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As a longtime player who missed the Darigan / Meridell war back in the day, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the Tyrannian war so far! :D I love the way the 'Dome is set up to not have Hit Point increases for the challengers after each win (so beginner battlers can still participate for a nice while), and also that there's a target number of wins to aim for. Keep up the great work, and may the best faction *coughs* Awakened *coughs* win! ~dragonsflame_uk
Woo! Glad you're enjoying it. We're pretty sure things will get tougher from here, though, so keep training. ;)

We've gotten a bunch of feedback about how the difficulty system is working really well for a lot of folks, so that's a relief. :) We will say, however, that we're still deciding how to re-implement an HP increase system. Back around launch, there were some really great constructive discussions going on about it. There was some awesome feedback about things the new system replaced well, but also holes that it left for the mid / higher-level crowd, so we've added it back to the docket. We schedule content quite a ways in advance, though, and this isn't an easy addition to implement, so we need to design it and then figure out when and how to fit it in. Whenever we do add it back, don't worry. It won't affect the difficulty system as it stands now. :)

Can we pleeaaaase have some new plot-related NeoTitles? ~kaumilk
Uh... sure, actually! Expect them on Monday. :)

So, TNT... I'm sure I'm not the only one who has thought about this, so I'm just going to go ahead and ask. The majority of your players now have been playing for at least 8-12 years, and we've all matured. We have full-time jobs, we're in college and university, etc. The point is, we're mostly over 18+ years old. Have you ever thought about adding an 18+ forum onto the Neoboards? I'm sure a lot of us would like to express our feelings without being worried about if we say something that flags down the monitors and filters. ~rekuseusu
We've been growing up with you guys, so we do understand that some of you are much older than you were when you first started. Unfortunately, sometimes people just go on the internet and lie, especially about their ages. Then we have little Timmy's mother demanding why Timmy's vocabulary has suddenly expanded to a few choice words while he was on a "safe" website. Neopets is for all ages, and we are a community together, not one to be split by age group. Besides, we're all kids at heart here, right? :)

You probably won't believe me, but there ARE some users that have decided not to join ANY of the six factions, due to various reasons. Do you think you guys could reactivate the normal Battledome for us, so our Neopets can stay in shape? Please leave my username out of this. ~username removed
As is the Neopian standard during wartime, the rest of the Battledome challengers vacate the premises until the battle is over. Such great battles don't happen often, so when they do, out attention is focused on a positive experience for those participating. Once the battles are over, the Battledome will return with the standard challengers. If you have a change of heart and decide you would like to participate, the factions are still welcoming new members into their ranks.

"Stick 'Em With the Pointy End" -- I see what you did there. ;) How many fans of A Song of Ice and Fire do you have in the office? Oh, and before I forget, I love the new war. Stay awesome, guys! ~gapi19
We have a good number of book fans and television show fans. It's likely that, if you're a fan of any popular series, there's someone in the office that would talk your arm off about it. Kudos to the Whovians who noticed the text on the new inventory page, too. ;)

The Neopian Thieves Guild would like to make it clear, however,
that they are NOT, in fact, a Skyrim reference.

Hey, TNT! I have an interesting little question for you concerning Neopian lore. My guild was having a thorough plot / lore recap before the mess in Tyrannia started up. We were discussing the story in the Darkest Faerie video game when our guild storyteller started telling us about the dark faerie sisters -- Malice, Spite, and... Vanity. That got me thinking, and I wondered: is Vanity the one that is responsible for the fate of Vira the Acara? Did Vanity tempt her, saying, "You are pretty. Only I can make you beautiful..."? Is she the one saying, "There's only one way to get your beauty back" through the cursed mirrors Vira gives away? Please let me know. I'm quite curious. ~shadokaty
There are even darker things in Neopia than those pesky dark faerie sisters...

Hi, TNT! Thank you guys for the AWESOME plot. I'm excited to head to war and support the Order. :) I've recently started a witches and wizards Gallery, and was looking forward to picking an awesome new shopkeeper, only to find that the only non-Sophie witch shopkeepers are... interesting-looking. I know the artists must be super busy now, but -- maybe in the future -- could we get a new witch shopkeeper? Perhaps one of Rasala? :D P.S.: Please give the artists some love from all of us; these plot videos are beautifully animated! ~mybestfriendgina
What? You don't want this fine Neopian wizard to watch your shop?

We can add the request, but our content is requested months in advance. We can add it to the list, but the war will be long over before such shopkeepers can be added to the site. In the meantime, perhaps you can consider Mipsy, the LC Lenny, or this noble (if underdressed) Uni wizard.

Hey, TNT! I came across a website that offers Neopoints for sale, along with other items. So, I was wondering: is this okay to do? It sounds like a cool idea, but I don't want to get my account frozen for breaking any rules. ~username removed
This is extremely against the rules. Any account that is discovered to have sold or purchased Neopoints, items, or Neopets will be immediately frozen. You'll be out both your account and your money. Play safe, and play fair!

Hey, TNT! *chews on licorice* I have two questions about side accounts. 1.) Are side accounts allowed to submit to The Neopian Times? 2.) On my side accounts, am I able to do dailies that don't have the warnings on them? Some that I can think of are the Meteor, The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity, Apple Bobbing, and Anchor Management... also, could you be kind enough to remove my username? Thanks for considering! ~username removed
1.) Please only submit with your main account, as sometimes The Neopian Times releases special issues that give out prizes.

2.) ANY activity (with the exception of the Healing Springs) that can grant you items / Neopoints is not allowed to be done on side accounts, regardless of whether there is a warning or not.

Dear TNT,
I was wondering if you would re-implement the old Battledome feature of healing your Neopets after you won a battle. It was so useful. =) ~nvvolmen

For the duration of the war, your Neopets will be automatically healed after a battle (assuming they were the victor). This is just for the war, though; things will return to how they were afterward, and you will need to seek healing for your Neopets after a battle.

With impending war and eventual spring events, will Daily Dare still be happening this year? Daily Dare and the Games Master Challenge are my favorite events. I look forward to them every year, and it would make my Neopets cry if they were cancelled this year. Please don't make my Neopets cry! ~sumarian_nutamu
With the chaos engulfing Tyrannia and so many brave Neopets out fighting for their cause, AAA has delayed the Daily Dare until the dust has settled.

Dear TNT,
Just like many other creative Neopians, I love to draw. I draw with a certain drawing program, and I often get questions about how I do things (like shading, line art, and so on). So, I was thinking about making a guide / tutorial about this certain drawing program, but that's when the alarm bells started to ring in my head... is this allowed? Thanks, TNT! ~klavertje4c

Go for it. :) It's always great when artists help other artists learn new skills.

*lands in the middle of Editorial* Whoa! This battle is really explosive! Anyway, last Editorial ago, I asked you guys to provide some backstory on the new divisions or characters. You didn't really answer back with a reply, but later, you guys put up Neopedia articles about the divisions and offered a small insight into them. It really showed me that you guys are always listening to all of our crazy requests and comments! Thanks for all you do! Now, please end this Editorial with a picture of a knight battling a dragon, to keep me in the fighting mood. Now, without further ado... *rushes back into battle* ~heartgold468
:) We're here to keep you entertained!


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