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There is another person with an aged Blue Ownow, theirs being 551 days and 14 hours old at the time of this writing. They haven't logged in for 74 days, though, so I'm wondering: did they get missed, or is there a period of inactivity that would make someone ineligible for a Petpet Protection League award? Please remove my username. ~username removed
No, there's no inactivity limit for PPL. It seems a lot of spotlights have been acting strangely lately, and we have made finding a solution a high priority.

Everyone I've asked says that the Rainbow Swirly Potion can change your Neopet to ANY random colour, but I've used three now and gotten red, green, and yellow. Does it only change your 'pet to basic colours, or have I just been very unlucky? Please clarify this so I (and others who might use this item) don't spend any more Neopoints trying for an effect that won't happen. :/ ~pdonkeh
The Rainbow Swirly Potion turns your Neopet into one of the four basic colours and grants them two levels. We're not sure where the rumour that it could change your Neopet into any colour came from, but it's incorrect.

Are we allowed to post our friend codes on the Neoboards? Animal Crossing for the 3DS just came out and I would love to play with some fellow Neopians! ~physiologie
As much as many of us here are also thrilled to tears regarding the new Animal Crossing release, it's still against the rules to swap such information. We know the friend code doesn't contain personal information (Many of us in the office play these games!), but it does end up with people being able to type and chat with you. Basically, it's the same as giving someone your chat room name, which isn't allowed.

Hiya, TNT. Have you ever encountered a crash (such as the Blue Screen of Death) on your workstation while working on something for Neopets? If not, are you telling the truth? If you are, really? ~tails230
Hmm, we're sure it's must have happened at some point, but we can't really name a specific incident. Occasionally you'll hear a frustrated cry from the Art Department when Flash crashes, or a mournful wail from Content when the browser crashes while running the Mystery Pic winners script. In the old office, during the winter, if someone plugged a space heater in it would cause the whole back of the office to short circuit. Some say that, if you climb to the highest peak of Terror Mountain, the wind sounds like the wails of the artists mourning their lost work.

Hey, TNT! Lately I have been getting frustrated on the Neoboards because I'll be on a couple of different boards having conversations, but if I leave and do something else and I come back I completely forget the title of the board I was on! I know you have bolded the title of the board you have made yourself, but could there be a way to tell you which boards you've posted on so that you don't lose those? Thanks! P.S.: You're awesome! ~allieree
The reason we don't do something like this is because the queries needed to pull that kind of data are too large. It would slow down the site for everyone, which is obviously something we want to avoid. A quick and simple way to keep track of all the boards you're participating in is to open up each one in a browser tab. That way, you can easily refresh and toggle between them to keep up with the conversation.

Do Cybunnies and Unis throw up? I know rabbits and horses don't, but do Cybunnies and Unis? ~username removed
o_O; this submission alone has encouraged the thought that we need a ***WUT*** section in addition to ***HAPPY THOUGHTS***.

There are some things that just
don't need to be known.

After months of zapping my Neopet Lamborghini, he finally turned into a robot. As soon as I removed his cases and customized him, his eyes turned back into normal Kau eyes. I have heard this happens frequently with other robot 'pets; is there any way this can be looked into? I find the way he currently looks completely unappealing, and I'm disappointed that I wasted so much trying to zap him into a robot Kau. :( ~pyroknight747
Well, that's no good! We checked on your Neopet and the eyes seem to be back to normal, but if anyone encounters this bug again, please let Support know so they have more information to send to our programmers. That way, they can recreate the bug and fix it.

Dear TNT,
Why are you silencing people on the boards for mentioning the [removed]? It is almost as if you are trying to pretend it isn't happening by removing all of the threads mentioning it. What I would suggest you do, rather than trying to sweep this under the rug and ignoring it, is actually [suggestion]. [Removed] are not going to go anywhere unless you change things, so pretending it isn't happening will not make the problem go away. Do something about it! ~albashot

We are well aware of the many types of cheating that go on, and we're constantly figuring out solutions as to how to stop it and make the site fair to everyone. You may have noticed over the years that we do not like cheaters. The reason we remove the boards is not because we're trying to cover anything up, but because they are huge, blaring advertisements for such cheating. For every number of people that turn their nose up in disgust at the cheaters that were just pointed out, there are going to be some who are introduced to the group through these boards and join their ranks. This is also why we deleted boards regarding a malfunctioning item earlier this week.

Hiya! I sent this in last week, and I'm really sorry if I'm bugging you, but I really want to know! Why has my male Yurble been zapped by the laboratory ray and turned Elderlygirl? ~ellsbells
For the Neopet colours that have different designs for different genders (royal, elderly), they are actually completely different colours in our database. Elderlygirl has as much in common with the colour elderlyboy as woodland has with electric, as far as programming is concerned. Basically, the lab zapped your Neopet into the elderlygirl colour as it only checks if that colour is available for the species, and does not take gender into account.

Hi, TNT. I have a question I'm begging for you to answer. Will we ever get the opportunity to change our usernames? I feel like it would be a fair thing to purchase Neocash for, even! For those of us with really old accounts, we grow out of our names and it is to the point where I feel like I need to start over or stop playing. So, what do you guys think? ~gothqueen67
While we can understand username remorse, we have discussed it with our programmers and it's just not something we could do. While we may, at some point, be able to allow for the names of your Neopets to be changed, it's just not feasible for usernames.

We are so,
so sorry.


A spilled spaghetti wearable? Spaghetti? I... I love you guys so much. Thank you for being awesome and making such amazing wearables. You guys are the best! ~queen_potema

*delivers assortment of celebratory mini-cupcakes* I've been on Neopets on and off since 2003, and I've loved growing up with you guys. A very sad scam and resultant account loss in 2005 first got me interested in Internet security. Flash forward to today -- in the fall, I'm going to a prestigious university on a $45,000 scholarship in order to become a web security specialist! Thank you guys for everything!!! (Feel free to remove my username if that info is too personal.) ~username removed

Hello, TNT! I just want to say: thank you for being my nostalgic escape to my childhood. As someone who was only (just about) 13 when I joined, and am now 26, it's amazing that you've been around this long! I have a daughter now, whom I can't wait to show Neopets, so please continue being awesome for another 13 years to come! ~coolgirl
♥♥♥ Thank you for sticking with us for so long, coolgirl. :) ♥♥♥

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