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Hi, TNT! In all my time reading the Editorial, I've always wondered why you answer the same questions more than once. Shouldn't common questions be answered by the Help board, and the Editorial be reserved for unique questions that only TNT can answer? Thanks! ~antzie
Neopets has been around long enough to now be considered a teenager. During that time we've had players come and go, and some aren't always familiar with certain aspects of the site. Some might not know where to look (or even know to ask), and we want the Editorial to be useful to everyone, new and old players alike. Just because you're aware of something doesn't mean that it's not useful information to someone else.

Also, other times it takes a couple of rounds to drill something into peoples' heads. Like Neopet trades being one Neopet for one Neopet, regardless of any bizarre scenario they come up with. Not that we've been driven to insanity or anything.

'Sup, TNT? I wanted to see if it was okay to resubmit an article or story to The Neopian Times after you sent an earlier version to fix spelling errors. I hope it is, because I did this with a story after another writer pointed out that I accidentally used the wrong punctuation at one bit. Could you please leave out my name? ~username removed
Yep, definitely! It's always appreciated, as it makes less work for our editor, and makes your story look even better. :)

Hey TNT, you mentioned before that the Battledome is off-limits on side accounts, because it gave away Neopoints and items. Well, here's my question: I went to check in and see if a Neopet of mine on my side account had any equipment on the Battledome page before I sent a user-to-user transfer, and I absolutely forgot that the Battledome gave a free weapon item, so I immediately discarded the Obsidian Dagger I received. Did I do the right thing, or is this punishable? I sure hope not, because I don't want to see my accounts frozen, and I never realized that the Battledome gave away items. Please remove my username and calm my everlasting worries. :C ~username removed
Well, the Obsidian Dagger is worth a single Neopoint. Please expect the Chia police to be knocking at your Neohome-- no, we're just kidding. It's fine. Thank you for discarding it. :) Your account is not in danger of being frozen. The rules are in place to prevent abuse or purposeful skirting of the rules. We daresay everyone's accidentally played a game on a side account or gone to the freebies page forgetting that they were logged onto their alt. It happens, and it's nothing to stress about. Now, if you "accidentally" played a Flash game on your side so many times that you now have a related game avatar, "forget" you're on a side account and visit Anchor Management repeatedly, or "Whoops!" visit the Smugglers Cove with 200 dubloons in your inventory on your side account after being blocked on your main, then that's abuse, and that's the type of behavior we freeze for. Not when people make perfectly human mistakes. We do that, too!

Hey TNT, I am considering opening a side account, and I was just wondering: would I be able to join a guild that isn't the same as the guild on my main account? (Please remove my username if this gets published, please.) Thanks! :) ~username removed
Yes, that's just fine. You can be in a different guild on every account if you'd like.

Hey, TNT. *offers hand-made Lupe Treats* Is it just me, or has the Almost Abandoned Attic not been working like it should the past few days? ~waaurufu
We are aware of it, as well as the increasing layer of drool and tears on the window glass of the building. We are working to fix it.

It'll be okay guys, we promise.

Hi, TNT! As I was looking through the calendar, I noticed that Meerca Day is the only Pet Day to have an exclamation point at the end. Is this a mistake, or is Meerca Day just more exciting than the other Pet Days? Thanks! ~alex9292
Bah. Meercas are notorious pranksters. They probably added it when no one was looking.

I'm coming back to Neopets after a long time, and I had an account that I really want to get onto now (it was a side before). Alas, I cannot, since I don't remember the email address that I used to create it. Is there any way I can ever get that account back? ~razquel
You can still write in, though without the email chances are much lower of it being returned. It doesn't hurt to try, though, and if you can recall enough information to validate you as the owner, then we may be able to return it to you. Please note, however, that we would need a lot of information, because there are people out there that try to claim accounts that aren't theirs.

So, I'm feeling science-y today. Does Neopets have a creation myth or something? ~karl_fierce
Somewhat, but it's only from Dr. Sloth's perspective. There's much more that went into it than what he observed, but that isn't a story we've told yet.

Team AAA and Team Chadley Neotitles. Me wants. *grabby hands* ~faeriegirl2000
As much as this terrifies us, we suppose there's really no reason to deny such a request. Look for them next week!

Hi, TNT! The Seekers Neopedia article makes most of their real names clear, but I can't for the life of me find the Assistant Scientist's name! What is it? Thanks! ~dragonquestvi
The Assistant Scientist's name is Gyro. He has six little sisters who followed him around everywhere until he escaped to the Space Station University for Intelligent Neopets, and now he performs SCIENCE!

Why is there a daily limit of 50,000 NP when donating to the Money Tree? I like to donate. I don't get why there is a limit. ~hotpinkfishfood
To put it bluntly, it's a safety precaution. If someone gets into your account, they can't just dump all of your Neopoints into the masses.

Sutek's Tomb is better than Candy Crush. ~ellbot1998
We like you. Please enjoy the cookie we sent.

Hullo, TNT! I read the question about Jazan's hair from the previous article and I decided to do some searching. It turns out we DID see his hair! (Also, might I say, it's some very nice hair.) It's on page three of Chapter Five of the Lost Desert plot comic. :) ~liquidoven
Oh, you're quite right, though that hat would still hide a receding hairline... or clumps ripped out from having to deal with Hanso so often.

Can you please make a Chadley smiley? ~coolstuf
We see that you submitted this question a couple of hours before the Chadpocolypse. Please don't blame yourself for what happened.

Hi, TNT. I challenged Chadley in Jolly Jugglers... and won. My question is: do we get our prize right away, or after Daily Dare is over? I ask because I didn't receive anything after I submitted the score. I am wondering if I should send in a bug report or something. Thanks. :) ~yin_yin_7
Congratulations! To receive your prize, please visit the Daily Dare hub and click on the appropriate map location, then click on the box that appears above.

Dearest TNT,
I must thank you immensely for creating the epic troll that is Chadley. He's exactly what Daily Dare has been needing -- ridiculous. Can we have the site theme as a participation prize? I want to remember this beautiful insanity forever. XD (If, for some reason, you choose this, then please remove my username.) ~username removed

Goodness. We think we finally really did drive you guys insane. We're so, so sorry.

Erm, welcome to the club?

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