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There is a very popular site with pre-made User Lookups. Several of those lookups hide all of the user's stats until various buttons on the top menu are clicked. I thought this style of lookup was not allowed (they have been cleared in the past). Have the guidelines about this changed? ~recklesse
Lookups like that will often work in one browser but not another, resulting in effectively hiding your info, which isn't allowed. User Lookups that hide portions of the UL behind buttons are subject to being cleared.

Hey, TNT. I love the new wearable faerie wings, but shouldn't wings restock at the Clothing Shop rather than the Gift Shop? ~silly_mistake
Durp. Yes, yes they should.

P.S.: You have a very relevant username.

Please, I implore you! Explain the solution to the monthlong Lenny Conundrum to us! I worked on it for several hours over the course of the last month and was STILL unable to figure it out. Could you at least let us failures (*single tear*) know if we might have ever been on the right track? (Please encode my username.) (Not really.) ~useanrme remvoed
The mastermind behind this LC has come up with even more, so it looks like you're going to have to keep those thinking caps on. To appreciate the depths of this staff member's deviousness, you can check out the solution here.

When you get a Krawk Petpet and turn him / her into a Krawk Neopet, what happens if it has a Petpetpet attached to it? Does the P3 vanish, or does it go into your inventory? ~wolfheartmoon
Much like when you stop playing with a Petpet, it simply *poofs* away, never to be seen again. So, if you're planning on growing your Krawk Petpet into a Neopet, we don't recommend attaching an expensive Petpetpet to it.

Don't blink. ~ivoryrosefrost
Trust us, we're not. ._.

So, on a board earlier, I was having a conversation with others about whether or not you are allowed to adopt a Neopet from The Pound, strip it of its Petpet, and then re-Pound and sell the Petpet. I thought this was against the rules, since it would seem like financial gain from The Pound. The others seemed to disagree. So, who's right? ~falium
While it certainly isn't nice giving a Neopet a glimmer of hope by adopting it, only to rip away its sole companion and then toss it back in The Pound from whence it came, it is not against the rules. A Neopet in The Pound has no owner and is fair game for anyone to adopt it as they see fit. If that person then decides to abandon it, they can. Whether that be two minutes later or two years later, and whether or not that Neopet had a Petpet and then didn't, doesn't matter. There is no scamming going on. No rules are being broken. It's kinda sad, but it's perfectly acceptable as far as gameplay goes.

HOWEVER, remember that selling Neopets is not allowed. If you trade a Neopet and add the Petpet on as a "bonus" payment or anything shifty like that, it's still against the rules.

Don't panic. This is the unanimated version.

Hey TNT, do you guys offer any sort of Neopets addiction rehabilitation? Last week at dinner I told my husband he had something on his Kacheek instead of saying cheek. True story! ~silly_mistake
You again? Your username is still relevant.

So, suppose my Petpage site is actually spread over several Petpages (due to the size of what's on it). Would the main Petpage still be allowed to win the Site Spotlight, even if the majority of the content was on other Petpages? ~herdygerdy
Yes, this is just fine. :)

I have two friends that live in different states, and one suggested we create a Neopets account to share between the three of us. Now, I pointed out that account sharing isn't allowed and we ended up not doing it, but I was just wondering why that is? It seems a little unfair, since it's not like we'd be cheating. ~darigans_daughter
We've had a lot of issues with shared accounts, which is one of the reasons why they are not allowed. Several people would build up an account, then one would change the password and lock the others out, or people would be restocking around the clock to get an advantage over others, etc. People would then write in about the account demanding access back, but... who do we give it to? It's just a nightmare. Also, you can't Neomail yourself, so we're not sure why you would want to share an account for social reasons. We think it's better if you all play on separate accounts and Neomail with each other to keep in touch. :)

As a huge fan of and happy contributor to The Neopian Times, I can't help but wonder: how are the stories and articles that get featured on the front page of each week's NT chosen? Are they picked more or less at random, or are they submissions that stand out to the editor for some reason or another? ~sporty2443
They are usually Stuff That's Important Right Now and Stuff That Knocked Our Socks Off (don't tell Dragona; we're still looking for that blue stripey one).

TNT, a quick question. What is your stance on 3D renders in the Beauty Contest? To clear any confusion, I mean things created in programs such as 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, Zbrush, etc. I know traditional sculpture is a no, but what about digital? ~jodieklns
We asked our diligent (seriously, she's been doing this for nine years) Beauty Contest diva, and she says digital 3D renders are accepted into the Beauty Contest. :)

Why do only some items appear in the "New Neopoint Items" section of the home page? How do you choose the items that appear there? Can you make it so that all items start showing up in that box? Thank you. ~everythingshines
We generally select the best-looking or most interesting items to display there. We currently update the items by hand, so it's not feasible with how it's currently coded for it to display all of the new items. That could possibly change in the future, but not for now.

Could you pretty please end the Editorial with a picture of a Poogle in a wig? It would make my life. ~lotr_and_hp_crazed
Well, you ARE a fellow Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fan, so we suppose. Just this once, though!

Quick, throw the ring into the cauldron!

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