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Hi, TNT! So, there's been a lot of talk going around saying that, if you have your Neopets username displayed on certain non-Neopets blogging sites and stuff then you could get silenced for it. Is this true? ~pinkprincess899
o_O Nope. We'd only take action against someone who was buying / selling Neopoints, or if you were directing people from Neopets to an offsite location, not the other way around.

Hiya, TNT! So, due to a glitch there have been some "unknown" Grundos floating around. On the Pound Chat, I've seen people trade these poor glitched Neopets for quite ridiculously "high valued" 'pets. So... isn't this abusing a glitch for profit? I assume you'll fix these Neopets eventually, thus cheating the recipients of these Neopets out of the 'pets they traded for them. Could you please clear this up for us? :( ~thejinjer
These glitched Neopets will be fixed, so if anyone feels the need to trade for such a Neopet, then please keep that in mind.

If someone steals your customisation ideas and customises their Neopets EXACTLY like yours, is this considered stealing (and, therefore, a reportable offence), or is it just extremely rude? Some of us spend hours coming up with unique and well put together customisation ideas for our Neopets, and someone just taking that idea and completely copying it seems extremely unfair. ~aymmee
Perhaps it's a little tacky and uncreative, but it's not against the rules. Everyone is free to dress their Neopets in whatever clothing they own.

This is driving me nuts. Are people honestly allowed to say, "Oh, I just Poogle searched it," "Poogle Search might find you some results," etc. Is this not just blatantly avoiding the rules by changing one letter? Please remove my username. ~username removed
No, it's not allowed. It's called circumventing the filters and can result in a warning.

Hello, TNT! *passes out caramel cods to everyone* So, I love dressing up my Neopets and putting them up for the Customisation Spotlight. Like so many others, I spend a lot of time, Neopoints, and Neocash to hopefully make my 'pets the best they can be. My question is this: can you guys do anything about the people who submit completely non-dressed (no backgrounds or anything) Neopets and get them out of the running? It's annoying when you are voting and get 15+ Neopets that have NOTHING on them. Personally, it makes it so that I just hate voting... but I still vote and stuff. Also, as a random aside, I really love all the pop culture references all over this site. :D Thanks! ~pinkistehbest
There is a minimum number of customisation items that must be equipped for a Neopet to be eligible to enter the Customisation Spotlight. If you're seeing Neopets that are wearing absolutely nothing (not even paint brush clothing), then please send in a bug report (along with the URL of the image) so we can look into things.

Hey, TNT! Are you ever going to give the Rotten Berry a description other than "Rotten Berry"? Thanks. ~hypertext_godess1999
We asked Dragona to update it. It now has a new description, but, uhh... it's not much of an improvement. We think she was being sarcastic.

"This berry is rotten."
Yeeaah. Thanks, Dragona.

Hello, almighty TNT! *throws Meepits at you* Don't worry, they're perfectly harmless... I think. Anyway, I was gonna ask this last week, but I forgot. XP Since last week's New Features takes me to Jelly World, that means it exists, right? I mean, I've seen it with my very own eyes! You know what we do to liars, right? Flagrante! *passerby laughs at my attempt to use a spell* ~azienskieth
Oh no, the delusion is spreading! We already had to toss our New Features writer into the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium until they recovered from their strange notions.

I understand that, with the new Battledome, Neopoints and items will be given out. Today, however, when my Neopet on my side changed gender, I thought, I can just change her back to him when the Battledome re-opens, but we aren't allowed to earn Neopoints on a side account and I don't have access to the lab ray on my main! Will we be able to battle the Lab Ray Scientist on our sides if we don't have it on our mains when the new Battledome comes out? ~plushielynis
As items and Neopoints are now awarded from the Battledome, using the BD on your side account is now off-limits. We will be adding an option to let players turn off loot earning so they can fight on sides, but as we have quite a few features we are working on adding that might not be ready immediately. Until then, there are other ways to change the gender of your Neopet, including the Lab Ray itself and Strange Potions.

Oh my... so, I just noticed the face on the Roast Tentacle... o.O ~im_so_cold
Yeeeeah, the PPL has been on us about that one...

I own a Zytch Petpetpet (I guess it's a Petpetpet). Why am I not able to equip it on my Petpet? It just sits there and looks pretty. :) Considering the price, I should be able to use it, I guess. ~blackbloodangel
Petpetpets are basically just little pets. No one equips one; they just seem to eventually hop onto an active Neopet and Petpet of their own accord when they're left in your open inventory.

"We will not spotlight a 'premade' that is not your original code / graphics / design. You may only enter lookups that you have made yourself." This is the sixth rule of the User Lookup Spotlight. Therefore, I'm now wondering why you guys keep accepting lookups that are not 100% made by those who submit them. Check the chocolate-themed one, for instance. The person even clarified that she used SunnyNeo coding help. So, please, clarify this, because it really does bother me, as I'm someone who spends time trying to come up with an original coding User Lookup. Thank you, and please remove my username. ~username removed
There's a difference between coding help and coding theft. If you notice spotlight content that seems to have been borrowed from another source, please report it and we'll investigate.

Since I love the equatorial climes so much, I was admiring the feature page with the Training School. I then noticed the trees. Are those evergreen trees on Mystery Island, because it's trop--*hit by pine needle darts* ~shusu_chan
._. shusu_chan? *pokes her body* Ahem. We should have warned you. Those are specially-trained conifers, and they don't like being told they don't belong on a tropical island. This is Neopia after all! We have different weather patterns than Earth. Your end was not in vain, though; Neopians everywhere now know not to upset the Mystery Island Pinophytas.

Hey TNT, just a quick one. I'm Australian, and will be visiting the United States soon, so I was wondering: if I bought Neocash cards while I was there, would they work on my account? I mean, would they still redeem, or is it a regional thing? Thanks. ~username removed
As long as you can access the NC Mall in your country, then you can redeem cards purchased from anywhere.

A FLOCK OF 400,000,000,000,000,000,000 RABID WEEWOOS ARE COMING! WHAT DO WE DO?!? ~rosabelle101
Hmm... if we consider that a Weewoo weighs one pound (like an extraordinary number of other items in Neopia), and extrapolate that they would be the same size as a bird weighing a similar amount in the real world... in this case, we'll compare it to a medium sized male barn owl. The average height of such a bird is about 34 centimeters, but for the sake of easy math, we'll just round down to a foot. Taking in wings and all that, we'll just say a Weewoo would take up about one square foot of space for the sake of simplicity. The volume of Earth's effective atmosphere is approximately 2,609,759,007 square miles. Since there are 27,878,400 cubic feet per square mile, the atmosphere can contain 72,755,905,500,748,800 cubic feet. That's still horrifically short of the amount of space needed to contain 400,000,000,000,000,000,000 rabid Weewoos, and Neopia is even smaller than Earth! So, likely we would simply just immediately asphyxiate and die before we could even begin to worry about the fact that they're also rabid.

We bet you'll never look at
Weewoos the same way again...


Hello, TNT. Ahh... so much to say to you guys. Thank you for filling my childhood with constant goals and motivation to achieve them (example: painting my Neopet royal, Darigan, faerie, etc.). Thank you for introducing me to digital art. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face when a desirable Random Event happens. Thank you for those awesome events. Thank you for making the Pound Chat board so I can get my daily drama dose. ;) Thank you for making my childhood. ~tijanaslatkica1151

Thank you, TNT, for making my time on Neopets enjoyable! I have been on this site for most of my childhood and I don't regret it one bit! It was you guys that made my time on this site fun with your witty comments on these Editorials. Ignore all the haters, because I think you guys are great! ~cooldude228

Hi, TNT! I just wanted to say thanks for all the good times you guys have allowed me in the last few years. I grew up on Neopets, and if you think about it, Neopets is really quite educational. Anyway, thanks for all you do! ~hope202

Dear TNT,
I'm just going to say it... Neopia is pretty awesome. It's a place where anyone can talk to people just like them, compete against their friends, or just play games and have a good time. This place taught me how to code HTML, buy and sell stocks, and about how hilarious people can be. And you, TNT, are just HILARIOUS (especially snarkie and Dragona). From the Editorial to item descriptions, witty jokes are everywhere. Neopets is just all-around... fun. :) Thanks, guys. ~invader_elze

Just yesterday I realized that one of my newer accounts aged to five years on the 26th of October. As a new college student, thank you guys for making my childhood not stink. I'm going to play FOREVER!!! ;D Also, can I have a picture of an unconverted faerie Xweetok to celebrate this awesome achievement? It's my dreamie. (: You guys are the best! (: ~devil_chick94

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