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Hi, TNT! So, I joined a guild not too long ago and it is a truly amazing guild, but the thing is that, somehow, the owner's main was frozen and is now stuck in leadership position. Though she has been trying to remove it from her new main, she has had no luck. What should someone do in this case? P.S.: please remove my username. c: ~username removed
The leader should be removed automatically, though it takes time (in case they are unfrozen). If it's already been quite a long time, please have the leader write in to support.

Hiya, TNT! So, I've been thinking of creating a new Gallery... is it alright for me to create a Gallery on my side account? Please, please remove my username. O_O ~username removed
Yes, as long as it's funded by your main account. You're welcome to enter the Gallery Spotlight on your side accounts, as well. If you wish to have your main account credited, though, then please put a note for us along with your Gallery description.

Hello, I'm just curious if you are ever going to update the old artwork of The Parrot on the Hill? Thanks. ~songof_magick
Highly unlikely. It's from a very old plot, and has been left that way for Neopian historical purposes.

Hi! This will be awkward, so here it goes: um, I recently got a new computer. Today I wanted to edit my User Lookup, but I can't because the "Premium" navigation is under the "My account" navigation. When I put my mouse over "My account" and then slowly slide it further down to "edit profile," the mouse just goes over the "Premium" navigation. I don't mind the lookup I have now, but I like to change it every once in a while, you know? Well, if you have a solution then please answer back. Also, by the way, I have Chrome and I used to have Firefox. ~air_child_101
Click the three parallel lines in the upper right hand corner of your browser and set the zoom to 100%. If that doesn't fix it, then please submit a bug report to us!

Hey, TNT! *sips of coffee* I've recently submitted a couple of pieces for this upcoming 600th issue of The Neopian Times, only to have them be rejected the day after. Now, does this mean you guys are already filled for that issue, or are you particularly quick in reviewing those entries (especially since I have two other submissions that I sent in a week ago that haven't been reviewed). Thank you so much for your feedback! It's been an ultimate dream of mine to get in an anniversary issue, but I'm not sure how to interpret my recent feedback. ~coco_bella
The 600th issue is still a good ways off; we are not taking submissions for it yet. We recommend trying again in a couple weeks. Best of luck!

Where does bacon come from on Neopets? I thought there weren't any pigs in Neopia. ~camillebooboo
Some questions are better left unasked.

Please enjoy these completely unrelated images.

I'm a longtime Neopian, and my account's actually about to hit its 13th anniversary in a little over two weeks. Right now, though, the current User Lookup shields only go up through 12 years. Is there any chance that we'll be seeing a few new updated ones sometime in the future, or are we longtime players doomed to having déjà vu that reminds us of those two or three years that we spent with the six year shields on our lookups? :-P ~pokewomon
Those were dark, terrible times, weren't they? D: We'll prod our content team to pencil in updated shields.

Hey Neostaff, I was thinking about what Neopian persons of interest might be in which factions. Hanso was once in the Thieves Guild, but what about Jazan? Well, he's a powerful sorcerer, and he's been known to wear red. Plus, Erisims are native to the Lost Desert, right? So, would Jazan make a good Order of the Red Erisim member, or does he lack the pointy hat? ~kaljinyu
You may have noticed that Jazan isn't the most... social of Neopians. Aside from his beloved Nabile and faithful friend, the Nightsteed, he prefers to work alone. The Faeries' Ruin was more of a forced teaming up, really. It's doubtful he'd join the Order even if invited.

Please, please, please, please, please add border-radius support to the code filters. I will *heart* you forever. ~qazfan
For the non-coding types, this means you'd be able to put round corners on borders instead of just right angles. That seems neat. We'll put in a request to our programmers. :)

I've been playing around with glitch art for a bit and recently discovered it's really fun to do with Neopets images. Would this be considered an acceptable style for Art Gallery or Beauty Contest submissions? BC rules say that modifying a Neopets image is okay, but I think that might be really outdated. Also, any chance of seeing a glitchy Neopet colour anytime soon, with special glitchy wearables? What if I make them for you? :P ~chrisy_chan
For the Beauty Contest, modified images are acceptable as long as it appears that you put at least some effort into it. However, the Art Gallery doesn't accept altered Neopets art, so you'd have to glitch an original art piece you made yourself to have that style admitted into the Art Gallery. The style isn't something we see ourselves doing for a Neopet or wearables, but you never know! We're glad you've found a type of creative activity you enjoy, though, and we hope you apply it to such things as your User Lookup and Pet Pages. :)

Ever notice the "face" on the Slimesicle? CANNOT UNSEE. ~jesterity
Hahahahhaha! You're right. It cannot be unseen.

Hi, TNT! *throws question* I've been looking at the Rainbow Pool, and I've realized that a lot of Neopets that have come out post-customisation are... well, a lot better-looking than some of the ones that were converted, as they were made with their poses in mind rather than converted to a form they weren't originally meant to fit. For example, a lot of the old robot Neopets (Kougra, Draik) are pretty dull in comparison to the newer ones, because their original designs were a lot more angular. Also, some of the gold and silver Neopets aren't very shiny -- the gold Lupe doesn't even have highlights! Is there any chance of these Neopets getting a touch-up? ~falyis
Players can get quite upset if their Neopets' images change, so we're very hesitant to make updates to Neopet colours that are already released unless it's for a very good reason (like the customisation overhaul).

Final Editorial image not found.


Hi, TNT! I just wanted to say that I am loving the Negg Festival event! I came back from a three year hiatus quite recently and so this is the first time I've been a part of the event. I like it so much, and look forward to finding the Neggs every morning! Thank you for keeping things fresh! :) ~oo_luckey_duckey_oo

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