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Hey, TNT. We were disputing on the boards whether or not people have a higher chance of getting their question answered if they throw items at y'all. I have to disagree, though. Doesn't it get annoying when you read a million "*throws cookie / Meepit / cup of Borovan*" every week? ~__earth___
Uh, no. It's something that caught on and just won't go away. Your question (and sometimes the clarity or attitude of it) is what determines if it makes it into the Editorial.

Hey TNT, I was just wondering: if you open an NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie on a side account and manage to be given NP items, are you allowed to send the items over to your main to sell them, or do you have to discard them? ~jotty346
Since NC can be redeemed on any account, and NC Upcycle Fortune Cookies can be used on sides, we're going to say it's fine to keep the items. The NP items you get from the cookies are items that are only available through purchasing NC. (For those that aren't familiar, it's the NC card equivalent of rare item code items that you get from Neopets merchandise.)

Hi, TNT. I'll get straight to the point: will you ever have an event like trillionftw again? ~roxanna203
Sure, as soon as we hit two trillion pageviews!

So, I recently was lucky enough to get the new Spacerocked! avatar. It made me think, however, that if Dr.Sloth is such a genius, then how do his ships keep getting beaten by a Grundo with a slingshot? ~deltamorious
Being an evil genius bent on world dominance costs a surprisingly large amount of money. Along with his Grundo workforce, he cuts a lot of financial corners. Shoddy workmanship paired with inferior construction materials doesn't create the sturdiest of spaceships...

So... how many people per day ask for Season 3 of Sherlock at the Wishing Well? ~sting_ray_70
Not enough, apparently. Get wishing, people!

Hey, TNT. I want to give my Neopet a Japanese name, but the spelling has an unintentional English swear word in it. I was wondering if I would be risking my account if I gave my Neopet that name. (Please remove my username) ~username removed
This is one of those times where giving a specific name or example would be super-useful. It would really depend on what swear word we're talking about and how it's integrated into the word. Without knowing the word, you'd have to use your best judgement or contact our Support Department.

Hello! I remember browsing the forums and found someone that I could have sworn had six or more Neopets. How many Neopets can you have with Premium? Thanks. :D ~_guinea__pig_
No, five Neopets is the maximum you can have with Premium. They may have used coding on their User Lookup to make it appear like they had more, however.

Hey TNT, so I was lurking Meridell and I saw Darigan Citadel in the background. It got me to thinking: what about a war between Meridell and the Darigan Citadel? Farmers vs. Minions. ~indebtedness
Something like this?

It's been done. Twice.

TNT, I'm confused. You guys often mention the Content Department and monitors, etc., but while stalking the staff members who got into the Art Gallery, I noticed that they all are monitors. However, you have also said that they are in the Content Department. Is TNT made up of a group of 20 crazy awesome people with overlapping jobs, or are there many other staffers who are just not as popular? If so, please give them a good old-fashioned Meepitpets-- I mean, Neopets... shout out. :) ~hypoboys2
The red notice at the bottom of a staff member's page is a generic one. It's just saying that they have the power to moderate the site (if they so choose). It doesn't necessarily mean it's their job to do so. Hopefully that makes sense! Sometimes the programmers have unique staff descriptions, but only because they know how to program it to say something different. TheNeopetsTeam is made up of far more staff members than you've been introduced to. The majority of our staffers prefer to work behind the scenes and don't have "staff names" that the players know them by. We'll let them know that they're also appreciated! :)

Hello, TNT! Are we allowed to submit a work of art to the Art Gallery after it has already won in the Beauty Contest? I saw one entry that got into the AG after it won 2nd place (species) in the BC, and I'm tempted to do the same thing myself. However, I wanted to be sure that this isn't against the rules. (Kindly remove my username, thanks!) ~username removed
No, that isn't allowed. Art Gallery and Beauty Contest (or any contest) entries should be kept separate.

What happened to the **WUT** section? I haven't seen it these past few weeks. ~emmilou123
Like the **HAPPY THOUGHTS** section, it only appears when we are in need of it. If something WUTworthy comes along, we'll be sure to add the section. :)

Hey, TNT! If I had a story about Neopets and it got into The Neopian Times, would I be allowed to post it somewhere else? Like, say, a fanfiction site? What if it didn't get into the NT; would I theoretically be allowed to use it elsewhere? ~amymko1999123
We asked our master of all things legal, and the response was: "Yes, we would not object to you posting it elsewhere as long as it portrays Lawyerbot in a flattering manner." So, uh... there you have it?

Aloha, TNT! *throws bouncy summer ball* I have a question regarding Neopian Times stories. In articles, it's frequently seen that entrants are allowed to add images to their submissions. Is this possible with short stories and series? If not, could it be? Please remove my username, thanks! ~username removed
Sure! Just include the url of the image roughly where you want it to show up in your entry.

Who drew the Adorable Florg Foreground, Perfect Landing Background, and It Took Me 7 Hours To Animate This Foreground? ~funnybunny_23
Adorable Florg Foreground - Comastar
Perfect Landing Background - DJ Skellington with animation assistance from snarkie
It Took Me 7 Hours To Animate This Foreground - Blitzkrieg with naming assistance from Dragona

What's a shell account (as discussed in the previous Editorial)? ~cheeseyqueen12321
It's usually an older account that is being accessed and used by someone who was not the original creator of the account. Please remember that you may not access an account that you didn't create yourself. If we find that you are not the original owner of the account, it will be frozen, and your main account may possibly frozen as well, as such accounts are often scammed or stolen. Do not ever accept an account from anyone.

Dear TNT,
Are Count Von Roo and Boris brothers or something? ~jaylahcat

No, Boris just likes to dress up as Count Von Roo, that's all. :) You can see him and his imaginative friends in the Champions of Meridell plot.

Sorry Boris, you need to work
on your cosplay skills a bit more.

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