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Hi, TNT! *gives cookies* Why do we not have backgrounds for Petpets? Is this idea even plausible, or would it be too difficult? ~ffa_history_girl
It's an interesting idea, but Petpets often use most of the 80x80 space. Therefore, any background behind them would be difficult to see. Also, we'd have to completely redo how Petpets work, which would require huge amounts of time and effort (including finding and exporting over 3,000 Flash files to remove the white background they use). We'd rather put those hours into areas that would make stronger improvements to the site. :)

The design for the Fire Blurgah looks really cool, but are you sure it's safe to give one to a Uni? ~arnequis
Dragona (who requested it) is infinitely relieved that someone got the reference. :)

Hey, TNT. I recently spent much of my time creating and editing a Petpage so that I could enter for the Chocolate Ball's upcoming Site Spotlight -- however, when I went to enter it came up with: "One of your sites has already won the Site Spotlight!" It's true. I was fortunate enough to win the Site Spotlight back in 2008 -- but why should this stop me from entering again? Being creative is one of the main things on this site that I get pleasure from and I don't understand how people can win the customisation / poetry / storytelling / art gallery / etc. contests multiple times, but because I won the Site Spotlight four years ago all of my creativity and effort is now void. In my eyes, it's no different than getting accepted into The Neopian Times more than once. I just want to know if you're considering changing these options, as I feel like I've wasted a lot of time and effort creating something that will never receive any recognition. Thank you! ~icesmith
Hmm... we certainly agree with you! As long as it's a new Petpage with fresh new content, you should be able to enter it. As with a lot of other competitions, we judge players that have won before more harshly, but that shouldn't stop you from entering. We'll see if we can get that restriction lifted.

If you enter the Beauty Contest and the account the Neopet is on gets silenced, are you allowed to advertise that Neopet from a different account? A lot of people do that and say it's okay due to that reason. I'm just curious: is this allowed, or is it never acceptable to advertise a Beauty Contest entry from an account other than the one the Neopet is on? ~sunkissedangel
Please only advertise your Beauty Contest entry on the account that is housing the Neopet. Otherwise, the monitors may mistake you for advertising a Neopet that isn't yours. Being silenced does not exclude you from this rule, so please be on your best behaviour if you are participating in the Beauty Contest. :)

You do! ~cul8er_bye
Do what?

Hello, TNT! Is it true that, if you submit an image to the Art Gallery that you previously entered in the Beauty Contest, then you will get a warning? Also, does it matter if you placed or not? Thanks! (Withhold my name, please! Can this be followed by a mutant Ixi image? I just obtained one and would like to see it below my question, hahah.) ~username removed
Submitting, no, but if you're chosen as a winner and we later find out that the image was from the Beauty Contest, then you may be stripped of your prize and warned. Please do not enter images from the Beauty Contest into the Art Gallery.

*cough* *hack* *cough*
Terribly sorry; there was something caught in my throat.

Dear TNT,
So, I was lurking on the boards and someone was complaining that there hasn't been a new Neopet species in a long, long time. Another person replied that you guys will never make a new species because it would take too long to make all of the existing wearables compatible with said new species. I was wondering if this was true. Will there never be another new species because of customization?!? ~pippin_rose

It's not impossible, just... very, very difficult. ;) There are a lot of things to consider, including revamping the way some things currently work and what to do about existing clothes, as you mentioned. We have ideas and we haven't ruled it out completely! (We still need a V Neopet to complete the alphabet!) It would just be a very, very, very special occasion if it were to happen, to be honest.

So, Neopoints come in the form of gold coins. Are there pictures of famous Neopians on them, like there are on some coins in real life? Are there different denominations of NP? Like, is there a 100 NP coin, or should I imagine that I'm counting out each individual gold coin when I pay someone 1,456 NP? I MUST KNOW. ~hayabusathefalcon
Each Neopoint is a single gold coin. There are no higher denominations of coins. We like to think of swimming through all of our Neopoints like a certain old scrooge!

*shakes ray gun* Erm, something seems to have gone awry with my Randomly Firing Freeze Ray... *bangs ray on table a few times* this thing used to work a lot better... *fires at ice cube, is met with laughter*. Has there been a factory-issued recall on these things? *looks down barrel, freezes self* ~shelfworn
Tsk, tsk. Sloppy trigger discipline there! *grabs a Portable Kiln to unthaw you* Sorry, it seems the Randomly Firing Freeze Ray was only briefly manufactured by a company that mysteriously disappeared overnight after the freeze rays were shipped out. Very suspicious. We're afraid there's no warranty on them, and no recall was ever announced.

Alright, TNT. Let's face it: there are a lot of us who wish to have more mature characters on here, but because of the rules we are quite restricted on what we can and cannot write! So, I've devised a solution. Is it possible to create a sort of rating system, where one could rate their own Neopets (G, PG, etc.) so that anyone who might be offended could choose not to visit the page, but us writers could better get our ideas out? There would still be restrictions, of course! (please remove my username) ~username removed
Neopets is a site for all ages, and we'd like to keep content appropriate for all of those ages. While we understand this might make it more difficult for players who'd like to express themselves in a more mature fashion, we do need to attempt to keep our rules consistent as much as possible. This is why we don't allow people to put pictures of themselves on the site, even if they are 18+. It creates a lot of confusion for players about what's acceptable and what isn't. While we understand you'd like to push your writing further, perhaps you can find a creative way to re-imagine or express a more mature story without disrespecting the site rules or attempting to bypass the language filters. :)

*dances around* So, I was back in Issue 318 reading the Editorial (NO, I DO NOT READ OLD EDITORIALS IN MY SPARE TIME... that'd be weird) and came across something that busted me up, and now I need to know if it's true. Someone asked about Guild neighborhoods, and them being "overloaded!" and whatnot. They proceeded to ask if anything of these neighborhoods really WOULD explode. This is what you had to say: "LOL, OMG we should totally blow the faerie cloud out of the sky." Did you seriously base an entire plot around an innocuous question in the depths of The Neopian Times that you gave a hilarious answer for, or is this the most bizarre fluke I have yet to witness where TNT is involved? ~sweetlifesweetforeva
Ha! Well, technically the answer is no and no. :) The idea of blowing Faerieland out of the sky has been an office joke for a while... ever since Faerieland was launched, actually. So, we didn't base it on one Editorial question, but it also wasn't a fluke! It was a long-standing joke that influenced both that answer and the plot, if that makes sense. (For the plot, we quite suddenly realised that it didn't have to be a joke and it would be totally unexpected to crash it completely. There were many cackles had that day.)

Are people allowed to beg on Neopets? I've got a girl following me around the site, begging for ridiculously expensive things, like a Maraquan Paint Brush and a Dark Battle Duck. I tried blocking her, but she keeps making new accounts. So, is that reportable or not? She's really getting on my nerves. ~athena_thegoddess
Begging is considered spam, which is not allowed. From the sound of it, they've moved past spamming / begging into harassment by continuing to contact you even though you blocked them. Please report them to our Support Department.

*hands out Mini Throwing Toasts* Have you ever thought about making Battledome weapons wearable? Maybe not all of them, but it would be nice to have the anagram swords or the Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield and such on my Neopet. There would be limits, such as you can't use one item for both purposes at the same time. Please leave out my username. ~username removed
Yes, we've discussed this several times in the past. The main issue we've encountered is that we'd want you to be able to equip the item and wear it at the same time. (Rather than having to buy one Sword of Skardsen to equip and then another to customise with.) However, we'd have to revamp the item system to do that. We could also make it a duel-category item, but again that'd run into the first issue. Basically, we'd like for it to be possible, but it's unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Am I just imagining things, or did a (real) action figure of Lord Kass exist at one point? Would you end the Editorial with a picture of him (please!)? ~nightshadeswiftswing
You did not imagine it! Here it is! :)

You, too, can reenact the political upheaval and downfall of the Darigan Citadel!

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