Bori is actually just Bori, but we still find this all extremely amusing, though not at username removed's expense. :)

As we all know, Zafaras have three spikes on their back, and yet Antola Maeir's back is completely flat! Delma Harrence is also a Zafara who plays in the Altador Cup, and she does have the three spikes. What happened to Antola's spikes? ~usagiraichi
A bad skiing accident. :(

Hi, TNT. Um... I'm writing a story to go in the Times, but I would like to know what goes in the comments box. I always get stumped there! :( ~99chickie
Droplet has your back! We asked her, and she sent us an entire list!

The Comments box is for comments! You can put:
1. The text you want to show up on the category page for your entry.
2. Special notes you want the Editor to see, like if it's for a particular issue.
3. The name of your collaboration partner, if you have one.
4. Nothing! We take lots of entries with no comments at all.
5. The sort of author's note that shows up at the end of an article or story, but you might as well just put that at the end of your entry so the Editor doesn't wonder if it's supposed to be private or published or sent directly to the Neopia Central Dead Letters Office. She has a special Weewoo for mailing those.

Hi, TNT! In the last Editorial you said something about the "Chadpocalypse," so... are we getting an avatar for it, just like the Neopocalypse? :P. ~boer_claas
No. Your reward is the amazing *chadley* smiley. Cherish it.

Truly there has never been a greater smiley!


I just wanted to say thank you to whoever designed the Ancient Mountain Rubble Background! It is possibly one of the most beautiful backgrounds I have seen in the entire NC world! ^_^ ~seal_soul

I just wanted to give a shout out to all of the Support Staff, who often go unmentioned when things go wrong. I had a Daily Dare problem that got resolved and it was truly great. So, thanks for all the behind-the-scenes work that you guys do to make the site work well! (even when little glitches show up) :D ~plopper_cloud

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