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So, I've recently started playing Mystery Pic, trying to rack up some prizes (submitting answers every week, you know the deal). I know you don't keep a backlog of the winners, so it's impossible to REALLY help, but I have to know -- is there something wrong with the Mystery Pic? I've gotten the answers right the past five weeks, and I have not received a single prize or confirmation email! I know that I've gotten them right word for word, but still nothing! What's up with your system? Should I stop trying? ~zuzumotai
We've received a couple of other mentions about this. We'll alert our Mpic Master and the programmers so we can figure out what's up.

Hey, TNT! Sooo, I know that you're allowed to sign up for the Altador Cup on a side account if you want to use the pass and if you discard all Neopoint items that you get from signups, but can you do the same thing if you aren't planning on using a pass? I ask because, y'know, free Neocash and all. ~flyssia
For this event, yes. We've made an exception since it's our fault for making team sign-up a requirement for Fanatic's Museum. Discard any Neopoints, items, Barbats, sandwiches, space pears, and anything else you get from joining a team. You may only keep the free Neocash, and you may not participate at all in the Altador Cup on that account. You may only participate in the Fanatic's Museum (if you wish to buy a pass). If you're not going to use the free NC or participate in Fanatic's Museum, there's no reason for you to join an AC team on a side account!

We want to be super clear that we're only allowing this for this particular event this year. Doing this in the future, even if you discard things, will still be considered cheating. Next time, we'll make sure to eliminate the sign-up requirement for the NC event so that there's no crossover or confusion!

Hey, TNT! What is the weirdest thing to ever happen in the Neopets office? ~desert_paintbrush_10
Hmm... we've got plenty of stories, like when the roof leaked and flooded some of the office, the car that caught fire in the parking garage, and a whole lot of chaos with pancakes and fire alarms, but the weirdest? Hmm...

Back in our old office, a delivery truck didn't have enough clearance to go under our building and the trailer knocked a perfect rectangle of the brick facade off the building above the parking garage entrance. For months and months the eyesore remained. Finally, the building management had it repaired. Hooray! Three days later we all felt an impact against the office. We raced to the window and looked down to see a delivery truck backing up from our building because -- you guessed it -- they had smacked the trailer of their truck into the exact same spot and knocked the newly repaired facade right off again. x_X Those were the only two times a truck struck our building.

Hey, TNT! Here's the thing: I recently rescued a gold Aisha from The Pound (on my side account), but I noticed that she doesn't have an Aisha collar. Now, I know that painted Pound 'pets lose their paint brush items (like a pirate Neopet would no longer have his special duds), but what about basics like Aisha collars? Must they be forever condemned to a dark, collar-less existence, forced to hide the shame of their bare necks with scarves? Why must you doom them to such a cruel (and possibly itchy) fate?!? On the off chance I'm forced to turn to a life as a vigilante, returning collars back to the abandoned Aishas of Neopia, Robin Hood style, could you please remove my username? ~username removed
We wish you good luck with your new vigilante lifestyle. Even basic clothing is considered paint brush clothing, and that's why even simple things like Aisha collars do not go with the Neopet into The Pound.

Last week I finally beat The Darkest Faerie for PS2. It only took most of a decade, haha! I have to ask, however: do you guys have plans to do another similar game? That game was filled with great puzzles and huge maps, a couple of things that a lot of games lack today. There was just SO MUCH to explore! Could you guys at least think about making another game like it? That would be SO COOL. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the 11 years of entertainment this site has given me. :) ~silverxkey
We're glad you enjoyed it! However, like with all of our merchandise, such things are licensed out. A company would need to want to make a Neopets game, pay licensing fees, work out a business deal, etc. We'd love to make another, but that's not up to us.

Hopefully again one day!

One of my top goals on Neopets is to have the oldest account ever. Can you tell me how old the oldest one is? I know I have a long way to go! :P ~squishykitty
The oldest active non-admin account is almost 13 ½ years old. While we salute your well-aged account, you may want to focus on a different goal. Also, theneopetsteam account will always be ahead of you. ;)

Hi, TNT! I have a question. Nobody I've talked to has gotten a Poetry competition or Caption Contest prize / trophy Neomail since the Lawyerbot poetry gallery. Is there something wrong with the system? ~dianacat777
There's an issue with the script that grants rewards for those two competitions. Programmers are currently working on it, however, and we will be certain to get you all your prizes and trophies once we have it working properly.

*tosses healthy something or other your way* Hey there, TNT! I'm loving all the new Neopoint wearables that have been released lately! I had a concern with the new Fyora's Eyeshadow, though. It seems to sit a bit off on Aishas. I haven't checked many other species yet, but it would be great if the eyeshadow covered the whole area surrounding their eyes. Not on the bottom, of course, just the top. The lids seem a bit short. Thank you for looking into it! ~_chimele2005_
There are a couple of species that clearly didn't apply their eyeshadow correctly, namely the Lupe and Buzz. We'll check it out on all the species and see if our artists can help these Neopets out.

I've had an 8-bit Meerca for a long time, and he still appears as a cog on the Neoboards when I have him set as my active. Is that ever going to change? ~fortyeight
We alerted the Art Department and that should be fixed now. :) Hooray!

Hi, TNT! :) I had a story in both the Fyora Day (June 1st) and the Grey Day editions of The Neopian Times. In the past I have always received special prizes for these editions, but for these two, I didn't receive anything. Was this a glitch, or have you decided to stop giving out those prizes? ~chestnuttiger787
According to our NT Queen, not enough themed entries were received to make them a special issue. (This could possibly be because everyone is aiming for the 600th issue.) If you'd like to get special prizes, encourage your friends to send in themed entries for special days (Fyora Day, Mutant Day, Grey Day, etc.) There are lots of opportunities to earn special prizes in The Neopian Times, but it's up to all of you to make it happen. :)

Could you please actually explain what "bye" days are and how they will work? I tried the Altador Cup FAQ, but the closest answer is to check the rules page. The rules page doesn't say what they are, though, just that we have them. ~kareesuh
As much as everyone loves the Altador Cup, playing for the better part of a month can get taxing, which creates a problem: how do you take a day off without feeling as though you're hurting your team by not contributing for a day? That's why we came up with bye days -- for one day during each of the first four rounds, players are given a match-free day, which allows them to rest up without having to bail on their team. For those who still want to play on their bye day, the idea is that they will still be able to earn points and make progress on improving their rank, even though the scores they are sending aren't counting toward their teams' totals. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a hiccup with the whole "getting credit for playing" thing on the first bye day that didn't get fixed until late afternoon NST, but we're optimistic that it shouldn't be an issue going forward for future bye days.

Hi, TNT! So, I am a supporter of Terror Mountain, and I have been wondering one thing: how is Osielle Lidel's name pronounced? Thanks! ~cats_66_lover
It's pronounced Oh-SEE-ell LEE-dell

Hi, there. I was wondering: can we draw Neopets scenery for the Art Gallery (such as a painting of Faerieland, or something), or can we only submit artwork of Neopets? ~magic_by_heart
By all means. :) We love getting Neopian scenery artwork. Please make sure it's identifiable as a place in Neopia, though!

Hi, guys. *stare* As I recall, back in the first Altador Cup there was a Faerieland player who was a faerie Xweetok with very nice hair. Could you perhaps dredge up the name of this former player for me, and possibly even a picture of her? ~twistytooth
That was Palia Alback, Right Forward for Team Faerieland during the first Altador Cup.

And you're right.
She did have awesome hair.


Hey, TNT! I just wanted to congratulate the artist who drew the new Mint and Aqua Flower Wig. It is utterly gorgeous and becoming my new obsess-over item. ~river_valley37

I just wanted to tell you guys (and ladies) how much I'm enjoying the renovations that have been made to the Battledome. It's fantastic, and the continued skirmishes have been a real boon to the Neopian economy. I know that there are still some kinks that need to be worked out, but overall it's a greatly improved experience. ~jadenewt

Hey there, TNT! Gosh, I've been playing Neopets for almost about two years now, and I've finally plucked up the courage to write in to you! *throws confetti everywhere* I just want to say how truly thankful I am to you wonderful people who keep Neopets up and running every day; you guys are the best. Thank you so much, TNT. Words just can't describe how I love and respect your hard work and dedication! xo P.S.: Could you please, please end this Editorial with a picture of Fyora? I love her to bits, next to you of course. (: ~solandres

Here you go!
Please enjoy the bonus Petpets.

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