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Hi, TNT! I was wondering: since Neopets is supposed to be family friendly, are there any rules (aside from the normal ones) against certain things in Neopian Times submissions such as excessive violence, blood, graphic descriptions, etc.? (Please remove my username.) ~username removed
Please keep all Neopian Times submissions G-rated. After all, our younger Neopians can read the NT, too. For some useful tips about getting in, we have this page.

Hey, TNT! I have to ask: are we allowed to enter the Customisation Spotlight and Beauty Contest on side accounts? (I ask because some of my best-dressed 'pets are on side accounts and I can't transfer them to my main account since they are wearing Neocash.) Pretty please? *Warf eyes* ~lionkirbys
Yes, Customisation Spotlight and Beauty Contest entries may be entered on side accounts. Art Gallery entries, however, must be submitted on your main account, and may not be art you have already submitted to the Beauty Contest or Random Contest.

In the last Editorial, you posted an image of a Chocolate Magmut with this text: "You know what they say... three cherries are better than one! They... do say that, right?" Did you realize that you were one syllable off from an unintentional haiku? ~plasto
No, we sure didn't! Good job on noticing, though. You earn a gold star.

Hi, TNT! I've recently noticed a few users at the Kadoatery who log onto their main account on one internet browser and their side account on another internet browser and then feed Kadoaties on both accounts through this method. It's my understanding that users are allowed to feed Kads on their side accounts if they log out of one account and into another, but are users allowed to feed Kads on their side accounts by being logged onto multiple accounts on different browsers at the same time? Please remove my username. ~username removed
Hmmm. While feeding Kads on your side account is fine, as well as being signed into a side account in another browser, we think this is pushing over past the grey zone into the no-no zone. What's not allowed is using both accounts simultaneously to gain an unfair advantage, and we think this counts as one such case. Please only feed Kadoaties with one account at a time.

Hey, TNT! Here are some of the things I found in Neopia! *paws you a pocket watch, some dung, an omelette, and jelly from who knows where (I even wonder, "Hey! How'd that get there? I had no idea! *shifty eyes*)* Anyway, I will get down to business and ask you my question: if I adopted a Neopet from the Pound and zapped him or her to give them a better chance of getting adopted, would I be able to send them back to the Pound no matter what the species, or is it the case that, if they're zapped a certain way, they can't be sent back? I ask because I only want my Neopets, but want to give others a chance, too. Please answer this because I gave you DUNG!!! Only the most sweetest fans would give you that! ~adventurer261
The Pound doesn't stop you abandoning any Neopets, but certain things may happen. For example, if you try to put a Lutari in the Pound it will run away. Other Neopets that change when put into the Pound are the ice Bori (it will turn blue) and magma Neopets (they turn red).

I saw an image of a Petpet that looked like a walking pickle. What is the name of it, and where can I find one? Oh, and can it be painted? Thanks. ~ruby_the_dragon
We're gonna guess that what you saw is the Pickulsaur (as show below). We checked, and he actually doesn't have any other colours. Sorry about that, Pickulsaur! D:

We hope he's not too bitter.
He looks pretty sour about it all.

Hi, TNT! I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the production of the Advent Calendar. I've been on this site for years, but it's only this year that I've realised the work that goes into producing such wonderful animations and gorgeous items. I know a lot of people get annoyed because Advent prizes are "cheap" and "mass-produced," but this year I think you've proven that items do not need to be expensive or rare to be amazing. ~affluentflaw
Awww, thank you so much! The Advent Calendar takes a lot of effort to produce each year, and we're glad you guys appreciate it! We love watching you talk about the animations and prizes! (Also, thank you for all the Plumpy fan art you've sent to the Art Gallery!)

Plumpy demands a Neoboard smiley! Please make a Plumpy smiley to keep Plumpy happy. You won't like Plumpy when Plumpy is mad. ~jakynar
Oh, that's a good point. We wouldn't want to inspire the wrath of Plumpy. D: We made a bacon smiley, too, just to make sure Plumpy is well fed and happy on the Neoboards.

Hey, TNT! *throws ANGRY MEEPITS at you* Suppose someone at the Trading Post was trading, oh, I don't know... a scratchcard that is very common (worth about 600 NP) and says that the highest lot would win and the winner of the lot would get two Royal Paint Brushes, and the person who won the lot hasn't gotten it yet. Here are my THREE questions... can the person who's sending the paint brushes send items to users without parental consent? Does the user that has not received the PBs have the right to report the account, and how long should the user wait for the PBs before reporting the account? Please note that I want NO CREDIT AND NO USERNAME on this if it is published. One last thing: GET THE ESOPHAGOR TO WORK ON MY ACCOUNT! ~username removed
If you see a Trading Post lot like this, please report it immediately. These are scams. If the player had Royal Paint Brushes, they'd have those up as the lots, not junk items. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I really think you should include archery in the drop down menu for interests when editing your profile. I recently bought myself some bows and arrows and considered entering myself in archery classes. I'd love if I could include that into my profile interests. ~leeeeemon39
Oohh, that's a good one. We'll try to gather info on what interests players would like added and include them in an update.

To qualify as a Gourmet Food, the food must be rarity 90-100. However, if you have an item of that rarity -- say, a Grape Snowflake -- and feed it to your Grarrl, would that count as a Gourmet Food? ~zervek
Nice try, but no. ;) Even though it was fed to your Grarrl, only items that are classified as food count toward the gourmet total.

I was going through the archives and, in Issue 505, there is an amazing picture of a Chomby talking about haters. I've simply fallen in love with this image. Could you pretty, pretty please include it somewhere in this issue? *puppy eyes* ~mysilentstars
Hmm... Issue 505 really wasn't all THAT long ago. We suppose we could put it in, though some people might complain about the image being reused so soon, but you know what?


Greetings, Editorial and general staff! After being without you in the office and monitoring the servers for one of the longest stretches of time since I started playing the site nearly 10 years ago, I just want to say... you were missed! It was amazing to realize how much we've gotten used to having the regular TNT staff around until you weren't anymore! So, welcome back (and don't ever go away for that long again)! Thanks, and with much love. ~ Mellonlegolas

Hey, TNT! When I started playing Neopets, I was only a 10 year old girl wanting to have fun. I have learned a lot of things -- I started coding, improved my drawings, my language skills, and made friends all around the world. Now, almost seven years later, I'm going to the university! I just realized that you guys played a major part in my choice of being a designer. Thanks a lot! :D ~i_am__i

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the Plumpy and the Plate of Bacon I received from the Advent Calendar this morning. I was supposed to be asleep (2:00 am my time, midnight for you guys), and I had to fight back maniacal, sleep-deprived laughter in order not to wake my sister up. Thanks for starting my day off right, and Happy Christmas! :) ~dieona

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