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Hi, TNT! The Safety Deposit Box filter options are a little, erm... out of date at the moment. (How many Neopians even own utility fish?!?) Any chance you can give these an update? At the very least, can we have an option to search for wearables? Having to search through over 1,000 items to customise is laborious, to say the least! Thanks. :) ~monkeymat97
We have several upcoming "quality of life" improvements planned for the site this year, and improving item storage is on that list! We don't know where it will be on the calendar just yet, but it is coming. :)

Up until a year ago, I thought the Pant Devil was the Paint Devil because he stole paint brushes and looked paint-y. Now I want to know: why is he called the Pant Devil? Does he steal pants, or does he himself pant like a dog? ~brilliantstorm38
He's known for stealing pants, as pictured here.

So, I was looking at the archives, and in Editorial 504 I found that one about the Content Team. After laughing uncontrollably, I wondered what the furry green guy was called, and wanted to say I didn't know Sloth knew how to dance. I think my parents think I'm insane, though... ~eritrea_
Hahaha. :) The Petpet is a Green Walking Carpet. If you're curious, the Walking Carpet represented Comastar, the Slorg represented Dragona, the pirate Kacheek was (of course) Viola, and (to no one's surprise) the dancing Sloth clone was snarkie. :)

Hi, TNT! If someone was cruel enough to use Chia Flour in a 2-player battle against an unconverted Neopet, would the UC be converted into a regular yellow Chia, or would the UC be safe (kind of like how they are immune to color-changing Random Events)? ~ammyx3
It would be converted. Chia Flour is not a Random Event. Battle wisely!

Hi there, TNT. One of the official fan sites, Jellyneo, offers little meters that show how far you are from your goals. They also provide the coding for these meters. Are we allowed to put these in our Neoboard signatures? ~jakethekiko
Since it's a recommended fansite that can be linked to on the boards, that part isn't an issue. Neosigs can't display non-smiley images, though, so it would have to be a link rather than the image.

Hi, TNT! :) I've been playing Neopets for eight years now, and I remember that, a long time ago, I was absolutely in love with the Hannah and the Ice Caves comic about the Bringer's Curse and Kanrik and all those characters. I was wondering: does it still exist? If so, how can I get to it? THANK YOU! ~scbauer
Yep! You can read it right here. If you're a Kanrik fan, you may get a peek at him during the upcoming months. You didn't hear it from us, though! ;)

But you just said...

Dear TNT,
Let's say I've got a Fountain Faerie Quest. (YAAAAAAAAAY!!!) I complete the quest and then I decide to not use the fountain yet. But then, I GET ANOTHER FOUNTAIN FAERIE QUEST (How lucky am I?) and I complete that quest, too. Would I be able to paint a Neopet twice at the Rainbow Fountain, or still only be able to one time, even though I've gotten two quests? Please answer and leave my username out. :) ~username removed

If you're ridiculously lucky, you can have a completed Fountain Faerie Quest and an incomplete FFQ available to you at the same time. If you turn in the item for the second quest, though, you'll lose it as you can only have one complete quest at a time.

Hello, TNT! *hands you a box of Robot Gnorbu Plushies* I noticed you made a set of Aisha tokens for Aisha Day, but no tokens for Gnorbu Day. Will you be releasing them any time soon? ~devils_flame666
The Key Quest tokens are re-releases of the ones created for the Neopets plushie line. We never produced any Gnorbu plushies, so we have no Gnorbu tokens to release.

Hey, TNT. C: I found a Discovered Treasure Chest from the Forgotten Shore. I opened it and found a Pirate Angelpuss Plushie, which was apparently given away via Abigail for beating her Daily Dare score in Y13. Did she lose a shipment of the poor things? D: ~thejjbclub
Whoops! A crate must have gone adrift somewhere, or some pirate stashed it away. We'll look into it!

Hello, TNT! I sometimes go on the Pound Chat to advertise Neopets that I have up for adoption. Many chatters there use abbreviations in their board titles and some do not realise that shortening the word "Japanese" is offensive and reportable. Do you think you could do a public service announcement to give chatters a heads-up? Please leave out my username! ~username removed
Oh dear. Umm... if you need to abbreviate the word "Japanese," please use JPN. That's the socially acceptable way to reduce it to three letters. :) Some people don't know better, so hopefully no offence was meant!

Hi, TNT. I love all of the updates that you're doing around the site. I was just wondering if you have any plans to revamp the current restocking system? (please remove my username) ~username removed
Remember those quality of life improvements we mentioned earlier? :D

What do you do if, in the process of trying to feed your Neopets, you inadvertantly ended up having one of them reading a book? Is it possible to regain that book? I ask because I did this, and I lost Ultimate Neopets Tips! You know, the one with Lisha reading a book on the cover... I guess I should be more careful, huh? ^^ ~flamefox248
Oof. Once a Neopet devours a book (either figuratively or literally, in the case of Grarrls and Skeiths), it's gone for good. Take heart in knowing that it isn't the most expensive thing that's been accidentally given to a Neopet and destroyed. We think a 60,000,000 NP Battledome weapon is the current champion of that particular category.

Okay TNT, this is a little dumb, but I need to know what to capitalize when writing a submission. Like, I capitalize species names (such as Kyrii or Krawk), right? Do I capitalize colors, too? Please remove my username... no one can know my illiteracy! Thanks! ~username removed
Yes, species names are always capitalised. Also, the names of specific items are, as well, when acting like a proper noun. For example, Lu Codestone or Bottled Air Faerie would be capitalised, but not simply codestone or air faerie. Paint brush colours are only capitalised if you're stating the exact name of the item (Shadow Paint Brush), or if they're named after a proper noun. For example: "I'm going to paint you disco!" and "I'm going to paint you Darigan!"

Okay, so I've seen the Neopian bands, and I've noticed that you don't have a Gothic one. :O So, I have made a band called Rosemary and the Dudettes, and I was wondering if they could be the famous Neopian Gothic Rock band. :) ~bubbles_6_6_6
Perhaps you missed the Twisted Roses? Maybe Rosemary and the Dudettes could open up for them one night? :)

We buy black eyeliner in bulk.


Hello, TNT! I just wanted to say you guys are the best and Neopets is the BEST website ever. :) I hope you keep it up until I have kids so they can play on Neopets, too. :') Again, thanks. ~coolpeepsnevrlos777

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