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When an image is selected to appear in the Art Gallery, does it mean that any user on the site can use it, or only TNT? Thanks for answering! ~starlightnights
Please only use your own art or "official" Neopets art. If you'd like to use art created by a fellow user, then you'll need to contact them and get their permission first.

Hi, TNT! Is it true that the more games of Bilge Dice you play, then the higher the possibility of winning consecutively? ~roxanna203
We think that's more a reality of math / statistics than any game design, but "yes," we suppose? o.O

Happy Programmer Day to you, too! ;) ~etheline
We're glad some of you got Mr. Insane's message. ;)

Those folks at the NC Mall have been waiting in line a long time, huh? ~iambunna
Apparently it's a really slow moving line. Don't let them know that the Shenkuu Lantern Capsule has been retired for over three years. They'll be devastated.

How often do you retire items? Could you consider retiring some of the old backgrounds? Mystical Surroundings is always so full! ~katrineaufdeutsch
It depends. Yes. We agree. Twelve of the least popular / lowest rarity are now retired.

I know everyone throws biscuits / cookies at you, so you must be sick of them. I will give you my favorite food instead. *gives all staffers sushi* I have every map piece for the Forgotten Shore Map. Do I place them in my inventory in a special order, or is there a page I go to? Is it some secret? I need help!!! Please? (P.S.: I heart Mr. insane!) ~maneki_neko
Mmm... sushi. To get to the page to turn in your map pages, go to the Games Room, select "Luck & Chance" games, then click on "Treasure Maps." :)

Remind me of the babe. ~theknighthawk
Yay! We did it! :D

*applauds all the participants*

So, me and many other players on the Help Chat were recently very disturbed by an image we found on the site: // It looks like Cap'n Threelegs is making dubloons out of gold Neopets. Please tell me it isn't true! ~cheeseyqueen12321
BUAHAHAHAHAHA. Wow. That's just... wrong. We'll just say that is the result of a very imaginative artist and that is very much NOT how dubloons are made.

Hi, TNT! I was wondering if, say I self-froze one of my side accounts, even though I liked the username, could I possibly create a new side of the same username? Thanks, TNT. :) ~ssierramae
We're not exactly sure why you would want to, but to answer your question, no. Your username would still be in our database and would be unavailable for you to reclaim, unless it got purged from our database years down the road.

"You dip your head into the apple barrell, gripping your prize firmly in your teeth. Upon emerging proudly with your prize, you are horrified to see that it's... someone's dentures?! You flail around in disgusted horror until you hit the fence and tumble headfirst over it. Ouch." Who wrote that, TNT? Who wrote that? *sigh*

*sigh* Dragona. Of course. You should have seen the ones we didn't approve.

Is Neopets in danger of shutting down? ~___ashley
Hahaha, we're assuming someone said something on a chat board? This question was asked a few times back to back by different people. No, Neopets is in no danger of shutting down, as far as we know. :) We're afraid you're stuck with us!

If you had to guess, how many times have you been sent "Remind me of the babe" for this week's Editorial? Also, how often do you get the urge to just start singing and dancing and throwing babies in the air since this whole thing started? ~nightmir
We don't have to guess. We counted. Thank you to all 27 of you that submitted! *grin* As for your second question, we dance around with babies pretty regularly anyway, but we suppose we've done it even more often since this began.

Wocky: "Please watch out for the ceiling fan next time."

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