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Hey, TNT! I'm just curious: will the old bottled faerie smilies / chat icons (as well as the actual smilies / chat icons) that represent each type of faerie ability be changing to equal the new images of the items or will we get new ones eventually, or will we just have the old ones to use? ~jellerbean
We discussed it and we'll likely be updating the elemental icons to the new versions, as the old ones aren't used anymore. The old faerie bottles still exist, however, so we'll leave them be for now.

Hello, TNT! So, this has been worrying me a little. When you transfer a Neopet, does he lose his new faerie abilities, or will they go with him like the old ones? Also, when you trade for a Neopet, is it permissible to ask (as part of a custom) that they train a certain faerie ability to the Neopet? I know that asking for a painting is allowed, as is asking for training, and since this is (in my opinion) kind of the same thing, I was wondering if it was allowed or not. Best wishes and thanks! ~denu_23
Abilities do transfer with the Neopet. We barely tolerate the whole "training" part of customs, but also asking for abilities just pushes things too far. Basically, we don't want you to be "paying" someone to play a part of the game for you. That's why we have a low tolerance for such things.

Was the look of the leader of the Order of the Red Erism based on the Bori Mage TCG? ~redruby227
Yep! It's actually the same Neopet. :)

Okay, so I was looking up advice for what I could and could not do in a Neopian Times issue and I found a place saying that "injuries that won't go away after awhile, such as amputations" were not allowed. So, I just have to ask: do you mean that Neopets who have missing limbs from the get-go are banned, too? If so, it just seems, well... wrong. There are kids out there -- probably playing Neopets -- who are missing an arm or leg. I'd really like some clarification, please. ~tansyuduri
Disabled Neopets are fine (we do have Captain Threelegs, after all!), but it's mostly how it's handled in the writing that's important. If it's dealt with in a disturbing or morbid way, then it wouldn't be appropriate, but if it's handled maturely, that's fine. If the scene deals with a mad scientist severing a Neopet's limb, then no, that would certainly not be acceptable. If rubble falls onto a Neopet and he wakes up in the hospital with his leg amputated, then that's more likely to be accepted. However, please keep in mind that our NT Queen is the final judge on what's acceptable to publish in the Neopian Times.

Hi, TNT! Will all the factions be doing the same thing (battling) for this plot, or will some factions (for instance, the Seekers) be solving puzzles and playing games instead of battling? Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
This is a war, and all sides will be battling for the obelisk. Your experience will not be altered by your faction selection.

Hi, TNT! *waves* So, I recently purchased a bottled fire faerie and noticed that it was retired and I couldn't use it. :( I was wondering: how do you acquire "blessings" for the ability academy? Thanks. :) ~777_777_7_7
The new ability academy uses a new type of faerie. We will be adding these as quickly as we can into the economy. If you have three different, old-style faeries, you can also combine them at Jhuidah's Cooking Pot for one of the new ones.

Hi. I was wondering if, in the plot, Tyrannia was going to compete in the war? I ask because it seems kinda dumb that the obelisk appears in Tyrannia and they don't even care about it; they're just gonna let other people come and fight for it? Sorry if this sounded rude and thank you for reading. I hope you'll answer me, but I understand if you don't. I'm sure you get thousands of questions and can't answer 'em all. Bye! ~cinbin6
Who says they aren't just smart enough to stay away from it? As soon as it was unearthed, the digging crew immediately got as far away from it as they could.

Maybe they know something no one else does?

Where did I get my single, lonely point in the Tyrannian Army? I'm almost certain I didn't battle anything way back when, or really do anything else of much use. All this talk of war got me thinking, and my lack of memory is really bugging me! Thanks a bajillion if anybunny can shed some light on this! ~allizon22
An old Random Event used to give Tyrannian Army points, even if your account came into being after the war.

Dear TNT,
Hypothetically speaking, if we have a Neopet on one or more of our sides that has old faerie abilities, are we allowed to collect the veteran reward Neopoints from them? I'm assuming the answer is probably "yes" because we earned the faeries on our mains to begin with, but I thought that, for the sake of everyone's sanity, someone had better ask. ~pikakeet

Yes, this is fine, as the Battledome was previously okay to use on side accounts.

Keeping this question short and sweet! I've always wondered: are there any male faeries? ~shiba_shimmy
Nope. Neopian faeries don't work that way. They are an all-female species that are exceptionally magical.

I won the Storytelling Contest today (77th time!), but I didn't receive my rare item prize. I submitted a ticket, but I'm not sure it went through. I wasn't sure, however, what category my issue fell under. If this happens in the future, what category would relate to not receiving prize from a contest? ~tj_wagner
Congrats on the win! Sometimes our judges get distracted and miss rightfully awarding a well-earned trophy. If this happens, feel free to send in a bug report, which will get forwarded to the staff member in charge of the contest.

Hi, TNT! Thanks for considering this question. I have a Gallery that I absolutely adore that I want to put into the Gallery Spotlight -- but it's on my side account! :O I've looked up guides to what you can and can't do, but it seems very vague and undefined. I ask because of the 10,000 Neopoint prize. I know that participating in spotlights that get you Neopoints is illegal / whatever bad on the site. I would just like to clarify with you before I submitted it. Thanks! *gently gives platter of Baby Chomby Cookies* ~goodie27
If you're entering the Gallery Spotlight from a side account, please put a note in the Gallery description letting us know the name of the main account that we can credit. :)

Hi, TNT! I know how extremely busy you are with the *cough* not a war plot *cough* things happening and all, but oh-so-long ago you had mentioned that there would be a token of appreciation or award for those that had the chance to beta test the Battledome. To my knowledge this never happened. Are you still planning to do this? Please remove my username if this is published. Thanks! ~username removed
Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you! The events in Tyrannia have kept us quite busy, but we are hoping to send our token of appreciation to our beta testers within the next few weeks.

I heard some people say that there's a new rule saying we're not allowed to talk about our Dreamies / Dream Neopets. Is that true? I checked the rules page and didn't see it listed, and I haven't seen it posted anywhere from any staff. Thanks! ~bug_bug22
Err, what? We think someone on the boards has creatively interpreted the site rules again. No begging please, but feel free to share your Neopian dreams! :)

I was wondering: what happens when you no longer qualify for a certain tier (for example, Level 100 slipping to Level 99). Are the abilities you had deactivated or something? By the way, I like this new system. Level now matters, when it didn't matter so much before. ~silent___witness
You will still own the ability (since you paid for it), but you can no longer use it. Once you get back up to that level, it'll be available for use again.

Please congratulate your Art and Content Departments (and whoever else worked so diligently) on making such an awesome plot. :) Also, for old times' sake, could you end this Editorial with our good friend mr.coconut? ~allyssa_renne
We'll pass along your compliments. :) With that, we conclude this Editorial and wish you all a--


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